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  1. Yep, don't know why call it 'nonsense' it's a very straightforward process if you have everything sorted. If you haven't, or you can't be arsed, then throw an agent anything up to 25k by all means.
  2. Maybe her American isn't that good then, because if it was the lady in the TM30 office I had no problem understanding her or her assistant and vice versa. The girls out front are even better and very knowledgable. As I've said before though, best ask the right person. If you wanted to know about Re-entry Permit requirements why not walk about 20 metres to the counter which issues them and you'd get the right answer as soon as they looked at your Visa.......just as you would have in this thread if you'd given the right information.....well actually you did get the right answer, quite a while ago.
  3. Given that you took a Thai with you I can't help wondering how you know how good their English is. The two girls out front speak excellent English and I've never had any problem communicating with just needed to ask the right person. The problem with having a Thai with you and this often applies in any shop, restaurant etc etc just as much as at Immigration, is that as soon as they even see a Thai they speak to them not you and don't even attempt to speak English leaving you in the dark. PA is great at what it does, but for Visa matters Thaivisa is the go just have to work out whose posts to take notice of. There are BMs there who know what they're talking about, but also there are Mods/Admin who specialise in the subject and they hit every Visa thread quite quickly. Also you can download all the forms there and avoid having to mess around filling them in when you get there.
  4. The Ex used to come with me and I hadn't got much idea what was going on. Then I escaped her clutches and had to work it out myself....and no I can't speak Thai. A lot of it is about preparation, reading up on whatever on Thaivisa then d/l the forms and have everything ready to rock when you hit the front desk. There's sometimes one copy of something I've forgotten and I might have to pop to the copy shop, but now the Extension folk have their own photocopier and within reason will do it for free. There used to be a very helpful Brit' named Barry Kenyon working there but I think he retired. To be fair the girls on front desk do a great job of checking your documents before giving you a ticket, thus filtering out a lot of the ill prepared. On topic, for the House Master/TM30 I saw a sign immediately to the left and just went in there no ticket.
  5. I'd hazard a guess that over 90% of 90 day reports are by people on Extensions. Proper Retirement Visas are, as Dave put it, like Unicorns. Therefore (still guessing) she probably just gave you her stock answer and if you'd wandered over to the Re-entry Permit counter (especially having a Thai with you) you'd have got the correct information as soon as they looked at your Visa.
  6. He just wanted to do a 90 day report, as required for his Retirement Visa (a real one not an extension) but he ran into TM30 problems, which were solved when his Landlord went to Jomtien and filled the forms. Pretty simple really.
  7. Sometimes you get the "wrong information" when you don't ask the right question....clearly... ....bit like this thread actually. ...well you nearly did, but then you went off at every tangent thrown at you. I think (just guessing) the person who gave you that answer wrongly assumed that they were dealing with routine address reporting for those on Extensions, and if you'd made it clear that you had a 'unicorn' the answer would have been different. What I'm sure of is that if you'd applied for a Re-entry Permit you wouldn't have got one and all would have been clear.
  8. That's why I dropped out and then asked him to photo his visa but......... ..............yes he made things a lot worse by not clarifying. Actually i think he really has got a Unicorn.....but he's not showing us it. @worldpunter ......and if you checked I'd bet quite a few of those posts were in visa threads.
  9. Given that you say you already have all the financial stuff for the Extension, I would take that too...... ........and go sooner than one week just in case......proof of address can be complicated sometimes.
  10. Or I suppose he could have stopped reading at Post # 60. After that it just got messy......and still is getting. Edit - To be fair to the OP, his first words were " I am here on a 12 month non-immigrant retirement Visa...." so the confusion wasn't all his fault.
  11. Should be long enough, but allow for weekends and possibly holiday closures. You can go sooner....I would.
  12. Correct. You need to apply for the 90 day O visa first. You can go to Bangkok or you can apply at Jomtien and they send it off...takes a few days so don't leave it too near the end of your 60 days...costs 1900. Some time during that 90 days you apply at Jomtien for One Year Extension of Stay (Retirement) ...costs 1900. Plus 1000 or 3800 if you need re-entry permit/s.
  13. With an 'M'. Go back to Jomtien and may not have time for another thread.
  14. Do you not have a smart phone? If you do, take a pic of your Visa, then use Edit /draw to hide your personal details, post it and then the speculation is over.
  15. More likely try to sell you Multi Re-entry Permit you don't need it seems. I think it was just a mistake by someone and if he tries to apply for one he'll be told he doesn't need one....but best to check for himself.