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  1. ...dire economic necessity or a penchant for catamites 5555
  2. Geez ... there goes my bucketlist item #36 .... 'stay the night in a sanctuary for many rescued cats, terrapins and one dog'. Anyone know where I can find a goat in lower Suk at short notice?
  3. It's a pity that they want to use such an extreme measure to rectify the problem. Clearly the overcrowded streets are a problem but surely there is a better way? I don't know the city well enought to offer a fix but maybe our resident BMs might?
  4. W14 not allow third guest

    If you've sent an email or text message then they might be wary of who they are communicating with. You might find them more receptive to your request if you ask them in real time.... especially if you are standing at reception with your 'guests' under each arm.
  5. Yeah .... it's almost too good to be true
  6. Admittedly,I haven't tried the others you mention but am tempted to change the backdrop next time based on your recommendation. ...totally agree with the second part of your post.
  7. If there was no ABC Hotel in AC there is no way I would've done so many repeat trips .... it's the only hotel in AC that gets my repeat business. I wish there was one in Pattaya....with the helicopter shuttle from BKK ...
  8. Book now or upon arrival.

    Wait until you's great fun lugging your luggage around town sweating bullets looking for a room especially when your buddy will be checked in and taking care of business. Think of the money you'll save.
  9. four and twenty pies

    555 Good grief ....
  10. See through wall? That'd be a window right?
  11. La Cerise Closed?

    What a shame this is...lovely guesthouse, great location and Cheryl was the bomb! If I had to find a manager for my business same/same I would hire problem. I never had a problem here. Never had to pay in advance for my room, always friendly and helpful. BUT....the restaurant was always empty...I mean not a single diner who wasnt a room guest...EVER... when I stayed there. I had regular breakfast and coffee there and it was fine but IMO the guesthouse/ restaurant mix did not work. I have looked at The Bluebird's okay but small rooms and less friendly. La Cerise - RIP.
  12. L K Mansion ?

    Thanks brooksie. Does anyone else have any more info please?
  13. L K Mansion ?

    Thanks brooksie. Does anyone else have any more info please?
  14. It might be awkward if you don't have a booking but not as awkward as when you return to the hotel with your first LB.
  15. D apartments soi buakhow

    Easier to explain location if you start at the corner of Bukhoa and Pattaya Klang. It's walking distance down on the left side just past the LK Royal Suite. From memory there is a Family Mart or 7/11 on the corner. If you get to ReCon you've gone too far.