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  1. yeah, no problems will do. cheers
  2. Hi, I need to update my box I purchased at Christmas, (i have lost a few things) Do I need to post my box to you, or can your partner in Pattaya sort it out here? Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for your input, it has helped me come to some sort of a plan. I will now do the Multi entry tourist visa / extension for the first 6 months, after I have proved to myself that I can make the move on a more permanent basis, I will get the "elite easy access visa" as this does appeal to me for ease of entry / re entry. Thanks again for everyones comments, Cheers
  4. Hi Scumbag, Probably going back to Australia at least 2 - 3 times a year, also travelling to other Asian countries as well. I am planning on using Pattaya as my base early next year, but, am not really sure how I will react to being semi retired. I have run my own company for the last 16 years and have had enough of the stress and constant commitment it takes, on the same token, I am not sure how I will react 3 - 6 months down the line being retired. I have plans to keep myself busy / interested, study , fitness, travel, food etc, and don't intend on trawling the bars every morning looking for a beer. I welcome your advice in relation to the "elite visa" as I probably should take the route of using tourist visas for the first 6 months at least to see how I settle. I plan on coming to Thailand for 3 weeks over Christmas, then returning to Australia to close the business down by January 31, 2017. At this stage , I will be returning on a more permanent basis in February 2017. Cheers
  5. Hi Guys, I am contemplating purchasing the "Elite Visa" 5 Year easy access visa for 500,000.00 Baht, (the cheapest of the elite visas). I would love to hear of any positive / negative comments from those that have purchased this Visa. I am 46 years old, and closing my company in Australia for an early semi retirement with the view of staying in Thailand / Australia for the next few years. I own a Condo in Pattaya, (purchased in 2010) and plan to use this as my base while travelling South East Asia. I am not sure I am committing to Thailand long term, but, I will always be in and out, as it has been part of my life for the past 20 years or so. Whilst in Thailand, I intend on studying the Thai language written and spoken, but, after consideration and trawling through numerous threads here and TV, I have come to the conclusion that the Education Visa route is a bit cumbersome now. I am just wondering if I am missing any other options, I am aware of the non immigrant / tourist visa extensions (although have never been through the process) , but , at my age I think the easy access Visa sounds like the best fit. I am also interested in recommendations for learning Thai, I am looking for a legitimate school facility that teaches both written and spoken Thai, if anyone has any recent experience or recommendations I would love to hear about them. Thanks for any help.
  6. The weakest US president in recent times, I greatly admire America, but cannot even listen when this goose has something to say. Agreed brutox, irrelevant is probably a very good adjective.
  7. tropicaloz, on 03 Jun 2014 - 9:27 PM, said: No, I don't agree. There is something else going on here. Bad days are not a consideration. Nor are sick Buffalos and all the other sh*t that goes on. You are here to do a job in the service industry. There is nothing coming from the customer, save his accent. If the customer was goading the Lady, then she should have had the maturity to see it for what it was. This is supposed to be an International standard resort. Culturally, the loss of face thing really needs to take a back seat when dealing with International Customers. I don't understand why this is some bizarre consideration when the employee is Thai. They need to get past this idea that being Thai in Thailand absolves them of responsibility. That's why studying a Tourism Degree in Thailand simply won't cut it overseas. Sorry for the blue font, I cant use the quote thing properly, ​I never excused the reception lady's behavior , merely offered some reasons as to her possible state of mind, and did comment that I didn't think it reflected well on either party. Obviously the situation could have / should have been handled better, but as no one here was present during the whole discourse to witness the argument in entirety, I think from what i have heard they both behaved poorly. ​The aggrieved customer is a female not male, and I am of the opinion she is goading the staff member, so we disagree, no problem. I think anyone shoving a video / cam recording at me whilst continuing with a dispute or argument would probably get a non professional non courteous response, be that the right response or not, sometimes we are fallible and make mistakes, and sometimes we even behave badly,lol
  8. These 2 videos viewed in isolation, appear to make the reception lady seem unprofessional, perhaps she is, perhaps she had a bad day, perhaps she made a mistake and it was picked up by a junior staffer causing her to be embarrassed, who knows, but I don't think it reflects well on either party involved. Given that the whole exchange is not covered, this could simply skew the scene in favor of the customer. From the recorded exchange, I perceive that the customer was goading the lady at reception, trying to get a rise out of her, for her own entertainment, providing her with a nasty little u tube post for her fans and friends to follow. The customer sounds like an antagonistic cnut, pointing the phone cam at her and continuing an argument, when she had resolved to pay the account, but continued with her smart arse demand for an apology.
  9. Hi Scumbag, I agree, our major banking institutions are definitely not looking out for our interests or capitol. In relation to the financial advisers, I saw one last year , was curious to see if they had a different perspective in relation to how I structured my investments, bad move, just as you suggest, this parasite was of no use, and he even seemed embarrassed by the fact that he could not offer me anything by way of "financial advice" as it was obvious I was in a far better position than this fool. He arranged our meeting for 1-2 hours, I was finished with him in 15 minutes, walked out of the meeting and was eternally thankful that my accountant for the past 15 years had educated me and positioned me and my investments as opposed to one of these trailing commission charlatans.
  10. I think the article is basically correct in the assertion that $1,000,000.00, may not necessarily be enough to sustain some peoples needs and requirements for the rest of their life. At present in Australia, a fixed term deposit of $1,000,000.00 invested in one of our major banks, would at best return 3.5 - 3.9%, reflecting an income of $39,0000.00 per year, of which tax needs to be taken out and no safety net left to count for future inflation costs going forward. Perhaps $1,000,000.00 invested in stocks may present the investor with a better rate of return, but this has trailing costs and risks associated with this method. You could also invest $1,000,000.00 into real estate and possibly achieve a gross return of 6% for residential or 7.5 % for Industrial property, both of these require a little work by the investor, and taxes will still need to be paid, but generally the property investments would at least build in protection of the asset from any rising inflation in years to come. Not all people aspire to spend their retirement in a third world country, where their money can afford them some comforts and quality of life, but I suspect a lot more will discover what is available to them when they reach retirement age, and destinations such as Thailand,Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia etc will become increasingly popular.
  11. Congratulations on your new venture, Hope everything goes well and you prosper for your hard work, Just a small request, can we have some pictures of your towels.....555555, (just taking the piss mate,lol)
  12. 555555, As opposed to the Worlds Greatest Treasurer, .............Wayne Swan!!!!!
  13. P.S. You need to update your talking points from Coalition HQ - you're meant to be saying inflation is "out of control"! Wow , still operating in 2010 I see, Crikey that bastion of independent non party aligned think tank, surely they wouldn't have anything negative to say about the Coalition!!! You wouldn't happen to earn your living from the Public purse would you sinbad5?
  14. 55555, Good one,
  15. Mate, I agree totally, I don't tend to watch a great deal of television in Pattaya, but even when surfing the channels, I have been over exposed to some of my least favourite Pattaya Identities, Paul King and his excruciating advertisements on TV, Barry Upton and his shit brand of jingle crap music, his constant poor quality low end productions, and the screeching Thai women that is his sidekick in most of his routines ( I think her name might be Rose?), and recently the no talent young Falang lady, doing some out and about awkward interviews now days, The self important Niels whatever his name is, at the opening of an envelope or any other free feed around town, The same sketchy advertisements for reastaraunts that have been on a loop and not updated in the past 10 years, But I am going off topic, so will stop it here.