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  1. if you have a smartphone you can use that as a modem or you can buy a router where you can put the simcard in
  2. How come you don't get a SIM card with data? These days i hardly bother to use hotel wi-fi
  3. I have a booking with airbnb next week. The person does look thai so hopefully I won't have any problems.
  4. Would I be crazy to book here in dec/jan? I can see the only have cityview rooms left...
  5. that could have been me walking up and down soi Buakow in the rain 555
  6. It would be difficult to find based on the '' map. But it looks like the rooms have been broken in :-)
  7. Maybe this is a new place? They have a soi Buakow adress
  8. I have noticed this new 'guesthouse' is on the booking sites now. Looks quite good, must be near the intersection Soi Diana/Buakow so very central. Any experiences?
  9. it's an ok place, but I don't think it's good value for money these days. Hard to beat the location though
  10. I just came back from Pattaya and stayed at this hotel for the second time. They don't charge a joiner fee...I think it's a good quality hotel and I like soi 4
  11. You should check out the vista on soi 4 if you can get a good price. I think it's one of the best 3-4 star hotels in Pattaya. Br Jens
  12. I don't think you could do it that fast, even if you were running. I timed walking to Central, 20 minutes, but perhaps not fair as I was lucky crossing the street which can sometimes be a nightmare. Interesting fact is that apartment complex on 'soi 5' as they call it is for policemen, so if you need to explain to motobike taxi where it is, you can reference that. It's easy to get home from Walking street though. I like Agust suites better, but they had a good price for peak high season so it was good. Quality hotel with good bed, nice bathroom and so on. Decent pool and a small sauna. I stayed in 501 and my friend in 705 which were both facing away from the construction work out back.
  13. I've booked this hotel as they were the only ones to have something in 'silly season' at reasonable rates. I've stayed at August suites many times, so happy to hear that this is also a decent hotel.
  14. Sorry, don't mean to come across as a 'know it all' but I have visited Thailand for many years and have a 'long' perspective on buying something. I know that in the short term there is a bit of bubble and what not. Any ways my original question which I don't think has been answered was, if anyone had been in the situation where they owned a condo in a good location and the building had been sold to developers, could you expect that you could sell your condo for a good price or what would happen?