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  1. Haven't visited this thread for some time, so apologies for the late replies I made a mistake (more of an omission) in my report. The free shuttle will take you about the same distance in any direction, including to Pattaya Klang just across from Soi Baukhao, so catching a songthaew to LK or Walking Street is easy. The shuttle will also drop you at second road, so you can pick up the baht bus north if you want Naklua or Drinking Street The 12k was for their smallest room. The RES at 68m is at the other end of the scale and their largest room I'm back here again as I type this. In room wireless internet speed as measured with an online Net Speed Tester site shows 5mb/s (Bits, not Bytes) down, and around 800kb/s up. Had an outage this morning, but after reporting to reception they rebooted the router on my floor and all OK again. The bed is great. Not a plank like so many, but firm enough like I like. I find it really comfortable. I sleep with ear plugs pretty much any time I'm not sleeping at home, so no problem for me. But I have noticed when I wake up early that you get the same noises you probably get pretty much everywhere in Pattaya; roosters crowing and construction within 500m. GeeMan
  2. 100% Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale

    He said they were 2 months old ("2 months old Shih Tzu puppies"), am I missing something? GeeMan
  3. I did a review of KTK Royal Residence here; Royal Residence and Royal Suites are part of the same complex; different buildings but same site. GeeMan
  4. I'd read the same thing in a previous post, and so had been looking out for any 'attitude' from the reception staff. Can't say I had anything but courteous and friendly service the whole time I was there. I think maybe it is a case of you get what you give. I'd always smile and say hello when I passed, and got the same in return. GeeMan
  5. During my previous several trips I have always stayed at Opey de Place (OdP) on Soi Lengkee. OdP is well located for Soi Diana, LK Metro and Chaiyapoon, and is only a few minutes walk to Baukhao where Baht buses to Walking Street, or Second Road for the other direction can be picked up. OdP also has a nice pool, with good shade. However, over the last few years the price has been gradually been creeping up, and no observable maintenance has been done on the somewhat Spartan rooms. Time for a change. Drinking with a mate in Jack Tar Bar one day, he remarked that rooms at KTK Royal Residence could be had for as little as 12K per month. KTK is located 5 minutes walk from the 2nd road end of Soi 6, just by Jamisons Bar. Checking out their web site, I liked the look of the place. So, I booked their Royal Executive Studio (RES) for 22K per month. The Room The RES rooms are listed as 68 square meters, and I have no problem believing this. The room itself is very spacious, and is laid out as a large studio with a king bed. There is a 40’ flat screen TV with DVD player, plenty or wardrobe space is available, and a small safe that will take a 13’ laptop is provided. There is a compact kitchen with microwave and kettle, fridge / freezer and enough cutlery / plates etc. for a couple. A small computer desk is also provided. As a bonus, there are twin bathrooms (his & hers), both with showers, vanity and WC. One shower is a walk-in with sliding doors, the other an over-bath-tub type. Twin bathrooms are very unusual in a studio, but definitely welcome as you and your lady can have separate facilities. The KTK RESs are, as far as I know, all corner units at the rear corner of the building. As corner units they all have large wrap-around balconies with a small 2-chair+table suite as well as a swing chair. The room has doors to both sides of the balcony, so you can leave these open and get a good breeze blowing through the room to cooling things down. The balcony is wide enough that you aren’t cramped, and I spent a lot of time out there just reading or using the Internet. The balconies face north/ east, and mine on the 6th floor had a view straight up 2nd road where I could see the Big-C sign. The Facilities Pools There are 2 pools available for guest; one indoor and one outdoors. The indoor pool is located on the ground floor near the lifts, and unsurprisingly did not appear to get much use while I was there. Not a fully enclosed pool, it was open to the outside while still having walls on all sides. What I am trying to say is that the indoor pool area was just as hot as outside, but fully shaded by a roof. The pool area was permanently open to one of the rear motorcycle parking areas, which made it a convenient shortcut to the lifts without passing through reception. The outdoor pool got a lot more use. Located on the first floor and looking out over the street, it is nicely landscaped with faux rockeries and planters. The only downside with this pool area is that the loungers had no shade or umbrellas available, so if you wanted to lie near the pool you did it in full sunlight. Not ideal for a pasty white fella like me Gym Next to the outdoor pool is the hotel Gym. The gym has a number of treadmills, as well as a small selection of weight machines such as leg, shoulder and chest press. No free weighs unfortunately, but certainly enough here to give you a decent pump or aerobic workout without needing to travel from the complex to an outside gym. There is also a small sauna available for post-workout sweat-outs. Next to the gym and pool is a nice