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  1. honey inn aoi honey

    There are a couple of threads about Honey Inn on here somewhere. From memory.. BM aquaracer started a thread about this place on 10 Feb 2016. BM Amon Amarth started a thread on 12 August 2016. One or both of these threads has photos included and both threads are in this section of the forum "Hotels and Accommodation". I would have provided links but I can't do that from my phone. But from the information I provided,you should be able to find the threads. Decent hotel btw. Cheers.
  2. I stayed there in 2012. The manageress back then was nosey, bossy, over familiar, and interfering. From what I read in various sites,she is still there. Although I did not have anything stolen from the room safe,I have seen many reports of this happening to others who have stayed there. It should also be noted that the Vogue Hotel is directly opposite the place,and there is a lot of noise from tour bus parties staying there as they leave for their daily activities in the mornings,
  3. Best gogo?

    Great story chippysam.
  4. I find the more trips I get under my belt,the longer I would like to have per trip.. This is because as I go there more I've come to prefer doing things differently. Don't really do ST so much these days,prefer to scope some girls out at my own pace,then take one LT/LLT for a couple or three days. Then have a break for a day or two and repeat the cycle. Don't really drink much either. But having said all that,my work situation only allows me to take 3x2 weeks per year,so there's always the temptation to slip into full on mode.
  5. Staying in Jomtien?

    Try Sun Sky Resort.
  6. Hotel no window close walking

    Walking Street Guest House above Sweethearts gogo..?
  7. This is a misleading statement. You can have only one name on the booking and you will not be charged for an extra guest,as long as you book the room for two people. In other words you don't need to name the second person.
  8. Any info on Honey Inn?

    Good info nhk.
  9. Any info on Honey Inn?

    There is a thread on the board somewhere,including photos of the rooms. I will try to find it and point you in the right direction. Edit: BM aquaracer started a thread about the Honey Inn on 10 Feb. It's in this section of the forum (Hotels and Accom) and it has a couple of photos. I can also recall another thread which I'm trying to locate at the moment. I would have posted links but I can't do that on my phone.
  10. Duplicated Posts

    Come on guys don't shout him down,he does have a point. Come on guys don't shout him down he does have a point. (sic)
  11. I always thought embassy advice was don't book a flight until the visa is issued...?
  12. These are all good relevant questions, but it is unlikely you will get FACTUAL answers to these questions here, Im afraid. What you will mostly get is helpful BMs giving OPINIONS,which is a different thing altogether. For example how can anybody on here know for sure if she is "playing you"? The timeframe of getting the visa seems dodgy,but without knowing ALL the circumstances surrounding that it's hard for anybody to provide the definite answers you want. Best I can suggest is get her a ticket home when the time comes.Even if she has one already, then give her the equivalent cash. Add some money for her family,and that's it for the moment. Then if you want to pursue a relationship with her you need to have a talk with her and/or find out much more about her.
  13. The Sandara Residence

    I stayed there in 2012 there was no charge for bringing girls in back then,but I don't know if this is still the case. The rooms were nice if a little bit on the small side.There is a good little restaurant attached to the place. There were some reports in around 2013/4 about the hotel staff stealing from the room safes,aalthough these reports were unsubstantiated. The manageress/receptionist who was there when I stayed there was slightly nosey and over familiar. All in all I would not stay there again. Your experience may differ though.