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  1. Have a wander around the villages behind Lion Pub ...Suk Sabai etc. I'd say decide on location before price or you will be swamped by DS properties. Not many houses inside Suk have significant gardens though.
  2. Typo I imagine, try 15...... when are you viewing it?
  3. Best advice

    I don't know for sure, but I doubt you'll get an O Visa in Manilla/PI, so you either come in on Visa Waiver or a SETV, you can extend both by 30 days (in theory anyway) giving you 60 or 90 days in total. Your extensive border hopping stamps in your Passport might give you problems entering or extending with VW though and in the current climate I'd recommend a SETV (landing by air does not give you a Visa, the 30 days is a Visa Waiver stamp only). Once on the ground, if you're prepared to spend 20k you should be able to get it converted (3mths) and extended (12mths). I PM'd you one agent's details but there are lots.
  4. Best advice

    You will hear various prices but it depends on your circumstances. Someone posted that an agent in Soi Post Office did his for 13k, but realistically assume a base price of 15k. That is assuming that you are already at O visa status and just need the 800k in/out overnight dodge. If not, add 2-3k for conversion from VW or TV (costs 1900 DIY) but remember that gives you an extra 3 months plus the 12 month extension. If you want the Multi Re-entry Permit add another 4-5k (costs 3800 DIY). Then you might have specific individual circumstances which cost extra. I'm assuming that your Passport is in good order and reasonably long life. You should be able to get the full package for 20k, but up to 25k is charged by some agents and in some circumstances.
  5. Best advice

    The cheapest/only option for you seems to be the dodgy way i.e. about 20k for the conversion to O and the Retirement Extension, using the money in money out method......means about half your savings gone I know. Best if you come in on a SETV I think because there's less time pressure, but a 30 day Stamp works too. I'm not recommending it but there are agents' adverts aplenty and if you want I can PM you the contact details for a man who can.
  6. Best advice

    In PP I'd agree, but there are cheaper options in SHV I think. Having said that, a guy I know who found he couldn't afford to live in Pattaya went and lived in SHV for about 3 years then went to try AC and has been there about 2 years so far.
  7. Best advice

    I can't see an answer for Thailand other than to disappear into the boonies on long term overstay. Cambodia calling? Go in on Ordinary/E Visa and extend one year for <$300 then get set up in Sihanoukville.
  8. Best advice

    The OP said he is from UK and for us to get the Embassy letter we have to provide proof (can be done by online/post). Whether they check it or not we don't know....maybe not but they could because they are part of Gov.UK. In the OP's situation, if he doesn't want to bank the full 800k I'd go for the combined method Scummy outlined, but the 260k would have to be seeded 2 months same as if he banked 800k. I also doubt that the 150 GBP could be used as it could stop at any time like any gift money.
  9. Fcuked up (yet) again. Not been out since 2015 but I was persuaded to go to Cambodia last month. At least this time I remembered to get a Re-entry Permit. I vaguely knew about TM30s but I put my address on my Arrival Card, same as before and forgot about it. TM30 is for reporting any alien entering Thailand with the place they're staying within 24 hours...all hotels/landlords etc should do it...everybody knows right? Then this morning, with my next application imminent, I read on Thaivisa that they are pulling up Extension applicants and calling some back for failures to report and fining them. I hate stress at Immi' so I went to month late......cost me 1600 Baht Fine. Experiences do vary and maybe I'd have got away with it, but at least I know I'm in the clear on that one.
  10. I bet you knew, getting a Retirement Visa in your homeland is quite a hassle. One advantage however, is that the multi bit allows you to time a border run towards the end and thus get 2 years out of it.
  11. For a Retirement Visa from your homeland, yes it's Multi-entry, but this thread is about One Year Extension of Stay (Retirement) from Immigration in Thailand, for which Re-entry Permits are applied for separately.
  12. I've got nothing but praise for them far. Mine is coming up again soon and there is a flaw in my visa history which sometimes causes a hiccough. I'm OK on the database but there's a strange conversion in my Passport. There's no point trying to pre-empt the problem, it has to run it's course, resulting in much thumbing through my Passport until finally it gets to the guy on the far left, who I think must have signed all of mine. So far, once he checks it he gives the all far. I really need to get a new Passport, it's been through the washing machine twice.
  13. Your 'lekky' rates may be reasonable, but your signature is way OTT. Duly 'X' ed.
  14. 20 units I think...20 kw/day would be quite high usage.
  15. a bank of them somewhere on each floor....not next to each room.