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  1. Moderately girl-friendly. Reportedly they do not allow entry if the girl is under 20 years old (there is another thread on here which discusses this).
  2. Good wi-fi, excellent location. Breakast is edible, but ends relatively early for us late night creatures(IIRC 10 AM).Bed is a little hard, but not enough to bother me.Always nice and quiet. Great underground parking lot with direct access to the lobby. No girls under the age of 20 allowed in the room (they are strict on this). I never tried the pool.
  3. I did that walk, and it took me longer than I expected. Next time I would just take the baht bus for 10 baht. The walk took me about 25-30 miutes if I recall correctly (can't walk very fast in this heat without getting drenched in sweat).
  4. Well, I have been debating between these 2 hotels myslef, so decided to try them both on my last trip-half of my Pattaya stay at each hotel. Honestly, I think they are more alike than different and the differences are subtle-it really is a question of what it important to you. 1.I thought for all intents and purposes the rooms were the same 2. Breakfast was essentially the same. 3. Reneissance has Internet hard-wired into the room (there is an Ethernet jack) which makes for a more stable connection. Metropole is wi-fi only. In my case, the wi-fi transmitter was right outside my room, so I had no issues, but this would be dependent on the location of your room. 4. Metropole is a little further away from Second Road, so your barfine will have to walk a little further once you get off the baht bus, but none of mine seemed to mind it. 5. Reneissance religiously checks the IDs of the ladies you bring in, Metropole does not care and makes it purely optional.There used to be a back entrance at the Ren bypassing the front desk, but now it is locked every day from 8 PM to 7 AM, so the girls' ID will always have to be left at the front desk. 6. I thought the staff spoke somewhat better English at the Reneissance 7. I am not into swimming pools, but they did not look significantly different to my untrained eye. 8. The bellboy at the Reneissance is always there and knows exactly what you are up do-kept wishing me a "fun party' whenever I was going out and always seemed to be there when coming back with my barfine-I found it a little weird (but it could be just me). 9. The bathroom at a Studio level at the Metropole has a shower curtain, whereas the one at the Reneissance does not. 10. Hot water was hotter at the Metropole 11. 2 free bottles of water were provided at the Metropole; at the Ren you had to pay for them Hope this helps.
  5. Thank you! That is priceless information. I will give them a try.
  6. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of the compulsory carding either. If it is voluntary, then I am all for it, but once it becomes compulsory, then I feel that it invades my privacy. I must admit that I feel uncomfortable when I have to approach the reception desk with the TG to check her in- I feel that the less people are "in the know" about my neferious activities the better. The last time I stayed at the Marriott, and that place is so large and spread out that I had no problem bringng the girl into the room bypassing the reception desk altogether. The problem is that the place is just too expensive and next time I would prefer to stay at LK Reneissance but I know that that place has compulsory carding, so I have been holding off on making the reservation hoping a better alternative will come up. In conclusion, if it is done "for my protection" then it really should be voluntary.