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  1. Quite true - you want the cheapest condo (in a decent building) on the best street.
  2. Yeah, last visited August 2016. He's long gone with the cash by now..
  3. A Detach house for sale.

    Yeah, for now. Whether something sells well to the possibly ill-informed doesn't mean a damn thing, and being glib only paints you as being callous and someone not to do business with. Electricity is science, not opinion. Smug attitudes rarely hold up in court.
  4. It could also be a classic case of money laundering; these are never really available, just posted online for the record.
  5. How do you watch BBC 1,2 & 4 without a vpn? That isn't possible afaik.
  6. Page 10

    I stayed in there for 10 days a few years back during all of Songkran and a few days more. Rooms were spacious and decent; I did like the bathrooms -- decently large and seperate shower area and tub, with the usual glass-wall between the tub and the bedroom. I got a room on the top floor, at the back of the building overlooking the quiet parking area and it was very peaceful - no boom-boom-boom from the beer bars across the street. The pool is fine - a bit small, but it's a rooftop pool; whatchagonnado? The room wasn't in spanking-new condition, unlike Areca, but it was quite a bit more modern -- and the location is perfect; absolutely perfect! For me, I want to get up and be a bit spoilt with a large, comfy bed...swim a bit, eat a bit - then off to the races. Second road is a 1-2 minute walk for the ride up to the 6; Beach road is 4-5 for a quick ride down to Walking Street. Another 5-7 minutes and you're in Central Festival. Cross the road and you're 10 minutes from Soi Diana and LK Metro. The hotel is only part of the equation.. the rest is location, location, location.
  7. That is a weird ad.. the prices per sq/m are too low and the ad referrs to 3 units at 44K sq/m each, but then has a total meterage at 145..
  8. I had lived in it for nearly 10 years - but that's because the woman I was with was satisfied even if I wasn't (and lean pussy can be quite convincing). I'm currently 3-times that now and aside of the layout it's okay for the two of us, but I also think in the future as we want some separation in the same house, 100+ and a second reception room or backyard is vital. She'll have the women inside clucking away, while we guys will be in a different part of the condo or house, far away from the maddening crowd. Again, there's a difference between surviving and living..
  9. I'm not trying to put down anyone who can live like a student but for me it's inconceivable at this point in my life. I want space, especially if the missus decides to do some TV watching or jabbering with her girlfriends. Plus, I need a space to do development - I don't want the computer, laser, scanners, filing cabinet, san, screens, etc, all out in the open...It's insured, but damn does it make a room look ugly fast (even I appreciate that). Better lock that shit away. I'll continue on looking for 120 sq/m+ spaces until it's time to do something, and then we'll get serious.
  10. It's like finding a room to slowly die in...brrrrrr!
  11. Jaysus, that sounds awful. Used to live in NYC, then Austin and Denver... needed the greater room (and taco trucks..) I can't imagine being booked-up in a smaller place now.
  12. I agree it's more about what you're used to, but I think I grow more intolerant as I get older.. I'm currently in the Netherlands, where small is the rule. The old Amsterdam apartment was 36 sq/m, and I lived in that for nearly 10 years...and I hated it. If it wasn't for the fact I was sharing it with my dutch and finnish girlfriends (sequentially, thankyouverymuch) I'd have gotten out of that dump years earlier. I come from the US and so closet-sized rooms, non-plumb walls and stagnant dark rooms with non-existant airco (build in the 1600s) was really irritating (fortunately euro-pussy, far superior to US pussy, made up the difference...but you can only put up with that shit for so long). I'm not sure what options are really like - I'm married now, even happily(!), but she like the waterline and the Pattaya buzz, and still trusts me (something I won't violate) so the location is still in consideration, but for Space is something I desire more than anything else (everything else you can get on the street!)
  13. Not to be rude, but I can't imagine spending my retirement savings on anything less than 120 sq/m and with pool (and that's just for the two of us). Seems like all the new builds are ridiculously small... I know many of these are for rental/holiday purpose, but even so I don't see much in larger-scale properties available. My wife and I love Thailand and are considering the move in a few years, but even so - even as a holiday destination, somewhere you'd go for a month or three at a time - under 80-100m? To us, that's crazy talk. Where are the bigger NEW properties? Or is it all scaled down for Chinese/Russian tourist investment? Again, not being rude - just really interested.
  14. We're looking for information, and often we only get one side of the story, and very often to the cost of the buyer. You could help out by countering this with current information and photos, otherwise we're no better informed. For instance - Is there currently construction ongoing at the worksite? If it's stopped, why and when will it resume? If not, would you please you show us a photo of the current state of construction?
  15. Looks great - another year like I'm having now and I'll follow you...