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  1. misteregg Tell You Why To Come To Pattaya

    The Tourist Minister will be beating down your door with job offers to promote Pattaya mate!! Fantastic job!!! Oh and "T" is for the cup of Tea you can drink in Le Pub!!!!
  2. Most forms ie bank accounts, company docs, tax shite have two boxes for address, one says your address, in other words the house you own and the other says correspondence address. So just fill that one in to where you want your post and it keeps your property registered as you home address.
  3. Wanting to buy a s7

    just got an S8+ for $819
  4. Swiss Army knife outlet?

    There is one in Phnom Penh if you are really stuck.
  5. I live in Cambodia and go to Pattaya for short trips every couple of months, I also go to UK once a year and have a week in Pattaya either side of the UK trip. It looks like it will cause me problems then, I don't want to risk being refused entry if I am on my way to UK after a few days so I will maybe go via somewhere else!!
  6. I live in Cambodia and sometimes come across the land border to Thailand for a weeks holiday. I prefer to go by private car than fly as I find it easier. So now if I have to fly in I will probably come less. Never mind.
  7. Royal Cliff Grand Info

    I stayed in The Royal Wing. Very nice, it was B1,500 joiner fee!!
  8. Passed on by Sheep and goat fuckers no doubt!!!!!!
  9. £ Sterling wanted to exchange for baht

    I will have some stirling with me, I arrive 5th july. It is not alot cause only staying 3 days then on to Cambodia where I need dollars but could do about 1,000 quid into baht. Pm if you want it.
  10. "You come too many time"

    It is strange as thailand is supposedly a main hub for many counties. I fly in and out fairly often as I live in Cambodia and visit other countries. I usually only stay in thailand for a few days on my way and on my way back.
  11. It was no problem with my cambodian visa, I got my new passport last august, came in and showed both passports, accepted and new passport was dated. Put both in the safe till november when my year visa was up, took them both to travel agent and got my new year visa in new passport. Most countries do it this way and tell you to keep both passports together till visa expires.
  12. I just carry the old passport with the new until visa expires then apply for new in new passport
  13. I stayed in Thailand for 8 years starting with back to back 60 days from Lao then education visa. I had my own house and truck, had thais to do my garden, clean my house and my pool. I spent about 130k baht a month. I am now 47 years old and 18 months ago I was told by immigration that because I am not 50 I cannot be retired and cannot afford to live in Thailand!! I sold everything and left. Bored with worrying about visas. I live in Cambodia and just go there for a few days when I feel like it. Last time I went, when I was leaving Thailand I got asked by immigration why I stay only 5 days and when I will go back? I replied I live in Cambodia and do not know when I visit Thai next. Then got asked why you live Cambodia, why you not live Thailand? Oh dear I thought but they not understand.
  14. Bringing Thai girlfriend to UK

    I have got a visa for a thai girlfriend and a filipina girlfriend. I did it myself. You need to show that you have a relationship and that she has a reason to go home.
  15. I had an ED visa for about 5 years, cost me 33,000 baht a year and I never went to school.