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  1. Grand President Sukhumvit 11 is a large hotel with a range of rooms. Excellent breakfast. Definitely GF, no visitor charge. But I do tip the security man; he checks you are OK before he returns the girl's ID card.
  2. Areca Lodge is an excellent hotel in your budget. Has a range of rooms, two pools, small gym, good breakfast. See web site for location between Second Road and Soi Buakhao, both of which have 10 baht bus services: easy to get around. About ten minutes stroll to Beach Road. Lots of bars, restaurants, shops, go-go's in the general area. Suggest book 2-3 nights to be sure you like it, then extend or move. Good luck.
  3. Areca Lodge is a very good large hotel between Soi Buakhao and Second Road. Has a range of rooms at different prices. Two pools, small gym. Lively area.
  4. I have stayed in Areca twice this year. Evergreen wing is better than the rest of the hotel, the part you go through first from the road. As for towels, suggest tip the chambermaid on arrival to ensure good supply, and leave 20 bahts on the pillow each morning to keep her happy. Breakfast was good standard, included in room rate. Did not check if it was possible to book without the breakfast; if you can, there are plenty of places within a few minutes walk.
  5. Mr Google says: Fairtex Pattaya Hotel & Sports Club | Facebook https://www.facebook.com› Places › Pattaya, Thailand › Sports Club Rating: 4.5 - ‎215 votes Fairtex Pattaya has everything you can possibly imagine, weights room, Muay Thai , aerobic classes, yoga, tennis court, basketball courts, personal training 1 ...
  6. Official Thread:

    Pattaya/Rayong airport is called Utapao/UTP. You can fly there via Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and several cities in China. Easiest way to Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) is pre-booked taxi, about 1200 bahts; women drivers are usually less exciting than Thai men. Check Tans Taxi Pattaya There are buses too, cheaper of course. But after a long journey it's nice to have a comfortable taxi right to your hotel. There is a train Bangkok to Pattaya, but very slow and infrequent.
  7. Grand President Sukhumvit 11 is a big hotel with a range of rooms and suites. 3 pools, gym, excellent breakfast. 5 minutes walk to Nana Skytrain station; same time to Beer Garden in Soi 7. Girl friendly, no visitor fee, but security take girl's ID card for your protection (give a tip); they check you are OK when she asks for it back. Recommend not book the cheapest room but next one up or better. This is what I do; last time I was upgraded to a mini suite.
  8. Frequent baht buses to and fro. 10 bahts one way to corner of Second Road near Walking Street. If you are going north up Second Road to the end of Soi 6 (or back via Beach Road), an additional 10 bahts are due. Travel time varies with the traffic; averages about 10-15 minutes but sometimes slower. I have stayed in Jomtien three times and had no problems in getting about.
  9. Krabi is a commercial harbour port. Ao Nang, a few km away, is the resort area with lots of hotels, bars, restaurants and the usual TG's/BG's. I've been there twice; stayed at Prang Nga Inn; it has two buildings - book the one on the beach as the other one can be affected by traffic noise. From the hotel walk directly inland for about 300m and there is a bar area on the right with girls. You can take ferry from Krabi or Ao Nang to Phi Phi, about 90 minutes; there are no cars there but everything is within walking distance. I found 2 or 3 nights were enough. You can take ferry onwards to Phuket.
  10. I've stayed at Areca twice, most recently 3 weeks ago. Yes, it does have a small gym with a few pieces of equipment and a bench. I could not adjust the exercise bike work load; it seems fixed on the easiest level. There was no attendant to ask for help. Not air-con. If you are a regular gym exerciser, you will need something more extensive.
  11. Yes, this happened to me once in Phuket. When I got back to my hotel I realised I did not have my card, rushed back to the ATM but it was not there. Had to phone my bank in Oz to cancel the card. Fortunately I also had a debit card so was able to use that. I normally take a fair bit of cash in clean $50 notes, say about $2000; you get the best rate that way. Next, I use debit card. Third, use credit card. ATM's are everywhere. You can normally withdraw up to 20,000 bahts at one time. Better to do this rather than say two withdrawals of 10,000; minimise bank withdrawal costs. Lock money you do not need in your room safe. When you go out, have two wallets: one well tucked away and the other with the cash you need available. If you get pickpocketed by a friendly LB, you minimise your losses.
  12. About 3 years ago I stayed at Wiang Inn. Central, near market, good for meals. Has soapy massage parlour at side of hotel, think name is 'Orchid'.
  13. pattayaexpatsclub.info is a good source of helpful information.