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  1. Bump ... 2500Bht ...
  2. Got one 2 weeks ago and working great ... thanks .
  3. Your post is a bit vague ... a link would help . People who have to many SETVs are refused entry and send to Phnom Penh to get another SETV ... ? Don't see how that would help . You're allowed 3 visa exempts in a year so the guys on a one month on one month off can get into trouble if they don't have an SETV . The number of SETVs from neighboring countries is limited to 3 from the same embassy . There's no limit on SETVs you can get from your home country though . If a guy isn't able to show 20kBht (or equivalent) on him he better is refused .
  4. Only if you're on visa exemption . No problems with tourist visas .
  5. The amount doesn't matter it's 220Bht from now on for every withdrawl .
  6. If you're planning on staying no more than 3 months an SETV will do . You get 60 days on arrival and a few days before it runs out you go to Jomtien immigration for a 30 day extension (1900Bht) . Make sure you have a hotel booking or rental contract for the place you're staying when applying for an extension . The SETV should be free till the end of August 2017 .
  7. The op asks for 6 months so why go through the hassle of getting an (6000Bht) METV while 2 (with extension) or 3 free SETV will do the same . You have to leave the country anyway after 2 or 3 months .
  8. The METV are not always easy to get . Several countries have even stopped handing them out at all . Check with your embassy if they still do them and if you're one of the lucky ones that would be able to get one . Otherwise get a single entry TV for 60 days . Extend it with another 30 days in Jomtien immigration . Make a little side trip to Vientiane or Phnom Penh , get yourself another (free) single entry TV and do the same thing .
  9. Acer 1080p Full HD 23 inch design monitor . Comes with HDMI cable . http://www.flatpanelshd.com/review.php?subaction=showfull&id=1331719418 New 7k Bht . Just over 2 years old now 3k Bht .
  10. Asus computer with Intel i3 processor . Less than 2 years old . - 8GB ram - Two hard disks of 500GB each . - 2GB N-Vidia 730 full HD videocard . - DVD writer . - 5 fans . - Windows 8.1 installed . Comes with a HP 20 inch HD screen , keyboard and mouse . All together 7.500Bht .
  11. You think they're stupid in Norway ? The embassy handles thousands of these stories every month and you still think they don't know where these guys meet the girls ? Had a Belgium friend trying the same BS . The embassy simply asked for a work contract to prove she was working where she said she was . They fabricated a fake contract for her ... embassy found out of course after contacting the place and no way she's getting a visa anymore now . These embassies do this work on a daily base and know all the tricks . I have brought a girl over to my home country a few times and the only thing they were worried about was someone with a steady good income who was willing to sign for paying all the expenses in case things would go wrong . Every embassy will have different rules though .
  12. Lol ... like they don't know . They hear these BS stories day in day out . 'So lady what restaurant did you work ... so we can do a little check with your boss' ... oops . All most bargirls are registered these days . They run her name through 'the bargirl database' and she will pop up . Better to say she doesn't have a job . Most important part is the OP being able to take care of the girl financially . Able to show a decent income out of work . Owning property in his home country is another good thing . OP you have been together for 2 weeks in total , maybe it's a bit early to let her come over .
  13. Was talking to a girl in Vientiane last month and she just took a 50Bht boat at night crossing the Mekong into Thailand and vice versa ... lol .