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  1. Still got the camera stuff for sale ? 

    Cheers , 


    Jerry . 

    1. JAI DEE MAK


      Yes I am a hoarder 555


  2. Camera Wanted

    Got to be a fake as Sony doesn't make the EOS M10 ... . If it's the camera in the pic though you got a good deal .
  3. Mitsubishi EVO 8MR

    Price down to 499.000Bht now .
  4. Yes not much has changed in Laos over the last few months . Khampiane is relaxed about girls , no worries . Quite a few ladyboys around but they're pretty obvious and usually good fun to chat with . Avoid tuk tuk drivers as much as possible , crazy prizes and scammers . Most of the times you have to make the move towards the girl or not much is gonna happen . Girls often ask for crazy prices , better agree on price before taking her with you . Fifty for the night should do . Good thing is many girls have a bike so no need for tuk tuks . You can get lucky in BPY but probably your best bet is @home nightclub after midnight . Have fun .
  5. Selling my Mitsubishi EVO 8MR . The 8MR is an upgraded EVO 8 with a limited slip diff , active yaw control , aluminium roof , Bilstein shocks and an alu/titanium turbo for better reliability . As this is a Japanese spec car the power is just over 300hp . Car is from 2003 and has 86.500km . Car is in good condition and has a lot of parts replaced recently , new shocks , tyres , clutch and battery . Just had big maintenance , new oil , new filters , gas pump and injectors cleaned , etc . Roof and back spoiler wrapped . No rust or accidents . Blue book is in my name and the tax is paid till Jan 2018 . Car is in Pattaya . For more info call Jay : 0866 205084 . Asking price 550.000Bht ... 499.000Bht .
  6. Art on the Hill condo debacle in Pattaya

    Read it a bit to quick ... thought you were offering 5Bht to rent a condo for a month ...
  7. Been at least 10 times , never had a problem bringing back girls . Most hotels are crap in Vientiane . Best hotel for around 1k Bht is Khampiane , good location as well . Bor Pen Nyang , best place to pick up girls between 22.30 and midnight . After that @Home nightclub .
  8. Worked my ass off between 16 and 40 , long days , lot of stress . Started in the family business with 1 employee , just before i sold everything it was 3 businesses with 25 people working . One day a very rich real estate agent came in and told me he wanted to buy all my real estate ... 2 minutes later we shook hands and the rest is history . Living the good life in Thailand and Cambodia now for the last 8 years without the stress . Happy though i don't have to make my money in Thailand as it's a tough market .
  9. Just a little story ... few years ago i met a girl in a Ban Chang bar . Early 20s , beautiful long curly hair . Bit out of place in BC but she was working in a bar owned by a girl she knew so she was happy there . Barfined her and took her to Pattaya . We had a great night out on WS , we shared the same sense of humor and felt comfortable with each other . Few weeks later i was on another visit in BC when this girl comes running out of the bar and tells me she's going to barfine me and we gonna have another night out on WS . She ended up staying for months and we had a great time . Only problem was 'the boyfriend' checking on her by phone every , morning and evening . He had given her an I-phone with tracker so he could see she was in Pattaya ... while she said she had gone back to Udon Thani . 'No darling i visit a (girl)friend here in Pattaya' ... etc ,etc . Boyfriend coming back to Thailand so finally she really had to leave for Udon Thani . Didn't hear from her for about a year when one day she calls me to pick her up from Suvarnabuhmi . She was coming in from Udon and would fly the next day to Germany to get married to 'the boyfriend' . She wanted one last night out before 'getting to prison' as she called Germany . We had a lot of fun and she almost wanted to throw away the airplane ticket in her drunken state when we came back to the hotel . Convinced her it would be better for her to go . She already told me the guy gave her anything she asked for and was sponsoring her with 40k a month . 'J , i know he's a good guy but i don't love him and you and me always have so much fun when we go out ... and he sex not same you' ... lol . I not sure i can stay with him but have to try for family' ... That was 3 years ago , haven't heard from her since so i guess she's still in Germany . Hope all is well with you May ...
  10. Wanting to buy a s7

    Poor you ... .
  11. Wanting to buy a s7

    Why not a DB8 ... ?