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  1. Its always Leo o'clock somewhere 555
  2. USA has no out bound passport control. Your only consern is immigration check points in southern border states. These are usually on major interstates. They ask you if youre a US citizen
  3. For those seeking a quiet place to stay after a day of sightseeing Bamboo House is my recommendation Just 500m from The Bridge on the river Kwae.With only the occasional party barge on the river it is very quiet place to relax. I stayed in the basic raft room for 300 baht a night. It's almost primitive as can be 5555 queen size mattress on the floor,one single electric plug for the fan.I recommend bring a multi plug adapter for charging phones. There is no glass in the windows on the basic rafts.Lattice,screen and thin curtains only.Can get windy inside during storms. There are more traditional rooms for those seeking creature comforts.Even a modern raft with ac and hot water. You can watch the sunsets,when available,from your riverside porch the boardwalks are a little narrow,care should be taken after a night on the piss. The toilet and shower a short walk away.basic accommodation there. Included breakfast basic but adequate. Good food available at the inhouse restaurant I usually walked to the bridge area as the walk is about 15 minutes. You can catch songtaews for 10 baht to center of town from the train station area.
  4. What is with us and passport issues?555 I left my passport at money changers twice already.
  5. Try the links at the top of the page. Condos are not hotels bring as many girls you like.Same rules apply for courtesy to the neighbors.No noisy partying.
  6. Current link about transfers at BKK Bank http://www.bangkokbank.com/BANGKOKBANK/BUSINESSBANKING/BUSINESSSOLUTION/TRANSFERINGFUNDS/RECEIVINGFUNDS/Pages/ReceivingFundsfromUSA.aspx
  7. I emailed Bangkok Bank about NY branch.They don't do accounts there.You need to have an account in Thailand already to use them.
  8. 96 huh ?,Guess he didn't use his own invention much 555
  9. Can the thai phone number forward your messages to your home number?Maybe you can set your thai phone to forward all sms's to your home number before you leave thailand. I want to get a Thai bank account this year and set up a way to transfer money from home to Thailand before each trip. Another way I thought might work is wire myself money on Moneygram.I may have to use a vpn to get the transfer to work.Not sure on that one. Advice from american expats would be appreciated here.
  10. That's what I meant.I wasn't sure what to call the 30 day entry.
  11. If you enter the 5th,you will likely get a 30 day tourist visa.
  12. If the visa is issued Feb.4th Then you must enter Thailand on or before May 5th for the first visa.You must use your 2nd visa on or before Aug 5th.With the 30 day extensions that should cover you through September if you start in April. I'm aiming to get my visas about 30 days before I go to Thailand
  13. If I get a dual entry 60 day visa,can I make a land visa run or do I need to fly out then return by air?I'm contemplating up to 4 month visit next year.
  14. Porn being illegal not many hotels will risk trouble with the BIB for it.Look for street venders selling it.Just hope the BIB is not behind you ready to ponce you for tea money. With all the pussy in Patts I have no need for porn myself.