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  1. Stayed at Boomerang. great place & location. Owner, Michael is a great guy. Newer guesthouse. Phil S.
  2. Pattaya Bay Resort behind Avenue shopping ctr on 2nd street.Stayed there a few times. centrally located. not bad..not great hotel. Middle of the road.
  3. Pattaya Bay Resort

    they just built a new 9 story tower so rates are not like they used to be. I stayed there in fall of 2013 on a monthly basis..... where customer pays for the electricy. . I came back from lunch one day and caught the maid using my electric outlet to power her hallway scruber/polisher. Need I say more?
  4. I have a confirmed booking for two months starting in January 2014 and from the pictures and everything I have read here...I cant wait to get there. I wish it was next month. Great job of furnishing those rooms Michael.
  5. Hotel around LK Metro

    Stayed at Pattaya bay resort for 3 weeks (paid a monthly rate but had to leave after three weeks) 5 weeks was 39,000 baht plus elect. Elect for three weeks came to 4,200 baht. I think I got ripped off since I came back from breakfast at Au Bon Panne one day and caught maids using my electricity to clean and buff the hallway with their machine. I wonder what else they were doing with my elect as $142 dollars for 3 weeks of elect is extremely high as I dont keep it very cold in my room. My elect bill is cheaper here in las vegas during the summer time than what pattaya bay resort charged me. The guest never gets to see the electric meter starting number and ending number. so they might rip off the guests. I stayed there 5 times in last 18 months but this will be the last time as they are getting very expensive fora 2 star joint. Most guesthouses are comparable IMHO anymore. They are building a new tower with 172 more rooms. I would hate to see what they will be charging for them. IMO..find another place.
  6. I stay at the Pattaya Bay Resort for months at a time with room cleaning 2x per week. I had no problems with cleanliness and sanitation issues there. Since you are really close to that hotel, I will be staying with you as much as possible. I stay in Patts one month every 4 months. I really wonder what all the bitching is about 2x week. What do you guys do in a room that makes it unbearable to live in with only 2x week cleaning??? Please let me know what you guys do...maybe there is something I am missing.
  7. If you r interested in Nature directly with that hotel. I personally know of it and it is a good location on Soi Buakoha and it is a good hotel. Thinking of staying there in January and February. Hotel Thailand I have used many years ago. They are a little expensive. Can get better deal by booking with the individual hotel. Any questions, PM me.
  8. Review - Canterbury Tales Cafe

    I have friends who have stayed at this place and they said the stay was well worth it. Dave is a very friendly guy who is willing to help you out if a problem arises. I have read a lot of good reviews about this place.
  9. One of the hotels i have stayed at but is not on the list above is the Pattaya Bay Resort." It is a little bit east of 2nd road in the southern part of Patts.close to walking street. The rooms are very good and the rates are quite reasonable. The staff is extremely helpful. They even have a shuttle to take to to 2nd road where you can catch a baht bus to go anywhere you want. I will be there again in feb 2012. Cant wait.
  10. Thailand Tourist FAQ

    awesome info on visa's.
  11. Thailand Tourist FAQ

    you did a great service to us all with this visa information.