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  1. "The Catch" is that if you are using third party applications to get "paid" content without paying, you are violating the law, and the EU has recently been raising a stink about going after resellers who provide preconfigured boxes for pirating content. What all that means as an end user? Probably nothing. What all that means as an end user in Thailand? Almost certainly nothing. Given the lack of English language content in Thailand, I personally don't worry about the legal or ethical finer points of not paying for paid content. How much weight you want to give to the legal and ethical questions of getting premium content for free is up to you. As for what I think you're implying with your question, no catch. Buy the box, have someone set it up, or set it up yourself, and you can happily consume all the media you want without any further cost, other than your Internet connection.
  2. You are correct, 60,000 baht is low. 65,000 baht per month pension income, or 800,000 baht in a Thai bank, or a combination of the two (it is not either-or) is correct. It's easy enough to Google a Thai government site to verify without leaving something this important to some random internet forum. :-)
  3. Well, I'll admit, I've only gotten five extensions so far in two different provinces over the last 5+ years. Latest was December 2016. My own personal experience is I have never been asked for extra information, and no one I personally know has ever been asked for further information. But sure, it's within the realm of possibility. Probability, not so sure, but certainly possibility. So my own personal experience as an American citizen doing visa extensions is far different than your conjecture as a non American citizen.
  4. While I am not advocating perjury, the income letter for Americans (and several other nationalities) certifies that you told the embassy you make x amount. They don't check, unlike the British Embassy. If your friend says he makes enough to satisfy the income requirement, the Embassy will certify that he said he makes enough. England certifies that you make x pounds, America certifies that you SAY you make x dollars. There is a significant distinction between the two. Personally, I never have more than 100,000 baht in the bank over here. I'm also fortunate enough that my pension income exceeds the requirements by a comfortable margin. I don't keep money in the back over here, in large part because of IRS regulations about reporting money in excess of a total of $10,000 USD offshore. I like my US taxes as simple as possible. :-)
  5. Just stayed at 247 for the US Embassy visit to Pattaya, March 1 - 4. According to the manager, all the beds have been replaced now, and they (at least to me) are quite comfortable. No more stone futons. This time I had an isolated, street side room, 410, and other than some weirdness with the entry door design, it was quiet and comfortable. I'm usually in bed by 10 PM and awake around 6 AM, so quiet is important to me. And yes, definately not the Pattaya normal. :-)
  6. 4. If it's something important to you, the reception desk can give you a heads up if your lady de jour happens to have "Mr" on her ID card instead of "Miss" or "Mrs". It avoids that embarrassing surprise reveal up in the room. 555 (Unless you do the Crocodile Dundee or Donald Trump pussy-grab to make sure on your own prior to the room.)
  7. Boomerang Guesthouse, and probably many guesthouses, has no reception. They also close down the ground floor bar fairly early unless the World Cup is going on. You use a key card to get in and out after hours. Make reservations early though, it fills up fast. My own preference is for the big rooms; A1, B1, C1. No lift, but a huge room with a balcony. Soi Buakhao around Soi 15 (behind the Avenue).
  8. I believe that would be China Gardens, above Steak & Co. Or at least that is one of them on Soi Lenkee. :-)
  9. Foam mattress toppers are available, which IMO make the bed quite comfortable. You just have to ask at the desk to have one installed on your bed.
  10. So get a data plan on your tourist SIM card and not worry about the wifi. :-)
  11. They fill up quickly, so if you decide to stay, reservations early are best.
  12. I liked the room a lot. However, the previous trip I stayed in room B1 at Boomerang and really got spoiled on room size. There's no pool, or exercise room, or other stuff at Boomerang, but the #1 rooms are huge.
  13. When I was there 9/12 to 16/12 it wasn't an issue. Seemed like most days, no one was over there.
  14. Yes, 'standard' size room safe. Maybe big enough for a netbook or tablet, but not big enough for a laptop (to give you an idea of the sizing.)
  15. I just finished a week stay at 247 Boutique. I wrote ahead and asked for a mattress topper for the bed. It solved the 'too hard' problem and was quite comfortable. They might be doing that for all the rooms now, since when I checked in and mentioned I didn't want 'bed like stone' they mentioned that that was a known problem, and they had taken care of it.