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  1. Yep. I asked a bit back if he's changed his mind about that because it would be a game changer. As yet all the ideas about what he could do from this end at best only serve to convince him he needs to work out how to come back.
  2. Just exploring the alternatives to answering "Cannot", given that he said he cannot return. That's why I asked if he was now accepting that he has to come back...if he can't, what do you suggest he does. There are a (very) few people I would dare give a PoA to here, but I concede that it wouldn't be my first choice.
  3. Who has that SIM now? Are you accepting now that you must come back? I'm being told there are 'agents' who could sort the paperwork for you (for a price) but obviously that's more difficult if you're not here...maybe through PoA signed at the Thai Embassy in Uk.
  4. I bought an SJ4000 great VFM fully functional on'y thing I found was that the lens was more susceptible to scratch damage than the GoPro when used without the case.........so don't I guess.
  5. Could do with getting someone to take some proper photos but yes sounds like a good price in that area. You need to give Talang Wah of the plot and Sqm living space but I know land price alone over there are very high. Thai company owned, but still, square this against a lot of Condo' prices....even if it does need a paint job.
  6. I think you have to bear in mind who the 'customer' is i.e. it's the one with the money, the buyer not the seller. If a buyer walks in the door he'll do his best to find what he wants, but buyers have been in short supply for several years and it really isn't worth the time or effort involved in 'marketing' your property beyond sticking it on their website list.
  7. Thai company still means Thai price and you don't really want to be trying to set up a new company purely to own property IMO. Even if you find a good agent (I only know Rob) he won't necessarily have access to anything for sale in your chosen location.......you have chosen a location haven't you? .
  8. Farewell Sir


  9. What Jaypee said seems to rule out foreigners doing the job. Certainly when a friend was preparing to set up running a tour boat out of Hua Hin area he had to factor in a Thai Captain on board at all times. The Rules may be more stringent when carrying paying passengers, but even for private outings he was told the Captain had to be on board. I think one reason was being able to understand distress/SOS/Coastguard etc messages, but anyway only a Thai could get the requisite WP ultimately.
  10. I'll take that as a vote for slashing la status updates then.

  11. Now we just want to get rid of these cursed Status Updates.

  12. I understand your point, having stayed with my sister in LA for while and observed that she would much rather burn gas than ever dream of putting clothes outside to dry....... ................but I think Thais generally just have more sense.
  13. Except that the way you pitched your thread was as a scare story about a 'Crackdown' having started, with really nothing to back that up. I'm not qualified to answer the Q you're now asking, but I think you may well have a problem. Listening to a few offshore workers I know, experiences do vary, but basically Immi' don't give a FF where you work, even if you can prove it. In fact quite often lately it seems that the Computer decides whether you can be admitted or not based on what entries are on the database. To quote Darren of KeyVisa when these rules started to be applied a few months back "I have nothing to offer my off shore clients". Flying in from home country or from a legitimate holiday in another country (subject to what Jerry said) appears to be no problem, but relying on Visa Waiver for under 50s (go for conversion to O then Extension etc) does seem to be a problem.