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  1. the express are budget rooms and the main hotel is more boutique...they are all in the same complex run by the same family.. beleive which ever part you stay in you can use all the facilities gym, pool. 4 full size rings to train for thai boxing also a detox spa and cafe selling fresh squeezed juices and amazing raw food dishes. if you want to train, do thai boxing or get fit, lose weight its the place to be. I have only stayed in the main hotel but not express but yes they are all very close. There are also fairtex residence which are apartment type accomodation
  2. isn't 18 coins a hostel with dormitories... pictures look like there are several beds to a room sectioned off in like cupboards with a curtain across ?
  3. you don't get backpackers/ uni types in pattaya... its not on the hippy trail. if on the rare occasion you do a stray they are normally lost. So you can forget that worry. if you go to the islands like koh samui or chang or head up north you will see the back packer type Sorry not sure what you mean by best for average income ??
  4. USA is a very hard now even for the UK citizen . My friend who got arrested about 30 years ago for drunk and disorderly .. few fights etc which was common back in the day . nothing major just adolescent stuff few beers getting to brave ... because of those mistakes 30 years ago he last week got refused a visa to america for a holiday. Funnily enough 25 years ago after all that had happened and we had grown up a bit we spent 3 months traveling around california no issue but now he is not allowed in. Anyway back to the topic in hand anybody took there girl to somewhere like Bulgaria , Cyprus , Greece and the like.. or northern african countries like Egypt, Morocco. Dubai I was also thinking of also.... so any experience you have would be welcome
  5. Cheers Tezia I found this which was useful but still it doesn't give chances of success to visa countries. I cannot find much ... I know I need a visa to turkey or india from the UK but it is almost a given I will get it so its this type of information I am sor of looking for where we can apply for a visa but it is almost a given a thai person will get it
  6. I was just wondering which countries Thai's can easily get a visa to. Personally I have travelled to turkey with a thai girl they don't need a visa and I believe they don't need a visa to russia. Egypt I think use to be ok as well. Just wondering if anybody has experience of getting a thai person a visa to another country and it was just a formality and success is high. More interested in countries west of turkey that but would be interested to here anybody experience. I do like to travel and like to bring along a thai friend.
  7. dont think it is a new law/rule ....heard about it years ago 10 or more when I stayed on that block between Soi 7 and SOI Pattaya Klang/post office I think its called any way the main road, beach rd end..... that cannot be developed above 5 stories I believe. according to the owner of the globetrotter who has been there since 95, not sure how far it stretched down beach road obviously not far enough or if it is Zoned in some way on developments of the day. but would imagine that was circumvented quite easily with brown envelopes previously or some rules/law where put in place just to generate said brown envelops. lol You do wonder why, a lot of building you thought would be gone by now and developed have not been. Maybe the reason. If the contractor building next to VT6 had banked on been able to BUY!!! their planning permission as they have previously done business, grease the wheels so everything goes through now Junta is involved they cannot go forward .....they will just have to adapt to the new business environment or wait it out till the circle of bribes can start flowing again ,,,, if it ever does.. that may have halted it or simply the funding is no longer in place. OR they are not willing to risk the money on the uncertain future of the country. With military law you never know what will happen as they don't need anybody permission to do shit and stay in power. if they wonted they could seize all assets of every company and nationalise it who would be there to stop them.
  8. because VT6 is not as forward as the hilton and is quite set back so on the higher floors you over look the shopping centre by quite a bit quote me if I am wrong but about floor 20 is above and beyond the highest level of central festival so floor 27 is well above it if you look at the pictures you will see how far back VT6 is
  9. tried booking for Xmas unfortunately to late... :-) maybe next time
  10. out of interest if you where in thailand and overstaying how would you get out without penalty now ? personally I am not by the way just wondering would you give yourself up or try and cross a border with no immigration and sort it out from there
  11. Cheers Davidge owe you a few more beers ..
  12. cheers Guys bit of a gamble but suppose if they do start I would only loose my deposit if I cancel before arriving
  13. been offered a great room on floor 12 on walking street side for xmas ... anybody got news , whispers etc on when they intend to start again. the best rooms are already moving for xmas and been booked up so need to make the call I guess soon So any info would be helpful?
  14. where is it located exactly , looks good especially with a balcony website aint to hot just crashed whole trying to find the location
  15. just seen it here .. poor fuckers but thailand will never loose face the only way to get a fair trail is to have it outside the country or have foreign judges preside over the trail