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  1. The closer Songkran comes the more places to buy squirt guns. They will be available all over town.
  2. Retired military with a monthly pension. My main bank account is in the US where I keep my "big" money and I'm insured against ATM scams , unlike my smaller Thai bank account where if my card is skimmed, I'm pretty much shit out of luck and hope the Thai police get the low life.
  3. Same here, I did my 90 day reporting today, walked up to the front counter, (no line) and just said "90 day check in", the girl handed me a ticked and I walked to the main area and they are already calling my number. I was in and out in 90 seconds. I did my yearly extension paperwork in Dec and zero questions about social media, skin color, height or weight, favorite hang outs, vehicles I drive,. I did have to provide a map to my house ,monthly income letter and photo, but that's always been a requirement. So for me they are not "pushing it too far now". I've seen the paperwork needed for a foreigner wanting to stay in USA long term, blood work, chest x-rays, vaccine history, plus a ton of other shit. I'll take Thailand's paperwork request any day of the week.
  4. Yes I tracked it, it left the company on Friday and was in the delivery driver's truck, he just took his sweet time delivering it. On my order it said something like "up to 5 business days deliver time" (or some variation of that), they delivered within the time stated on the web site, but I hated having to wait around the house all week. No tip for him.
  5. I only ordered one time from Lazada and it went like this; I ordered COD on Thurs, on Friday I get a call saying item will be delivered on Monday (yeah, fast service ), Monday comes and goes, no delivery, Tuesday comes and no delivery, but I get a call in the late afternoon, saying delivery will come tomorrow. Wed comes and goes, no delivery, Thursday...nothing, no call no delivery. Friday morning I get a call saying delivery in 20 mins, two hours later he arrives, saying sorry "lunch break". Will I order from then again, sure, if the prices is right, but I won't hold my breath when they quote me a delivery day.
  6. You have a child together? Once you get your baby registered with the US Embassy, she's in. Save yourself the 30,000 baht agency fees and do the paperwork yourself. Just in case you don'[t know how, here's a starter tip; get a translation of the Thai birth certificate ( a few hundred baht in BKK) then have it certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok, make an appt at the embassy to register the baby. apply for a passport and SSN. When you have those documents she can make an appt for the visa. PM me if you need more info Good luck.
  7. I don't have any info on visa offices, but I do know the forms are pretty easy to understand and fill out (basic stuff like name, age, passport number, address, birthday, Thai ID card number, marital status, family, if she's ever applied for a US visa in the past and the outcome, etc), the problem most guys have with trying to get their gf a tourist visa to the US is proving the Thai girl has a reason to come back to Thailand and not end up staying there for years. I read most "illegals" in the US entered with a valid visa and then never returned to their home country. She'll have a better chance getting a visa if she can show she; has a car/truck in her name, chanote showing she owns property in Thailand, has a proper job in Thailand (not a bar or go-go or massage), already has family in the US, has traveled to other countries in the past and not overstayed, has a good history of decent money in the bank Any visa office will fill out the forms and tell you the same things I just did (for a fee) but if she can't prove she has a reason to return to Thailand, her chances are slim. Good luck
  8. Same here, I stayed there on my 1st visit to Pattaya about 20 years ago and thought it was fantastic, and Pattayaland,was my favorite soi. On my 2nd and 3rd trip it lost it's luster and was a old roach filled has-been and Pattayland was a being taken over by Boyztown.
  9. Cash always wins over card.
  10. I'd say forget Rayong and go to Ban Chang or Koh Chang
  11. Google "Lumpinie park hotel" and you'll get a shit load of info, most with in walking distance to the embassy. or just find a hotel near the BTS and add on 10-20 minutes.
  12. How many blades does one cartridge have?
  13. 5000 for a PVC window? In the big Home Pro/Home Works shops an average size PVC window is 2000, maybe it's time for me to start a PVC installation business, easy money.