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  1. Great for you. Not the same for me.
  2. Well, I guess you're correct. Years and years ago when I did my first 90 day, I was on a non-imm O real visa, and I did need to fill out a TM-47. As soon as I started getting retirement extensions, the TM 47 got printed out by the Immigration Office, and all I had to do was sign it.
  3. You need your passport, the barcoded notice that your 90 day is due, and (perhaps) some sort of document to show your address. When I do mine, I just politely pass across my passport, the guy unstaples the 90 day slip, scans the barcode, generates a new slip, gives it to me to sign, removes the bottom part to staple back in my passport, and then hands back my passport. Usually in and out within ten minutes. I have a housebook I bring along with me, but I haven't been asked to show it in years.
  4. I was able to pick up three 2T drives full of movies from him, and yeah, the quality was/is excellent. The main advantage I saw was that he supplied Thai subtitles and/or audio tracks, so the family could (in theory) enjoy the movies too. Sadly, the family enjoys Thai soaps on YouTube more than farang movies. :-) Now I just torrent the movies, with smaller file sizes, and no Thai subtitles. (And unlike the tv box, no buffering.)
  5. Yes. I imagine this week has been a bit challenging. :-) Last time I stayed at your guesthouse it was during the everyday sunshine of winter in Thailand.
  6. Dang! So if you knew you were going to head back to the UK, why didn't you take care of the bank transfer before you left Thailand? And failing that, why didn't you just withdraw it and bring the cash back in your carry on?
  7. Another big plus I found when I was staying at Boomerang, put my laundry in early AM and got it back by afternoon. So far, in many trips, many hotels, and many laundry shopfronts, Boomerang has been the only place where I actually got same day laundry service. :-)
  8. btw, that's a three year old model, but it ought to be fairly inexpensive.
  9. If you just want to "check it out", I'd be looking at SJCam instead. The are very GoPro like, and will perform the same sorts of things, but at a much lower price-point. SJCam models should be very common in retail shops around Pattaya (and elsewhere.)
  10. I've stayed in A2 and B1 in the past, and I have to agree, Boomerang is an awesome place to stay. The big rooms are actually ~huge~ rooms, and I think hard to beat the cost per square meter. The very best part to me is that they have quite comfortable beds in a value priced accommodation, and (for the most part) a quiet location.
  11. I was able to get touchy-feely with both the S8 and S8+ at Banana IT today. The S8 is narrower than my S5! I'm leaning towards the S8+ now. Just want to read a few more reviews before dropping that much baht on a phone. Also want to make sure the True shop is not running any promotions. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. thanks @LarryDarrell I'll be down there in a couple of weeks. I want to see how they actually fit in my hand. My wife likes mammoth phablets but my concern is more, will it fit in my pocket, and feel okay in my hand.
  13. Yeah, on eBay too. But I want to see an S8 and S8+ before I spend that much money. Mail order does not let me compare size before I buy. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  14. Have you seen one actually on the shelf in a Thailand retail outlet? And if so, where?
  15. I'd agree. The S7 is still a current(ish) phone. Tesco, Big C, PowerBuy, even the True shops, or AIS, or DTAC shops would be good places to be certain you were actually getting a genuine Samsung. I just bought my wife a Samsung A7 (2017) (which is very similar in appearance to the S7, but the specs aren't quite as high) at the AIS shop for a pretty good discount. I'd imagine once the S8 gets into the retail channel, that the S7 will see heavier discounts.