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  1. What Jaypee said seems to rule out foreigners doing the job. Certainly when a friend was preparing to set up running a tour boat out of Hua Hin area he had to factor in a Thai Captain on board at all times. The Rules may be more stringent when carrying paying passengers, but even for private outings he was told the Captain had to be on board. I think one reason was being able to understand distress/SOS/Coastguard etc messages, but anyway only a Thai could get the requisite WP ultimately.
  2. I understand your point, having stayed with my sister in LA for while and observed that she would much rather burn gas than ever dream of putting clothes outside to dry....... ................but I think Thais generally just have more sense.
  3. Except that the way you pitched your thread was as a scare story about a 'Crackdown' having started, with really nothing to back that up. I'm not qualified to answer the Q you're now asking, but I think you may well have a problem. Listening to a few offshore workers I know, experiences do vary, but basically Immi' don't give a FF where you work, even if you can prove it. In fact quite often lately it seems that the Computer decides whether you can be admitted or not based on what entries are on the database. To quote Darren of KeyVisa when these rules started to be applied a few months back "I have nothing to offer my off shore clients". Flying in from home country or from a legitimate holiday in another country (subject to what Jerry said) appears to be no problem, but relying on Visa Waiver for under 50s (go for conversion to O then Extension etc) does seem to be a problem.
  4. There is nothing going on which would cause you problems.....they know a Dodgy when they see one. From Paul's other posts about Visas I don't think he's the font of all wisdom on these matters somehow.
  5. What Jerry said. METVs seem to be a hassle from UK and you have to go out anyway so go get another SETV.
  6. . Used to be if you went early enough in the morning you could get your MReP in the afternoon. Might be coincidence but since they were stopped from doing conversions to O visa it became an overnight thing.
  7. Me neither...separate consecutive applications.
  8. Official Thread:

    Just as well because there is none....its one floor up from ground on Temple side so behind the multi storey. If its a studio you may get some early wake ups. I thought rentals down there were more like 9k but depending length of stay. Surprised you didnt ask to see pics? Everything for sale in Pattaya but open and fully functional. I think Pattaya Condo Rentals which operated the website is elsewhere.
  9. So if someone applied using a combination of Income & Bank for example, how would they know if it added up to 800k Baht? I know that the Embassy letter only deals in GBP (for Brits) but I'm pretty sure someone somewhere in Immigration applies the current ER.
  10. Can you say what Exchange Rate they used?
  11. Do I just follow the 2 guys with cases? Thanks.
  12. Maybe I'd better try it from the other direction then.
  13. I thought I was going to cut through from Soi Diana to Korando's and headed up the alley to Centara. At the end, I seemed to have arrived at the hotel's front entrance and could only go left, which led me back up to Soi Buakhao. I'm easily confused maybe I should have had Google Maps on.