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  1. There is a company called ERV that sells travel insurance in Sweden and Denmark. Not sure if they have a branch in Norway too. ERV pays back your money, minus a service charge, if the visa application is rejected.
  2. I was thinking about Nova earlier and walked Klang-Nova-Second road. I can't say I enjoyed walking that road. It is narrow with many hidden corners and lots of cars and motorbikes.
  3. Is having a kid with parents in Issan an acceptable reason to return?
  4. Agree on this. Honeys are mostly good, but quality of sheets and towels are not good.
  5. Walking street side have better views, but also get more sun and gets hotter in summer. Central Festival side have noise from parking garage and fans. Rooms near Second road gets noise from traffic and music from Made in Thailand bars. Higher is quieter.
  6. Nice! May be something for me in July.
  7. I'm not saying it is s good word, just that the spelling is very similar to the names of the countries.
  8. Whenever I hear the names Nigeria and Niger I cant help thinking of another word used to describe the people.
  9. This door slamming thing seems to be a chronic problem in all hotels and condos I have stayed in. I think there are two reasons: 1. Long hallways with tiled floor making them echo chambers. 2. Crap room doors. Bad fitting, no threshold and no seals making all noise from hallway finding its way into the room.
  10. 20 satellites sharing one rocket. More impressive than 5 guys sharing one beer.
  11. Very informative pictures. How much for one night/week/month?
  12. I have booked WS side for July. With my chronic bad luck you can expect heavy construction during that time.