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  1. I've never used the front desk safes, so no idea on that part. Pool view rooms have no street noise, so as far as that goes, they are very quiet. That is, unless you have a neighbor who comes in at 3AM and starts a fight with his barfine. That's a hazard of Pattaya, and nothing you can really do about that. :-) The deluxe pool view rooms are on the ends of the building, so you only have to worry about a neighbor on one wall, instead of two walls. For Second Rd, IMO it would take you longer to get to Second Rd via Baht Bus than it would just walking it. Soi 15 is just across from Nature View. Walk down to the back of The Avenue shopping complex, walk through it, and you are at Second Rd.
  2. Passport Title

    Not to put too fine a point on this, but ~why would it matter~ ? I know for me, I have two concerns; is there informed consent (and that implies of legal age), and was the lady born a girl. Whatever her personal relationship status is, is her moral dilemma. Why do you care? What is the point of this thread, and what relevance does it have to mongering in Pattaya?
  3. Passport Title

    Well, it'd be nice to think that, but you would be wrong. :-) They cannot choose a Westernized generic "Ms" either.
  4. Passport Title

    555 Let me Google that for you. :-) (also so I don't have to retype all the information.)
  5. Passport Title

    Not yet. I now have a Thailand "pink" ID card, and because of my age, it is non expiring. An expat friend here in Udon renewed his license, and got the number from his Thailand "pink" ID card used instead of his British Passport number. That is my plan when I do get down to the license place and replace my current license. I've updated my new passport number with the telephone carrier, and my two Thai bank accounts, but I've been remiss on the license. (but also because of my age, I'm not sure how many more passport changes I will end up going through.) 555 :-)
  6. Passport Title

    So you got me curious. Yes, the Thai password has a Title field for Mr. Mrs or Miss. I would expect the letter of the law says that a status change should be noted on the passport. Personally, I would not view that as any assurance of marital status. I would not really expect a Thai lady to update her passport before the passport expired, and she ~had~ to update the passport. A related story: the letter of the law says that when you change addresses, you are supposed to change your Drivers License, since that has your address on it. I moved from Pattaya to Udon, and like the (mostly) law abiding person I am, I went down to the office that makes driving licenses to change my address. They thought I was nuts. The could not understand why I would pay to change my license, especially since it wouldn't extend the expiration any. I paid to get it updated, so my license, and registration, and insurance all had the same address, but it wasn't something they were accustomed to. Why pay for something that isn't getting you anything? (other than code compliance, which does not seem all that important to the average Thai citizen.) So, my opinion on the original question: yes it should, but no, it probably isn't.
  7. Passport Title

