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  1. I stayed there February and have booked again for sept.. Swimming pool area is pretty small. I had a large room with separate bath and shower, next trip I booked standard and aparantly the shower is above the bath with no shower screen which might be annoying.. they also fill the fridge up with mini bar items but they are resonbly priced. I liked it hence staying again.
  2. Hi Phil.. I got my box from you a year ago.. it has wss app and the sport tv app on it that use vlc to play the stream automatically. The streams cut out, quite often as soon as the video starts and it crashes the app and goes back to home screen.. any ideas on a fix? I'm pretty sure it's a vlc issue
  3. I have stayed in D apartment which is right behind it many times and can highly recommend it. It's the same owners and the rooms look the same so I would guess it's a good choice.
  4. i think his speed is around 30mbs he's on fibre in the uk
  5. seem to only be able to play about 10 seconds of video on your xbmc app then it either freezes or goes back to channel list. This happens on all channels... Has only happened since I done the January update you uploaded.. Also can you check the kodi data file you uploaded on Jan.. I can't extract it for some reason.. Thanks
  6. Do you need access to the box to add your package? My dad in the uk has a box but he is fed up with kodi due to picture quality and buffering. Any issues with these with your channels?
  7. Sutus court buakhow.. I think they have some rooms at about 600 a night.. So if they do discount for a months stay it might be in your ball park. The only down side is safe box is in a special security room at reception so I have been told..
  8. Retox Sports Bar and Hotel on Soi Lengkee

    Frampton v Quigg going to be on?
  9. A lot of places keep high season rates until after songkran I think.. Then drop to low season rates in May.. Might be worth mailing them to ask.. Better to take 4500b a night if it is empty than take nothing
  10. this one any good sammy. it says hot tub on the balcony in the description
  11. is your xbmc app still working.. couldn't get any channels to show on mine last night.. I checked the tech support app at that seems to be offline to
  12. Turkey you need a clean £10 note on arrival aswell
  13. they do similar things around Thailand already.. like you have to pay when you get off the boat at samet for use of the pier for up keep costs.. then again when you go on samet for up keep costs of the national park.. shame they don't use the money to pay to take the rubbish off the island. that place has to be the biggest joke of a national park in the world.. phi phi there is also a cost when you arrive at the island
  14. time to decide

    probably honey pot on soi honey would suit you, owner is a board member here so can give you advice on your first trip. diana is a bit louder at night time and has traffic so might be more annoying if your not a heavy sleeper
  15. first trip I would advise maybe a guest house run by one of the board members.. would be a good source of information and directions to help you find your way around