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  1. Been at least 10 times , never had a problem bringing back girls . Most hotels are crap in Vientiane . Best hotel for around 1k Bht is Khampiane , good location as well . Bor Pen Nyang , best place to pick up girls between 22.30 and midnight . After that @Home nightclub .
  2. Worked my ass off between 16 and 40 , long days , lot of stress . Started in the family business with 1 employee , just before i sold everything it was 3 businesses with 25 people working . One day a very rich real estate agent came in and told me he wanted to buy all my real estate ... 2 minutes later we shook hands and the rest is history . Living the good life in Thailand and Cambodia now for the last 8 years without the stress . Happy though i don't have to make my money in Thailand as it's a tough market .
  3. Just a little story ... few years ago i met a girl in a Ban Chang bar . Early 20s , beautiful long curly hair . Bit out of place in BC but she was working in a bar owned by a girl she knew so she was happy there . Barfined her and took her to Pattaya . We had a great night out on WS , we shared the same sense of humor and felt comfortable with each other . Few weeks later i was on another visit in BC when this girl comes running out of the bar and tells me she's going to barfine me and we gonna have another night out on WS . She ended up staying for months and we had a great time . Only problem was 'the boyfriend' checking on her by phone every , morning and evening . He had given her an I-phone with tracker so he could see she was in Pattaya ... while she said she had gone back to Udon Thani . 'No darling i visit a (girl)friend here in Pattaya' ... etc ,etc . Boyfriend coming back to Thailand so finally she really had to leave for Udon Thani . Didn't hear from her for about a year when one day she calls me to pick her up from Suvarnabuhmi . She was coming in from Udon and would fly the next day to Germany to get married to 'the boyfriend' . She wanted one last night out before 'getting to prison' as she called Germany . We had a lot of fun and she almost wanted to throw away the airplane ticket in her drunken state when we came back to the hotel . Convinced her it would be better for her to go . She already told me the guy gave her anything she asked for and was sponsoring her with 40k a month . 'J , i know he's a good guy but i don't love him and you and me always have so much fun when we go out ... and he sex not same you' ... lol . I not sure i can stay with him but have to try for family' ... That was 3 years ago , haven't heard from her since so i guess she's still in Germany . Hope all is well with you May ...
  4. Poor you ... .
  5. Why not a DB8 ... ?
  6. Bump ... 2500Bht ...
  7. Got one 2 weeks ago and working great ... thanks .
  8. Your post is a bit vague ... a link would help . People who have to many SETVs are refused entry and send to Phnom Penh to get another SETV ... ? Don't see how that would help . You're allowed 3 visa exempts in a year so the guys on a one month on one month off can get into trouble if they don't have an SETV . The number of SETVs from neighboring countries is limited to 3 from the same embassy . There's no limit on SETVs you can get from your home country though . If a guy isn't able to show 20kBht (or equivalent) on him he better is refused .
  9. Only if you're on visa exemption . No problems with tourist visas .
  10. The amount doesn't matter it's 220Bht from now on for every withdrawl .
  11. If you're planning on staying no more than 3 months an SETV will do . You get 60 days on arrival and a few days before it runs out you go to Jomtien immigration for a 30 day extension (1900Bht) . Make sure you have a hotel booking or rental contract for the place you're staying when applying for an extension . The SETV should be free till the end of August 2017 .
  12. The op asks for 6 months so why go through the hassle of getting an (6000Bht) METV while 2 (with extension) or 3 free SETV will do the same . You have to leave the country anyway after 2 or 3 months .
  13. The METV are not always easy to get . Several countries have even stopped handing them out at all . Check with your embassy if they still do them and if you're one of the lucky ones that would be able to get one . Otherwise get a single entry TV for 60 days . Extend it with another 30 days in Jomtien immigration . Make a little side trip to Vientiane or Phnom Penh , get yourself another (free) single entry TV and do the same thing .
  14. Acer 1080p Full HD 23 inch design monitor . Comes with HDMI cable . New 7k Bht . Just over 2 years old now 3k Bht .