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  1. Hilton vs Baraquda

    Correct re moto taxis If coming down Second Road from WS, baht bus will drop you off by exit driveway between Central Festival/View Talay 6. Short walk down that driveway to Hilton entrance. If you are coming down Beach Road from Soi 6 area, baht bus drop-off will be by security entrance at other end of the driveway, just past Central Festival. That way is an even shorter walk. Privately hired songtaew (I won't ride moto taxis and sometimes I am eager to get back to my loom and start the fun! 555) should pull into the driveway and drop you off by the door, but they may just dump you at the Beach Road security entrance. I have stayed at the Hilton may times, and always enjoyed it. Great location, with Central Festival attached by elevator. Never stayed at Baraquda, so can't compare the two. Some may suggest that Hilton charges a joinder fee, but I have never been charged one, and have brought back 2 TGs on a number of occasions and at least 1 TG on almost every night I was there (I'm sure I flew solo on 1 or 2 nights over the years).
  2. Girl friendly hotel

    I guess they realized it was a very bad idea! 555 I was charged a joinder fee in Phuket years ago - think it may have even been a Hilton - and it SUCKED! When you get all the way back to your hotel with the TG (especially in a place like Phuket that req'd a taxi ride) and find out about that bullshit charge, you're NOT going to say "oh....okay - sorry honey, we're NOT going to fuck now"! 555 They had a captive audience and, at that point, I was gonna pay pretty much whatever they said the joinder fee was! 555 For some reason, a friend borrowed the 1,000 baht joinder fee and never paid me back. That makes me wonder if it wasn't some b.s. shakedown by security and the front desk! Security herded us to the front desk like cattle; the girl hit us all for 1000 baht and only then would they let us go to our rooms. Can't recall if we all had to pay cash or only him b/c he didn't want it on his bill.
  3. Girl friendly hotel

    Thanks - I thought I had read that, but -- as noted -- no personal experience. Once the opportunity to use Marriott points to stay there ceased, it was off of my list of hotels.
  4. Girl friendly hotel

    Unless something has changed in the last 4 months -- when I had multiple threesomes there in February -- the Hilton IS girl friendly. There is a common misconception on PA that it is not girl friendly, based -- I think -- upon an early policy when it opened, but I have stayed there a couple of times a year for the past 3 or 4 years, and NEVER had any issues bringing a girl -- or girls -- back, nor have I EVER been charged a joinder fee. Times change and maybe they have changed their policy, but, if so, please post a copy of your hotel folio showing that you were actually charged a joinder fee. As for "close to Walking Street" noted, that depends upon your definition of close. It's a relatively easy baht bus ride or it can be walked, but it's not what I would call a short walk. I don't personally know the joinder policy of the AVANI, but it was very nice when it was a Marriott, and it is close to Walking Street (IMHO)
  5. While you may be able to obtain a late checkout (or pay a half day rate to stay even later), I don't think that your arrival time will have any impact upon it. The hotel is not going to say "you arrived really late the first night, so we will let you stay late on the last one." That said, solid input above about trying to get an extended checkout of half day rate.
  6. Is AVANI a Marriott?

    If true that they are simply following a governmental directive, this is pretty scary. It's easy to say "avoid hotels that charge a joinder fee"...until ALL hotels are charging one!
  7. Article day built upon this news and said their goal is NO street food in Bangkok period. Excerpt: “The BMA is now working to get rid of the street vendors from all 50 districts of Bangkok and return the pavements to the pedestrians. Yaowarat and Khao San Road will be our next goal in clearing out illegal vendors,” Wanlop said. "No exceptions."
  8. VT6 vs The Base

    Why? For me, motorbikes are a "no go" - I will never drive or ride on them. This limits my choices of where to live to Central Pattaya OR on a baht bus route. In that respect, the Base seems to have a great location. VT6 does, as well, but the specter of major construction on the lot next to it and the fact that the hallways remind me of a hospital puts me off a little. Centric Sea is a little farther down, but seems to have all of the same issues that the Base has (VERY small units) FWIW, the small 2 BDR units at the Base seemed live-able, if, as suggested, you used the 2nd BDR as an office/study.
  9. The biggest hotels in town?
  10. The biggest hotels in town?

    Beat me to it! 555 According to that site, it isn't even close - Ambassador has 4 times the number of rooms than the next highest. Same with Bangkok, where the largest (according to the same website) is the Marriott Marquis, which re-opened after extensive renovations last December at 1,360 rooms. FWIW, I stayed at the Ambassador Jomtien for a convention about 12-13 years ago. It was pretty crappy then, and I can't imagine it has gotten better in the last decade.