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  1. This is so true. After I returned with my visitors visa I popped in to see immigration at Suvanipum airport to ask if I was ok to now use the visa on arrival again when I departed and returned. The most senior officer I spoke to could/would not give me a definitive answer. I was told it depended on the immigration officer who dealt with me on my arrival..........
  2. I got turned back and then got a visa. Next time thought I'd risk it, got through with a warning. Got two mates who also work offshore, they have been been doing it for years but they both got turned back last year. One mate married his girlfriend of 18 years to get the visa because he was refused entry for the same reasons as me.
  3. I was doing a similar work schedule in Singapore two years ago and got turned back at the airport. It was explained that I could only have 6 visa on landing stamps in one year. I had to return to Singapore for a visitors visa.
  4. I have to leave Thailand to work in Dubai every four weeks. I am on a four week on and four week off rotation. Will I have to apply for a re-entry permit in Dubai every time I come home?
  5. "This visa is available with single entry only, it is no longer possible to be granted a multiple entry visa. If wishing to stay longer it will be necessary to visit a Thai Immigration Office near to where you will be staying and enquire about the procedure for extending your stay. The single entry visa is valid for three months from date of issue and allows a single stay in Thailand of up to 90 days." This is the information being given on the Thai consulate website in Hull in the UK. Does this mean that even with a Non O marriage visa, it is only valid for six months and then I am out? My Thai wife has a two year multiple entry visa for the UK? Why are they making it so difficult? It looks like the thai authorities are actively discouraging their citizens from marrying foreigners. It's hardly as if we would be a drain on their welfare state or free health service; because they don't have one.
  6. I have stayed there several times and have to agree that the pool is amazing. The service is not the best but maybe that was because my friend had fucked one of the reception girls on the last trip (two weeks previously) and she thought they were in a relationship; until he brought back a joiner.......frosty reception at reception lol
  7. I can highly recommend the LK Royal Suites in Soi Buakhao. It is right on the West end of the Soi. All the rooms are Suites and they are guest friendly. The suite I stayed in had a large bedroom, a huge bathroom, a kitchen area and a dining area. Safe, TV in the bedroom and front room, Jacuzzi bath etc it had it all. I never made it downstairs for breakfast but a couple of other guys did and they had no complaints. The bonus for me is that is very central and has a guest car park. I had a hire car so this place was perfect. Motorcycle taxi outside the hotel and the occasional baht bus.
  8. I really have no connection with the hotel whatsoever. I just had a really good experience there. I thought that was the whole ethos of this site? Reviews of hotels, bars, clubs, girls etc whether good or bad.
  9. I have stayed there three times and love it. It is right in the heart of the action. Run by an English guy. Good prices, clean, GoGo bar downstairs, good food, pretty girls, friendly staff. If you arrive at night, there is no access for cars, so call the hotel and they will send a member of staff to collect your bags from your taxi.
  10. Penthouse Hotel

    It is a fun hotel and has all you need in the room but I agree that the attached GoGo bars are 99% LB's despite being advertised as on with ladies and one with LB's