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  1. it's possible to consider staying in Cambodia and playing side trips to Pattaya.
  2. Book directly from their wesite, they give 15% discount for 2 weeks advanced booking.
  3. China Garden Update?

    It might be on Tue or Fri, where there were market days on Soil Buckhao. All Baht buses were not allow to turn right directly into the Pattaya South Rd. But you don't need to get off because the Baht bus will just turn left and then U-turn upon Friendship supermarket, then all the way down Pattaya South rd until the Second rd.
  4. Opey De Place, 700-800 baht, with swimming pool Some new boutique hotel on Soi LK near the 3rd Road end, but all a bit higher than 1000 baht 18 Coins hotel, soi buckhao, just round the corner of Soi Diana, 500-600 baht, discount for weekly and monthly rental many new boutique hotels on soi honey, but not as cheap as Soi Buckhao and Soi. Chayapoon. There are three budget hotels from the Sawadee groups in the area, cannot recall their exact name. A bit rundown, but value for money. Areca Lodge on Soi Diana is erecting a new wing, not sure has the construction work completed? I can be noisy.
  5. The advertised price in Agoda does not include the VAT and an admin fee. Most often the final rate is higher than other booking websites, such as, be aware of this. Except sometimes Agoda have promotion or discount rate for some hotels.
  6. This additional condition will come with the Military junta's tightening of visas and overstay. Your previous experience may not apply.
  7. AEC will provide freedom of movement and rights to work only for 8 professional fields -- accountancy, engineering, surveying, architecture, nursing, medical services, dental services and tourism
  8. The Nation today: Heavy new penalties await visa overstays With effective from Aug 29 AUTHORITIES will bar visitors who overstay their visas from returning to Thailand for between one year and a whole decade. The longer the overstay period, the longer will be the re-entry ban. Starting from August 29, the ban will be imposed on any foreigner found to have overstayed his or her visa or visa-exemption period. The Immigration Bureau decided to mete out such tough punishment after the current penalty, a maximum fine of Bt20,000, had apparently failed to serve as a sufficient deterrent. Last year, a total of 70,715 foreigners were charged with overstaying their visas. Between January and June this year, the number of visa overstayers reached 30,359. "We have asked the Interior Ministry to approve harsher punishment," Immigration Division spokesman Colonel Worawat Amornwiwat said. He said foreigners who turn themselves in would be barred from re-entering Thailand for one year if their overstay time exceeds 90 days. The ban will be valid for three years if their overstay period is more than one year. Those overstaying for more than three years will be barred from coming back to Thailand for five full years. In the event an overstay exceeds five years, their re-entry to Thailand will be prohibited for the next 10 years. "And if they do not turn themselves in, the ban will be longer. |For example, overstaying for less than one year will result in a five-year ban if [the overstayer] is arrested," Worawat said. He added that starting from August 29, foreigners who failed to produce their passports would be fined up to Bt20,000 and jailed for up to two years. Worawat insisted that the tougher punishments were necessary because many visa overstayers were found to have flouted Thai laws in various aspects - such as buying Thai-national identification cards. A Chinese woman arrested on charges of overstaying said she had come to Thailand to make a living, not to commit any crime. "Here in Thailand, it's possible to start a small business or stall with as little as Bt3,000," she said. "That would not be possible back in my homeland."
  9. Seems it's their practice to rip off customers on that excuse. That's why they need such amount of deposit.
  10. During my first time visit to Pattaya ten years ago, I stayed in the old Breeze View Hotel before its renovation. At that time, soil honey was fully of beer bars and even the Honey Massage Parlour had not yet opened. In recent years, I find many small boutique hotels, well-decorated outside, not sure about inside the rooms, are graduately erected. The location is good, access to both 2nd road and Soi LK Metro within a short walk. The room prices are however almost all around 1000+ baht (except the two Sawaadee Group hotels can't remember its name), a bit higher than the average of Soi Buckhao. Two hotels are opened recently, 247 Boutique Hotel and The Scenery City Hotel. I walked pass them today and asked the rate, 247 is a bit up price, 1600 baht, and Scenery City is 1200 baht. There are many more, Honey hotel, H Boutique hotel and others with a bar attached downstairs. Hotels at soi honey can be an alternative during high season and festival period when those in Soi Buckhao are tight. Last X'max, new year and Chinese New Year, I needed to stay in guest houses in Soi Lengkee near the 3rd road. Their rate is not cheap but the rooms are very small.
  11. Nature view hotel

    It's a very popular hotel, must book several months in advance by email. The location is great. Pool view rooms are quieter than Buckhao view rooms, so always fully occupied. They offer weekly & monthly rate too.
  12. Soi LK Metro and Soi Diana are noisy, esp the recent infux of agogos in Soi LK. But the rate is very attractive. Many small hotels in Soil Buckhao and around are higher than that rate.
  13. No noise? I doubt in soi honey. And the bar beers opposite in sai 2 have live bands rock until 3am.
  14. nature view hotel, soi buckhao opposite soi 15 discount for weeky and monthly rent with a small pool
  15. Davinci Suites, soi 31 agoda price around 1270, VAT & charge included likely the cheapest in asok (except honey inn and other guest houses) a review from tripadvisor said that there is no elevator.... anyone stayed there? is it guest friendly, with in-room wifi and satety box?