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  1. I am glad you mentioned I only have one full page left in Passport, but I have 3 or 4 pages that still have space on them for smaller stamps. Given the fact that I need to do a border run on this upcoming trip, I will make every attempt to the Immigration Officer to NOT stamp on my last full page. Thanks for the heads up...... Mr Pimp aka "Mr Rob J"
  2. that the main reception building, I usually grab a bunch of them! They have a map and address in Thai on them..... Mr P
  3. If you are looking for something special for your wife......then this will be the perfect place!! A while back I fell for this one girl in Pattaya and wanted to treat her special and stayed at Royal Wing & Spa Resort. Royal Cliff Hotels are in a secluded area and have (4) separate hotel complexes. Although all of them are pretty nice, the Royal Wing & Spa is the most luxurious and expensive of the four. It only offered suites and they started at $500 US a nite. The place was TOP notch, but this was expected from a 5 star accomodation..........which also caters to the Royal family when they visit Pattaya. Obviously, don't expect a hotel of this nature to be girl friendly. But if you are discreet, they will work with you. (I was told this in private!) They treated my girl with the upmost respect during my stay there, but I never attempted to bring another girl back. Moreover, I didnt' see any similar mongers bringing girls back and forth. I kept my favorite girl at this hotel and managed to do a few girls at other places...LOL! Here is a picture I took in our suite.....overlooking the beach! Which of course, was a private beach for the hotel! But to indicate how much they cater their clients..........on one evening I was planning a dinner party and wanted to invite my girl's family to dinner at the hotel. However, I got tied up with another girl and sent her a text to cancel the dinner for the next day. (I also got pretty wasted this nite!). Nonetheless.....she never recd the text and waited for me in the lobby at the hotel for hours. The hotel was aware of our dinner reservation and noticed I was running way behind. With this in mind, they kept the kitchen open well past the closing time and offered to pick up my girl's family in one of their many chauffered Mercedes benz cars and brought them back to the hotel. When I arrived back to the hotel, fashionably late of course, they escorted me to the outdoor restaurant where the family dinner was already in progess.....They had us set up at a private table, that was decorated real nice with candle lights, overlooking the beach at nite. Believe it or not, the hotel never charged any extra for this.......but I provided the hotel/restaurant staff with nice tips. Till this day, this girl still remembers this dinner and continues to thank me for it, everytime she sees me! (She is also married to a guy in Pattaya now...LOL!) Anyways....very nice hotel!. On several occasions, I walked along the private beach at nite and day with my girl, as the scenery and grounds of this hotel was breathtaking!. Mr Pimp aka "Mr Rob J"
  4. Clark get to Walking street, you will have to take a baht bus and it is a little too far to walk. But also remember, Jomtien Beach also has a few open beer bars that are within walking distance of the Villas. I really can't comment on them, as I have not recently been to any of them.....but I have rode past them on a few occasions. Anyways.....the baht bus has a consistent route going in and out of Jomtien now, much better than it was in the past. You can also consider renting a scooter......or if your brave enough.....check out what I rented to get back and forth from the Villa....LOL!!! Photo taken right outside of the View Talay Villa..... Mr Pimp
  5. I have stayed at View Talay Villas on quite a few occasions, including my last trip in Feb 08. Photos from my most recent stay in Feb 08. I have been staying there off and on for quite a few years is an older picture a few years back... As you can see from the pictures....the pool for the 1 bedroom Villas is small, but still big enough to enjoy. If you opt for the 2-bedroom villa(twice as much), the pool is much larger. And If you feel the need to use a much bigger also have the option to use their community pool, which is pretty big...... Although I loved the Villas at View Talay Villa.....on my last trip, I also rented a Private Villa house. just have to take it up a notch....LOL!! This other Villa also had an awesome pool..w/a jacuzzi and waterfall in it..... will definitely enjoy yourself at View Talay Villas, trust me! The privacy of the Villas are awesome.....and sitting out at nite...while having a drink, by the private pool with your favorite lady or ladies, with hte nice scenery lights on at priceless!!! They also have a website.....try doing a search on google. Mr Pimp
  6. I have stayed at the Vault many times and I have some good news......and some bad news!! Good news.......Great hotel and great owner! I known Mike for a while and he will make your stay very pleasurable! The rooms, IMHO, are some of the best in Pattaya for what you spend. Be sure to check out the Penthouse rooms, their AWESOME!! Bad news.....most of the Long rooms do not have a balcony or window! I will see you in January, as I hang around the hotel.......whether or not I book a room or not. More than likely, I will have a room booked though. I usually rent a Condo in Naklua, but have been renting rooms at the Vault as a second room.....since its close to Walking street and for the purposes of short times. Mr Pimp aka "Mrrobj"