    If you're talking about Thai nationals, shouldn't you be asking about ID cards rather than passports? If so, yes, on a valid ID card, a married woman will have Mrs on her ID card and an unmarried woman will have Miss on her ID card. There's no "Ms" in Thailand. :-) A guy, even if he's had is dick turned inside out to make a pussy, and no matter how passable, will still have Mr on the ID card. I'd check my wife's Thai passport to see if there's an indication of marriage on it, but I'm too lazy to go dig it out of the safe. The ID card answer I know off the top of my head. All Thai's above child age have an ID card, not all Thai's have passports.
  8. Early November. I think the Bay Breeze room was discounted since you couldn't get directly to it with the elevator. It's been several years though since I stayed there.
  9. I think it was in the 1000-1200 range. I generally try to stay at less than 1500b at any location -- except for this next trip where I'm splurging on a whim and renting the suite.
  10. I'm not sure of the name of the room. When I booked it, I just called them and asked for the top floor room above the elevators. I have another boardmember friend who used to stay there almost exclusively, so I just went with his recommendation. He's since shifted over to staying at Boomerang Guest House, which is a bit further down Soi Buakhao, no pool, no exercise, only the big rooms have a balcony, but the beds are great and the price is good. :-) For me, I always rent a scooter when I come to Pattaya, and 247 has off street bike parking, so that's a big part of it's appeal. If you're not renting a scooter, it's not a deciding factor though.
  11. @LOTTELLEE WINNA has stayed at both so far as I know, and has also written reviews on them. I tried to stay at Honey Inn last trip, but there was some sort of damage to the room so they moved me over to 247 for the week. They offered H.Boutique but I didn't want to walk down each morning for the breakfast. :-) The trip coming up I'll be staying at the 247 again, but this time in the Suite room, rather than the standard room. The standards have no balcony to speak of but the Suite, at least in the photos, has enough room for two chairs and a table out there. Of the three properties, the restaurant is in Honey Inn, the pool/exercise is at 247, and I'm not sure if H.Boutique has anything other than rooms and a lobby. I've stayed at Bay Breeze before on the top floor, one floor up from where the elevators stop. Even with needing to walk up the last flight of stairs, I thought the room was awesome. Big, with a good bed, and very quiet. No drunks coming back in the middle of the night stumbling down the hallway. 555 :-)
  12. Since TTT abandoned this topic, I won't feel bad about a tangent. @gummy was talking about what sounds to me like watching a locally stored collection of movies, and perhaps television shows. That is primarily what I do, watch locally stored movies and television shows that are centrally located on a Network Attached Storage device that is available to all the computers and televisions in my home. I use Kodi as the management interface. I tried Plex, but didn't really like it. Since I'm watching from more than one device; I may watch on the television, or perhaps on my laptop out on the front porch, or if the wife and / or daughter are watching ThaiTV, I may watch from my desktop. All are separate installations of Kodi. In order to keep the various Kodi installations synchronized with what I've watched, I installed the add-on Trakt on each Kodi, so everything watched is synchronized to each Kodi installation. "NCIS" watched on one device shows up as watched on all the devices. The other thing I do with Trakt, and I can't recall if this is a paid feature or not, is that I export the Trakt calendar of TV shows and new movies to my Google Calendar so I get a reminder when one of the shows I watch has a new episode, or a new movie is released. The movies new to DVD calendar is handy since it gives me a heads up to go search for the torrent file for interesting ones. @barstool has his computer configured to automatically download new television episodes, but I haven't gotten quite that automated yet.
  13. I think TTT had a different business model than the guys selling boxes have. TTT was selling locally stored content, the box resellers are selling a means to access web based content. With you not having a fast internet connection, the box resellers have less importance (to you). While I do have fast internet, I mostly watch locally stored content. I could care less about streaming whatever from the web, which sounds (at least to me) what you're doing at home. I have a NAS box at home attached to my wifi router, I have a tv box attached to my local network on one side, and my television on the other side. I don't use anything more sophisticated than a barebones Kodi installation to read content off my network storage, and display it on my tv/laptop/desktop/smartphone. Since the content is already locally stored, at least for watching movies and stored television shows, the internet connection does not matter at all. Doing that doesn't require all that powerful of a tv box; all it does is convert the file stored on the lan to an hdmi signal so the tv can understand it. If I had a more sophisticated tv, I wouldn't even need a tv box, the tv could do it all on it's own. As far as getting current, and recent movies, and current and recent television shows, I use a program called "qbittorrent", primarily because it has a search function. I put the movie I want into the search box in qbittorrent, it searches a list of bittorrent websites for who might have it listed, and lets me start a torrent to bring the show to me. Fast internet or slow internet does not much matter, other than for time. My fiber connection movies take a couple of minutes, slower connections will take longer, but you'll still end up with the new content to store locally. Like I mentioned before, you can search for Thai subtitles to English movies, and English subtitles to Thai movies. You might get lucky. With the size of subtitle files, the speed of your internet connection doesn't matter a whole lot. This will work anywhere you have some sort of internet access, and not depend on your being in Pattaya, Udon, or wherever. In years past, when I had painfully slow rural internet access, I'd start a torrent download before going to bed, and look for the completed file in the morning when I got up.
  14. As for where to buy, as said, Tukcom if you want to pick it up, and feel like programming it yourself. Ebay or Lazada if you are comfortable buying by mail, and are comfortable programming it yourself. Or @Footymadstreams if you want it pre-programmed and you want it delivered to your door in Pattaya, and demoed connected to your home tv setup. He also ships pre-configured boxes EMS all over Thailand.
  15. +1 One of my biggest gripes about Thailand's Entertainment Media producers is that they are terrible about including English subtitles. There's a glut of Thai comedies that I suspect I'd really enjoy watching, and would be happy to purchase fully licensed copies of, but there is no English subtitle track. Searching OpenSubtitles for Thai subtitle files for the English language movies I have has had little success. I'm not sure where Thai Tech Trader got his source material from, but while he was around, IMO he offered a great service.