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  1. You made the finall payment already? I hope for you not. What I am wondering how you can life in a condo and there is no chanote. In my thinking you should have the chanote before you are able to life in the condo.
  2. Never give up a dream. Maybe it is possible or not.. but at least you have a target, which makes many things easier. I had a similar dream when i was about at the age of 30 years old. I was saying, that I will retire before I become 45 years old... and in 2 years I will become 45 years.. BUT at the moment it looks like in 1.5 years I can move on... So I always was on the dream.. and soon it will come true... Yes nobody can know what the future brings..
  3. Hello, very nice explained it. So I would understand this. But if the owner is OK with renting out for 5% after the garanteed period and he is aware that he only could become arround this interest rate. Then it is still OK. One advantage is at least you have 2-3 years according to the garantee a rental income which is probably high and you can be sure it is every month. If buy like this, you always should think this as an extra only and not rely on this 8% or whatever. If you have 2 room which are almost same and the only difference is this garantee then probably I would take this one with garantee (maybe). The garantee should only be the last tiny percent to choose which room you want. As the poster before wrote already after this you be on your own.
  4. The room inside looks nice. I not see an aircon so it is a sealed one, or only missed it on the pictures? What i think is how good it is maintainded and how good is the building itself. When you check from outside I see a lot of new painting, which i always have to think they already need to fix many things or why the have new painting (white) on the outside. About the price I don't know this area so i not comment if cheap or expensive...
  5. Yes i think similar to my preposter. What exactly is used. I have experience in Software development and project management. It always depends what is expected.
  6. I think the best is if you have and Thai bank account.. even when you use cash.. you can deposit some thai baht on this account till you need id. if this is not your way, i would consider better to use credit cards. Because i think the fees are cheaper than with Western Union.
  7. Nice pictures. Will be interesting, when they condo have windows.. then it will look much better. That will the time, when the price starts to go up probably.. But at the moment there are so many condo constructions in Pattaya or in BKK... But in Pattaya you can see the price increaed a lot. When i checked out the prices only 3-4 years ago, there was so many new buildings with condos for 1 million or less... and only a few better ones with more than 5 million.. now it feels like it will start with 3-5 million.... Bangkok was always more expensive.. but i have the feeling the difference between prices in pattaya and bangkok are now more close than before.
  8. At the moment it is not clear what this exactly mean. I think we have to wait and see what the exact impat will be. Has it an impact on land owner or condo owners? Because till now they pay tax when the sell land or condos. Will this tax disappear and instead we will become a yearly tax for the land/condo? I don't know and from the article i can't see anything like that.. but who knows... Wait and we will see
  9. My Condo was also delayed Little bit. The developper paid for 1 month of Hotel for me. And in my contract they stated, that if they delayed more than 180 days. then the selling Price will becoming cheaper. At the end everything was fine. I think what is important is that you choose a bigger Company for off-plan. Because with smaller companies it is really a dangerous game. I not would take the Moment as it states in your contract, because the only winner would be the construction Company. And i think if you do work in Thailand you have to think for some delays.
  10. Here in switzerland i pay arround 10$ per Transaction for transfering the Money to thailand. and it Needs about 2 days till the Money arrives on the Thai bank account. But it is depending on which bank you use.... Every bank is different in the costs
  11. a thai person can enter egypt (sinai part) without any problems. Visa on arrival is possible
  12. The Hotel is nice, and the rooms are good. I would recommend to book the rooms in internet, so you can save a lot of money. The room had a tv, dvd player, not sure if there was a safe or not inside the room.. but think there was one. Downstair was a small bar. The only problem is the distance.. it's at the end of the soi (street) and you have to walk about 5-10 Minutes to sukumvit. But i would go there anytime.
  13. What they did, i became a stamp in my passport with te note overstay 1 day. But i don't care, because i have a new one now.. Old one was full
  14. I mostly prefer a cheaper hotel, which is near the attractions. So i use a Sawasdee mansion or Lek Hotel, which is nicer, but a little bit more expensive (800 Baht)
  15. thanks slapman. I think i will have a try. The websites of the hotels have mosttimes nice pictures, but not always the same as in real.