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  1. I believe they want your landlord to file a TM30 on your stay/rental... I got a copy of the TM30 form (notification of alien at residence) from Immigration a month ago... Give that to your landlord and have them file... They have to file the completed form with a copy of their blue book/house book (don't know what the Thai's call it), and a signed copy of the owner ID... The landlord is supposed to get a receipt!... You need that receipt to satisfy Immigration... If they won't do it... You will have to consult with Immigration... (see my previous post above about what I will try) Note: if you try to do a temp rental elsewhere (aka a change of residence to get around this... you will need to be aware and file TM28 (change of address) too... as you were longtime in country... see this helpful Thaivisa thread:
  2. I agree... Immigration trying to get landlords to follow their rules when they haven't had to do so for years! The farang is caught in a catch 22...damned if the landlord does not follow the law... and fined (1600 commonly reported fine, but also reported can go to 5k) for the landlord's transgressions too... I understand that if you own your own place, you have to file your own TM30... I also understand that the TM30 needs to be filed within 24hrs of your arrival... As I rent (month to month), I was unclear how Immigration would react if I tried to file the TM30 on my own (if the owner won't comply) so will try this to gauge their reaction/response... most likely they will tell me to go to landlord... and I will be ready with "I try already.. they not want do... I try be goodguy" 555 I am guessing they will then make their "service" offer for 20k...
  3. This is what they are saying in ThaiVisa.. (and it depends on the immigration office in your province)... pretty sure Jontiem does the fines too.. (I am about to test that end of month)... They are also saying that (TIT) it is easier to fine the person going to the immigration office for the offense (aka retiree's) than to chase down residence owners... so that is what they do... to the tune of 1600b... They are also saying easier for us (farang) to go and update your TM30 info at the immigration office to show you are good guy... than take a risk about the owners... QED... I will also test this upon my next arrival... (as I am pretty sure my residence owner knows fuckall and probably does not file)...
  4. ... but do they accept the PA discount card?
  5. FB will obviously try... but there is no way they can cut all the "crap" on their site that gets posted every min/hr/day... Threatened with the unlimited scope of the lese majeste" laws... some over zealous bureaucrat is gonna have egg on their face when FB withdrawals from Thailand... obviously google and other high profile companies/apps/etc will be targeted next if they are successful... Thailand has given Facebook until Tuesday to remove content that insults its monarchy
  6. The waterfront sales office has a demolition order from Pattaya City Hall.. received in Feb 2017... They're obviously trying to squeeze whatever blood they can from the unsuspecting before it all comes crashing down...
  7. Well... Don't quit your day job... (or if you are a currency specialist, you need to find another profession...) Market shows you know nothing about international currency trading and market forces... (I don't either)... Bhat vs Dollar showed strength in the baht yesterday/today... Bhat been getting stronger over the last 2-3 weeks...
  8. no it won't... unless it is in Thai... And even then will not believe it... TIT...
  9. Hi Edge... Ya, we are talking about 2 different things... For the readers... I was answering the op original question about how to convert from a 30-day on arrival to a "retirement visa" (aka: non-immigrant O visa + retirement extension + (single or multi)entry permit)... Renewing the retirement extension is still an easy exercise in Jontiem... Going from a 30-day to a "retirement visa" has gotten harder and more complex... In the past it was easy, but no longer... Folks who say it is easy, havent tried recently... Technically, Jontiem immigration can not issue the non-imm O any longer and must be obtained in Bangkok immigration (which I hear is a bitch, but can be done)... Individuals have been able to submit the paperwork to Jontiem immigration who will then send the paperwork up to Bangkok, and back... OR (when doing so at immigration) you might be "offered" a service.... QED... and lastly... you can hire an outside Visa shop to do the leg work for you...
  10. WHEN did you do yours? Within the last 30 days? If longer, your war stories no longer apply... Immigration is now asking for a "list" of requirement regarding OWNER information for the place you stay at (IF you are renting... all not easy to obtain.. go to ThaiVisa to find out the list... or perhaps someone will post it on this thread)... Further, they are "requiring" that the last date entry in your passbook (and the letter from the bank) both be the same day, AND that it be the same day that you apply... OR...if using the income verification letter from your consulate... The Imm officer may/will require that you go to a different office in Bangkok to obtain a "stamp" on the back of your letter... Bangkok may require you to provide proof of income in addition to the letter... ... and other misc requirements if the Imm officer is being especially nasty... not allowing the retirement extension to be applied for until most of the non-imm O duration is used up... (aka won't allow obtaining/applying for non-imm O AND the retirement extension at the same time)..
  11. Time vs money.... & who's "service" do you trust more (visa shops, or *ahem* service (if offered) by an Immigration official)... Your choice... I recently converted my 30-day on arrival to a Non-imm O + Retirement Extension + Multientry... I had the baht in a Thai bank for the required duration, so almost painless... Immigration has many many many undocumented "hoops" they may spring on you randomly... Read elsewhere about the various "additional" "requirements" being asked by the various Immigration offices...
  12. Each bank branch makes up their own rules... Do not expect the rules applied to one branch to be the same at another branch... I went to several Banks and some wanted work permit, some wanted 1 yr visa, etc, etc... Having said that... I went to Bangkok Bank recently (1 month ago - March)... All they want is a residency certificate and your passport... So easy... To get the residency certificate, I got a letter from my hotel... combined with filling out a simple form... got 2 passport pictures... then went to Jontien Immigration... Go to the copy shop next to immigration and they will sort out the paperwork and necessary copies... Take the residency cert and your passport to a Bangkok Bank branch and you should be set...
  13. another question for this "Idiot's Guide"... Does anybody have a walkthru for the Bangkok Immigration office? - What to expect? and - Where is it? and - is there a nice copy shop which will help assure the paperwork is in order (like the one near the Jontien office?)... TIA (Thanks in Advance...)..
  14. Pack lite... not awkward... Pack heavy, when you're trying to navigate the heat and the crowds and backstreets... just remember you did it to yourself...