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  1. If that's their attitude it's not well thought out. I'm talking about people who ARE retired and have money to spend who simply want to come here for the winter and not live here. "Snowbirds" as they are referred to at home, people who stay in Canada in the summer and go elsewhere for the winter.
  2. If that's the case, then there's no visa meant for someone from a western country who wants to come for more than 60 days. I know you can extend it for 30 days, but then what? Not to mention the fact that the 30 day extension cost almost twice as much as the initial 60 day visa (in CAD anyway) - seems like they are trying to discourage someone from staying longer than 60 days. I hope to retire as early as later this year if things fall into place. I don't plan on moving here so a retirement visa wouldn't make sense for me. I would like to come for 3 - 5 months every winter. Their visas give the impression they don't want someone in my situation to come here. Aren't there a LOT of people who want to do this? Let me know if I'm missing something.
  3. Great info, I think he should be ok. I haven't yet had to deal with visa runs, all my trips have been under 30 or under 60 days (except my current one, which will require a visit to Jomtien to extend since I'll be 63 days due to thinking in terms of 2 months). I know this is O.T. for this thread, but I can't understand any logic behind the requirement to leave the country every 60 days with the METV? Is there any rationale or do they just want to cause aggravation for the people getting this visa? You have to jump through a few hoops to get it in the first place, and it isn't cheap. Do they really want to encourage visa runs to the border? Wouldn't some sort of 60 day reporting make more sense? I hope to do a longer trip next year so I will have to figure out what to do for a visa. I'm hoping they'll come out with other visas but I don't know how likely that is. Aren't there a TON of people from colder climates who want to spend 3-5 months here - why do they want to make it difficult?
  4. Great - thanks! I passed it along.
  5. Thanks for replying! He's not working and it's his first time in Thailand so that shouldn't be an issue. What's got him concerned is when he got the METV the consulate told him he had to "fly" out and that was also the first thing the woman at Jomtien said......"fly" somewhere. After checking with someone she said a Cambodia visa run should be ok. He just doesn't want to go through all that if they are only going to stamp it for 30 days instead of 60. I think he should be ok but I wanted to get other opinions to see if there's any reason to be concerned.
  6. A friend of mine is here on a METV. He's coming up on his first 60 days and trying to figure out the best way to proceed since he'll be here at least another 2 months. If he does a visa run to Cambodia will they stamp it for another 60 days? He asked at Jomtien today and at a couple of visa run places and was basically told "they should" but not very confidently!
  7. That's really interesting, maybe I will go to Snooky in that case. Or, I'll get lazy and pay the 1900 baht. Thanks - I plan on it. Can't fucking wait to leave!
  8. That's what I was thinking - but I didn't know about the 6 month out of 12 rule. I haven't been there since Feb so I would be fine. I've already been to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. I would like to go to Sihanookville sometime, but if I remember right they only give you 15 days crossing back by land so if I went there I'd have to go near the end of my trip. Unless I flew to PP and took a bus to Snooky but that doesn't appeal to me. When I'm there I'll look into cheap flights to the P.I., Laos or maybe K.L. since they are all places I haven't been. Or maybe I'll just do the 1900 in Jomtien. I tend to get comfortable when I'm there so I'll probably do that, but who knows.
  9. It's not always about the "cheapest" option. It's basically throwing away 1900 baht when I could use it towards buying a discount plane ticket to go somewhere I've never been for a night. That is, if that's even an option.
  10. I'm not going to change my flights home. I have the time off already, and I have great award flights. I know I would end up on shittier flights and lose a few days - and it would cost more than the visa in Jomtien. One other thing, I booked my condo for 2 months and that works with my dates. I'd be losing 3 days while I still have my room. Isn't there a 3rd option to go fly to another country for a day or two when I have less than 30 days left and get a visa-on-arrival when I return? Or is there a problem with that idea? I'm going to just figure it out when I'm there, but if my only options are visa extension, change flights or overstay I'll get the visa extension. Thanks for all the feedback!!
  11. Damn it! I arrive at BKK on Dec 13 and depart on Feb 13. I was just thinking it's 2 months, not 60 days. Now I realize it's 62 days. I don't want to pay 1900 baht for an extension for 2 days, but I don't want to be in an "overstay" situation either. If I go to Jomtien immigration while I'm there can they do anything else, or is that my only option with them? If it is I might plan a quick trip somewhere instead. I'm flying on points so changing my return would cost me $100, but I have really good flights right now so unlikely I could match them. In other words, I don't want to change my flights!
  12. Thai embassy in Canada: A 60 day visa is $40 CAD, I got one last year (single entry). For me it's much easier/cheaper to do this than deal with Jomtien and 1900 baht.
  13. I'm in town now and leaving this Friday, late afternoon. On the chance that anyone's interested I thought I'd post this. I bought the xz-1 shortly before this trip to use as a 2nd camera. I discovered I really am a 1 camera guy....I'd rather have my best camera or not bother carrying one around at all. It's white and comes with a self-closing cap (bought on ebay), a used leather wrist strap, a 16 gb sd card, 3 batteries and an external charger (the camera only comes with a usb cable). It's a 2 year old model but is a high-end compact with an f1.8 lens. 8000 baht with all above incl. I'm confident it's a fair price and non-negotiable - pretty sure I'll get the equivalent back at home. I love my OMD. I bought it before my trip a year ago and have used it on both trips and one to Cuba in between. I don't really use a camera much at home. I played around with a new em-1 at Central Festival the other day and decided I will upgrade to that before my next trip abroad. So, if someone wants my em-5 at a good price I'll sell it on Friday before I leave. I have 3 lenses, but I'm keeping my 75mm. I will sell the em-5 body only or with the 14mm f2.5 and/or the 45mm f1.8. If you want to see it, pm me asap or text me at 082-975-7090. I'll include a 32gb sd card & 2 batteries with it. I can also post or email recent pix taken with the camera - but since I only have a couple of days before I leave I'll only do it on request. Any questions, let me know
  14. I've stayed at Armageddon several times. The owner, Terry, is Canadian. I stayed in the Thai room and the Hollywood room, both are very well appointed and quite large. More high-end than other questhouses IMHO - I've stayed at about 6 in the LK area. There are routers on each floor and you shouldn't have any wifi issues. There is a back door so you don't have to parade your girl through the bar to get to your room. I've also stayed at Billabong.....not in the same league in terms of room quality. I've only stayed in the 2 rooms at Armageddon that I mentioned.....I think a couple of the others are smaller.
  15. I agree, available towels on a daily basis is important. I typically have 2 different girls in my room on any given day so changing towels twice/week just does not work unless several towels are provided. I typically stay in guest houses and this has never been an issue. One time I rented a condo for a month and I arranged for my room to be cleaned twice/week but there were LOTS of towels provided. So I think the only way this works is if there are about 6 towels in the room.