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  1. Largest is Ambassador City - 4,210 rooms. 8th the largest hotel in the world.
  2. I assume you want a school in Pattaya. Bangkok has many more options. There is no visa exemption for studying. You would get a Non-Immigrant Category "ED" Visa. Walen is probably the biggest school in Pattaya so has more options as regards to class schedules and they are used to helping students with their ED visa paperwork. I don't think they give one year extensions for ED visas anymore but as long as you keep going to school you can extend every 90 days without leaving the country. Not 100%sure but that was based on talking to guys in my Thai language classes a year ago. Other schools in Pattaya include Pro Language, Sandee and AUA but I think AUA won't help with a ED visa.
  3. FYI. Here is the official criteria the immigration offices are supposed to follow. This is for the one year extension of stay for retirement (commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as a "Retirement Visa"). ORDER OF THE IMMIGRATION BUREAU No. 327/2557 Subject: Criteria and Conditions for Consideration of an Alien’s Application for a Temporary Stay in the Kingdom of Thailand 2.22 In the case of retirement: The alien: (1) Must have been granted a non­immigrant visa (NON­IM). (2) Must be 50 years of age or over. (3) Must have evidence of having income of no less than Baht 65,000 per month: or (4) On the filing date, the applicant must have funds deposited in a bank in Thailand of no less than Baht 800,000 for the past three months. For the first year only, the applicant must have proof of a deposit account in which said amount of funds has been maintained for no less than 60 days prior to the filing date: or (5) Must have an annual earning and fluids deposited with a bank totaling no less than Baht 800,0000 as of the filing date. (6) An alien who entered the Kingdom before October 21, 1998 and has been consecutively permitted to stay in the Kingdom for retirement shall be subject to the following criteria: (a) Must be 60 years of age or over and have an annual fixed income with fluids maintained in a bank account for the past three months of no less than Baht 200,000 or have a monthly income of no less than Baht 20,000 (b) If less than 60 years of age but not less than 55 years of age, must have an annual fixed income with funds maintained in a bank account for the past three months of no less than Baht 500,000or have a monthly income of no less than Baht 50,000
  4. This doesn't apply to the neighboring countries (Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar), they have bilateral agreements with Thailand and different rules. It only applies to the countries on the Visa Exemption list. All the different countries and what applies to them are on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website although enforcement policies like this may not be shown and it has not been updated to reflect the change from 15 day back to 30 for the non-G7 countries.
  5. You can get a Thai visa issued at both Savannakhet and Vientiene. Do you know which city in Laos you are going to?
  6. Walen is only about 100m from Pro language on the East side of Big C
  7. One of the plus points for Walen School (by Big C Extra on Pattaya Klang) is that they don't have start/stop dates but run their classes in a continuous loop and you can just join in at any time. Their Level one class uses a book of about 100 pages with a vocabulary of about 750 words. You will go through the book from start to finish and then start back again and go through it again while improving your reading, pronunciation and remembering words until you are comfortable enough to go the level two. Walen does require learning the Thai alphabet as the first step and you learn to read Thai as you learn vocabulary at the same time.
  8. The fee for an extension has nothing to do with the length of the extension. It is always 1900 Baht whether it's a 7 day, 30 day or one year extension.
  9. The MFA website has a chart that has the 19 countries that can get a Visa on Arrival and the countries that can enter Thailand without a visa. Entering without a visa someone could get 14, 15, 30, or 90 day entry depending on nationality and whether entering by a land border or by air.
  10. After looking at the LA Consulate site and the Embassy site it seems that there is no mention that a single entry Non-O can be issued to someone over 50 vice a Non-OA. If so it's strictly a local policy. You might try calling the Honorary consulate in Portland. If it can be done they would probably be easier to deal with Thai Honorary Consulate General, Portland, Oregon Phone: 503-221-0440. Email: If it does turn out that their policy is not to issue a Non-O since the OA is an option my apologies for giving a bad recommendation. In that case your Plan B is doable.
  11. Not a Non- OA. A Non-O is different. On their website it would be: - Other activities (Category “O”) They may only be willing to do The "OA" if you're over 50 but they can issue a single entry Non-O if they want. You might try contacting one of the honorary consulates .
  12. It would be better to get a single entry Non-O than an SETV if possible. No police check or med cert required. Then you can skip the step of doing the TM 87 and just do the TM7 for a one year extension of stay. There are no med cert of police checks required in Thailand. The main concern would be the monetary proof.
  13. No problems with my (ex)wife going with me either. We went to the counter together and I handed the officer both passports at once as that makes it clear you're traveling as a couple.
  14. It's a Non-O (Non Immigrant Category "O") The Non-O is a catchall and there are a lot of ways of qualifying such as being married, having a Thai kid, being over 50 etc. Same visa, it's just the qualifying requirements that differ. It's probably the one year Extension of Stay that you're really interested though. From the MFA Website - other activities (Category "O") as follows: to stay with the family, to perfrom duties for the state enterprise or social welfare organizations, to stay after retirement for the elderly, to receive medical treatment, to be a sport coach as required by Thai Government, to be a contestant or witness for the judicial process.
  15. I've done the Retirement Extension six weeks early at Jomtien before so the 30 days before is flexible but you're talking way more than that. The best thing for you to do is get a single entry Non-O while you are in the US. That will make getting a new retirement extension as easy as doing it without the break. If you are using the money in the bank option you'll only need it in the bank two months since it will be a "first extension" since you had a break. You could even apply for a Non-OA in the US if you don't mind doing the med cert and police report.