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  1. ISO - In Search Of To the OP: Some idea of what you want might have a better chance of getting a response. Do you want a 20M Baht, 5 bedroom house with pool or a 600K Baht Studio etc.
  2. k1 Visa to US

    Might be an issue getting a K1 visa since you just recently met her.
  3. Working remotely like you described is irrelevant to your stay in Thailand. You can't get a work permit so there is no relevant visa. As already stated you just need to be discreet about working here. Type of visa you would want depends on how long you intend to stay. If you are over 50 it is easier.
  4. Yeah, I agree. I thought you were referring to the tax break for money earned overseas.
  5. The tax break only applies to money EARNED overseas. Any rental income is considered to be earned in the US. I live here full time and own five rentals in the US. All rental income is fully taxable.
  6. TM8 Re-Entry Permit

    Version 1.0.0


    TM8 is the form for Re=Entry Permits (1000 Baht Single, 3800 Baht Multiple) TM8 Re-Entry Permit.pdf
  7. TM7 Extension Of Stay

    Version 1.0.0


    TM7 is used for ALL extensions of stay whether extending a visa-exempt entry or tourist for 30 days or doing the one year extension for retirement or marriage. TM7 Extension Of Stay.pdf
  8. You may need to fill out the TM47 if it is your very first one. I just uploaded the TM47 - 90 Day Report. It should be available if you click on downloads at the top of the page. They are available at immigration and are quick and easy to fill out but you can save a few minutes if you want to have it already done when you go.
  9. TM47 - 90 Day Report

    Version 1.0.0


    TM47 is the 90 Day Report TM 47 90-Day Report.pdf
  10. The biggest hotels in town?

    Largest is Ambassador City - 4,210 rooms. 8th the largest hotel in the world.
  11. I assume you want a school in Pattaya. Bangkok has many more options. There is no visa exemption for studying. You would get a Non-Immigrant Category "ED" Visa. Walen is probably the biggest school in Pattaya so has more options as regards to class schedules and they are used to helping students with their ED visa paperwork. I don't think they give one year extensions for ED visas anymore but as long as you keep going to school you can extend every 90 days without leaving the country. Not 100%sure but that was based on talking to guys in my Thai language classes a year ago. Other schools in Pattaya include Pro Language, Sandee and AUA but I think AUA won't help with a ED visa.
  12. FYI. Here is the official criteria the immigration offices are supposed to follow. This is for the one year extension of stay for retirement (commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as a "Retirement Visa"). ORDER OF THE IMMIGRATION BUREAU No. 327/2557 Subject: Criteria and Conditions for Consideration of an Alien’s Application for a Temporary Stay in the Kingdom of Thailand 2.22 In the case of retirement: The alien: (1) Must have been granted a non­immigrant visa (NON­IM). (2) Must be 50 years of age or over. (3) Must have evidence of having income of no less than Baht 65,000 per month: or (4) On the filing date, the applicant must have funds deposited in a bank in Thailand of no less than Baht 800,000 for the past three months. For the first year only, the applicant must have proof of a deposit account in which said amount of funds has been maintained for no less than 60 days prior to the filing date: or (5) Must have an annual earning and fluids deposited with a bank totaling no less than Baht 800,0000 as of the filing date. (6) An alien who entered the Kingdom before October 21, 1998 and has been consecutively permitted to stay in the Kingdom for retirement shall be subject to the following criteria: (a) Must be 60 years of age or over and have an annual fixed income with fluids maintained in a bank account for the past three months of no less than Baht 200,000 or have a monthly income of no less than Baht 20,000 (b) If less than 60 years of age but not less than 55 years of age, must have an annual fixed income with funds maintained in a bank account for the past three months of no less than Baht 500,000or have a monthly income of no less than Baht 50,000