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  1. Hi there, My TGF will be staying with me for 87 days next week. Just need to purchase some travel insurance. Which is the best and cheapest to go with? and I also need it to cover motorcycle accidents, as ill be taking her for plenty of rides on my V-strom 1000 CC edit - she is visiting me in Australia (sydney NSW) Cheers guys
  2. I'm planning my trip from the 20th Dec - 10th Jan 2016, and my passport expires on the 21 aug 2016, which is very close to 6 months validity. I read some countries need 6 months or more on validity to enter? Will mine be ok? or do i need to renew?
  3. Visa to Australia

    Yup you're right. I'll go with1cover. thanks again mate.
  4. Visa to Australia

    ok i just checked 1cover, and they do cover motorcycles of any size. covermore only cover under 200cc (who rides anything less than 200cc in Australia)
  5. Visa to Australia

    The policy is thicker than reading a book. I emailed covermore, which is much cheaper at $140 or so, but they only cover motorcycle if it's under 200cc engine. That's the only danger my gf will be in, is being on the back of my motorbike, which is a 600cc I'll email 1cover
  6. Visa to Australia

    ah, alright. Will this insurance policy cover motorcycle injury? as I have a motorbike and will take her for rides.
  7. Visa to Australia

    Wow $340? I don't understand "normal one"?
  8. Visa to Australia

    Thanks for this information, I'll definitely check this place out. Regarding her insurance, is it possible I can just go on a website, type in her name, details etc, and just pay for it, and just send her the document saying she is covered? I emails covermore, and she sent me a PDF saying my TG has to fill this out, sign it and date it. Seems like too much hassle for me. How did you guys get around this?
  9. Visa to Australia

    she got her visa done at immigration in Silom she said Yeah, from Sydney. She said she can get qantas through an agent in BKK for 31,000 baht all expenses paid. That's a direct flight. I feel thats an alright price to pay.
  10. Visa to Australia

    Around early Feb, and staying for around 90 days I'll get back to you on that one. I'll ask her when she wakes up
  11. Visa to Australia

    She says it's a promotional deal that will only last until next week. After that prices back up to 31,000 (all taxes included) I can't find anything under around 35,000 baht ($1300) Dam this time of year is expensive. Every-time I go to buy an air ticket, prices jump up $100-$200 every 6 months.
  12. Visa to Australia

    No snow where I live (western Sydney) My TGF actually hates the cold. She always turned aircon to 30C, and would complain if it's cold. I could never imagine showing her snow. The big challenge is how she will like it, staying at my house. I work 36 hours a week, 3 x 12 hours split day/nights. Live in suburbia, 1 hour drive from Sydney CBD, and besides Thai restaurants there are not many Thai people here (that i know of) Most people living here are Anglo Saxon Australians (probably a bit un-cultured) As I'll be working some days, I hope she doesn't get bored being alone, for long hours of the day. My Mum will probably take her out some days. On my free time, I do intend to take her to the mountains, and the city. Just hope all goes well, and she doesn't get too home sick. Remember living in Thailand is much better than [email protected]#$%
  13. Visa to Australia

    So 10 minutes ago my TGF said she was waiting outside immigration department to get her passport, to know if she got visa or not. Few days ago, she got a phone call from them asking how much money she has in bank. This sent shock waves to my brain, thinking they knocked it back. Ive been on edge for a few days waiting. Just had a cigarette shaking. Anyways she replies to me, and says she got the visa! 3 months. I'm so happy right now. I'd like to thank all those who shared with me such awesome information, that helped me in getting the visa. I owe you guys a beer next time in Pattaya !
  14. Visa to Australia

    thats what im worried about. She says there is a travel agent in BKK, that will sell her qantas return to Sydney, for only 27,000 baht. Is that fare? seems like i cannot find anything less than 39,000 using airline websites or webjet. Also she is on her way to Immigration office now, to see if she got the visa or not. I'll know in 20 minutes if yes or no.