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  1. I have checked into domestic flights in Thailand with my (expired) drivers license before. No problem, but I still had my passport with me just in case. For the last year or two I haven`t been able to use my DL at hotels, and lately emailing a copy of it haven`t been enough either. My friend has a pink id-card which should work as a proper ID but most hotels don`t accept that anymore either. That`s even at J.W. Marriott on Sukhumvit Soi 2 where he stays several times a month. Like English Rose say they will want to know if you are legal in the country and they also have to send a form to immigration when you check in where I believe they send a copy of your arrival card and/or visa stamp too.
  2. House for rent

    Moved it into the right section, stunning house. Just a tad over my budget lol but looks fantastic
  3. Just picked mine up too, thanks a lot!
  4. I`ll take 5 packs if possible but I won`t be back until the 14th of November, would that work?
  5. "You come too many time"

    A mutual american friend of ours had the same when we came from Hong Kong a few months back, the ticket office was closed so they finally let him through on 30 days which he then left for Laos and got a proper visa at the embassy. I would be scared shitless, lol.
  6. I'm struggling to get a lot of channels to work, even fully updated. All the discovery ones work, but channels like Dave etc don't
  7. Is 3bb still the best provider to use? Kind of fed up with them as my Internet has been down for over a week, technician was over and said it was a problem with some cable outside the house. Got told it was going to be fixed the next day as they had no more cable, so the next day obviously nothing happened. Called them again, where they said they were changing out the cable as we spoke and service would resume. That was 3 days ago so I am really missing my TV lol. So again, any of the others any good for streaming?
  8. Yeah I tried that after talking to you, this was pre 24th but I'll try again
  9. Anyone else having problems with no connection on the movie HD app? I'm guessing it needs to update itself but it simply won't ask me to. I've reinstalled the app a few times, but nothing unfortunately :(
  10. I used mine on holiday in Norway, worked great
  11. That really means it's good because this bm is the most miserable person I know. PS I love that box
  12. Just bought one of these. Great!
  13. Visa transfer to new passport

    I did this last year, needed a new passport and the same time had to get my new non immigrant b visa. I had to transfer my existing visa over to the new passport. Takes about 30 minutes in immigration and shouldn't cost anything
  14. Haha, because you say in your original post that your passport is expiring. You will have to go to Laos to visit the embassy, it will cost around 7,900 baht I believe and you can book at Queen Vic, Soi 6. This visa will give you 60 days double entry. Meaning, 60 days, extend another 30 at immigration, then you will have to go to Cambodia, get 60 days more plus 30. I see they are still using the Dao Kham hotel, this is not girl friendly but when I came back with a girl the recepionists were sleeping so i told the girl to wait in the elevator and then I woke them up to get the key They will take you to Laos, to the embassy and includes a hotel. PS. You can find some nice freelancers at a bar called Bor Pen Young but remember P4P is illegal in Laos and only some hotels will let them in. You might also get someone at Immigration extend it for you, but not sure if they will do it anymore or if you know the right people.
  15. I'm guessing no Norwegian TV?