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  1. 555, thanks mates..... i'm just trying to get the fuckers off the front of my house as a stupid Thai neighbor keeps feeding them. The nasty mutts actually belongs to a factory next door but like all Thai dogs, they roam free.... and if my dogs get out, dog fight! and i'm positive those nasty dogs have never seen a vet or had vaccine shots. Dogs is a real problem there, they need to cut the balls off all the male dogs to slow them down....
  2. Are BB guns available for sale in Pattaya? I would love to have one to scare off those fucking straight dogs that hang out the soi without putting a hole in their asses..... they are driving my dogs crazy and they bring ticks around :SteamingMad:
  3. i purchased a house with a company that came with it. It's really no problem, you own 51% and i had my GF own 25% and the lawyer presigned 25% (that can be assigned to anyone) and i paid the lawyer $ 15 k baht a year to maintain it. The only shitty thing i found out was that taxes continue to build on it until you transfer the house, so after i found out, i just transferred the house to my GF to avoid paying the lawyer and taxes....
  4. I did 2 m baht from U.S. bank to Kasikorn bank, no problem. Even got better exchange rate than usual with higher amount. If you've don't 200k already you will have all the routing info.
  5. Can you please tell me how the rental income is guaranteed? Is there someone living there now @ 40 k month with 2 year lease?
  6. Last time i checked Sukhumvit is kind of a long soi, please let us know what village it's in and cost per month for HOA. I guess you have a company all let up to do transfer? If you're serious about selling this place, you should have all this info ready to avoid guys making fun of this post.....
  7. Mate, why wouldn't you just buy a new one? I just bought a click for $ 45,800 out the door. This is after shopping for a used one around $ $ 35 - $ 42 k and anywhere from 5k -15 k km on them. I have a house about 5 km from Pattaya and i want a safe bike at higher speeds. I didn't want a used bike where some guy couldn't afford it and gave it back to the shop.