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  1. Fusion sucks, Mach 3 ftw! ;-) Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. I have done the same. Worked my company so they would let me work from Thailand. I have found an older house but still in good condition at The Village (3th road): 3 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms for 15k. One bedroom for myself, one for a huge computer desk and one for guests. The office bedroom can also become my bedroom if I have 2 guests staying over. :-) There's also a (small) communal pool. It's quiet there (good for work) and only a short walk to Buakhow. Not sure if the price is too high, but if I look at Prathumnak I will only have a 1 bedroom condo for that price. But the amenities and the view will be better. On the dark side prices are cheaper of course. I found it by just walking in and looking at for rent signs. One of the older inhabitants saw me and called me over and said that he would be moving out and if I wanted I could take it. He's moving out to a smaller, cheaper house also in The Village. No garden though, but a patio, good for parking my bike.
  3. I'm here now and have 2 weeks of finding something. :-)
  4. Moving to Pattaya, so looking for a good place to stay. 45+ sqm, needs to have space for a (big) computer desk 1 bedroom Shower, no bath Communal pool big enough so I can do some decent swimming Private internet or the possibility to install a private internet connection Government electricity/water or close to government rates Furnished Area: Prathumnak, Naklua, Darkside, Jomtien. Needs to be quiet so no central Pattaya or karraoke bars or big construction sites. Balcony with seaview would be nice to have Gym would be nice to have
  5. I trust a bargirl that I 'vetted' more then a random farang in Pattaya.
  6. Yes, it is... But oth maybe it will bring more cheap farm fresh girls to Pattaya. Some guys on here seem to like it that way because they are always complaining about prices, quality and attitude.
  7. Best Room ON lkMetro ?

    But Boomerang guesthouse is not on the soi?
  8. LK President - 3rd road

    Because the owner of the guest house sold it already. Enjoy your stay! ;-)
  9. LK President - 3rd road

    Too late now anyway. But it's nice you were considering! ;)
  10. LK President - 3rd road

    That hotel is the reason my/our favorite guesthouse closed. :(
  11. Anyone got experiences with Iglu? Sounds interesting...
  12. Those courses are about teaching English in Thailand if I understand it correctly? DoesThailand needs teachers in advanced IT or Science? And if they do is that open to NES only? Just being curious.
  13. Happy's Guesthouse

    Correct, it's on soi Boxing Roo across Soi Lengkee. Nice clean rooms, nice owners, good wifi and cheap beer! But yes, you have to cross 3rd road... Me and Andy666 will be staying there again soon... If you decide to book there, say hi from us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  14. So Agoda said on their website you were not allowed to change it? So you knew? Too bad for you there was some storm comming. When there are heavy discounts or promotions, you are not allowed to change dates or to get refunds. You get what you pay for, not Agoda's fault if you don't pay attention.