seating area, with a number of leather couches making a nice area to relax and read or use the Internet. A final, rather strange touch is the presence of a putting green in case you want to practice before heading out for a game of golf. Internet Free wireless Internet is available in all the rooms. Directly outside my room was a wireless access point, so my signal may have been stronger than in other rooms. Generally, access was consistent and fast enough to stream YouTube videos etc. Occasionally I experienced loss of signal, but not often or for long. Laundry There is a guest laundry on the ground floor next to the indoor pool. They will come to your room to pick up your laundry in the supplied bags if you phone and ask. Turnaround is always promised as 24 hours, however I rarely found this to be the case. Indeed, even after visiting to see if my laundry was ready, and being told another 2 hours, after 2 more hours it was frequently still not finished. The KTK laundry was the worst scoring part of my stay, and I would say that while the staff is friendly the service levels are poor. Parking KTK provides plenty of onsite free parking for motorcycles, both outdoors behind the main building, as well as underground. I never had any problems finding a space and I was there over Christmas / New Year. I didn’t have a car, but it looked like there was a separate car-park available for customers. Free Transport Located where it is, you are not close to any of the main Baht bus routes. However, KTK have a complimentary transport service that will shuttle you the Second Road near the top of Soi Baukhao. From there you can easily jump a BB from Baukhao for Walking Street, or walk down to Second Road for the other direction. Power and Water As with most serviced apartments or monthly rate rentals, electricity and water are charged in addition to the room rate. During my 24-day stay, my bill for electricity and water totaled around 800 baht. Saying that, I didn’t use the AC a lot as being the cool season and having the cross-breeze it wasn’t needed that much. KTK charge fairly standard rates for power and water. When you are booked into your room they make a point of showing you both the power and water meters, and writing down the readings in front of you. I read somewhere else someone had a dispute over power, but my experience was fine. Conclusion Great place to stay and I’ll be back. Even though I only stayed 23 nights and paid the full monthly rate it still worked out substantially cheaper than the day rate at places a lot less pleasant. I note they have put the rates up substantially since I stayed, and the low season has increased to 27K, with high season now 30K. Still, at 1K per night plus utilities (100 baht?) this is still a bargain. There are plenty of local bars and eating options, including Jamisons. Being only a 5-minute walk from Soi 6 was another bonus, and a lot of my days consisted of walking down to the beach, hiring a chair for a few hours, followed by the usual Soi 6 antics. If you are looking at a change in accommodation, I recommend you consider KTK. GeeMan
  6. I think you will find it is called the Chiang Mai Thai House. I've stayed there a couple of times a few years ago now and found it well located and good value for money. However, I recall they had a no outside guest (hooker) policy. It may have changed, don't know. GeeMan
  7. Guys I've spoken to a few guys about retirement visas, notably from USA and Australia, and they tell me that their respective embassies let them 'self certify' their income statements. What I mean is that as long as the guy is happy to sign a declaration on his income for the purposes of meeting the retirement visa requirements, the embassy is happy to accept this without checking the validity of the statement. Basically, guys can bullshit their brains out about how much money they get from foreign income / pensions etc and the embassy doesn't do any diligence and just signs off. So, question. Do any Kiwi's here know if the NZ consulate in Bangkok adopts a similar approach? Or do they get all anal and actually check what you say? Cheers GeeMan
  8. I've been hit with a 750 baht fee on £5K and 1250 baht on £10K with UK Forex to Kasikorn (fees at the Kasikorn end) in the last 3 months. Sucks. I hear the best rate is a wire transfer in £GBP, Kasikorn always shows a very good rate on their site for this, I'll be trying this next time. GeeMan
  9. Never say never. NZ is one of the more progressive societies on the planet. 1st with the female vote. Homosexuality decriminalised way back. Now gay marriage legalised. These 'morality' issues take a long time to move through fringe to mainstream consideration phases. I think we are quite mature as a nation when it comes to informed choice. Most of our politicians seem to be on-board with the concept that consenting adults should not have their relationship legitimacy proscribed to them by law. GeeMan
  10. Add my name to the draw as well, please Cheers GeeMan
  11. Snap. I'm Greg as well. You won't need any help, it all comes natural in Patts. See you there

  12. Gidday mate . That would be great. I think I,m gonna nead as much help as I can get. Names Greg any way. I,ll get to meetup Fri 4th March all going well.

    Cheers Buddy

  13. Hey mate, I'm a K1W1 living in London at the mo, but will be in Patts Feb - April, hope to run into you at a Friday nite BM meet

  14. deprived childhood, depraved adulthood

  15. deprived childhood, depraved adulthood