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  1. W14 is nice for what it is. I often recommend it to people who want a step up from the Secrets Guesthouse or the Walking Street Guesthouse. WSG is a GREAT place, but if you want a "hotel" then W14 is a decent alternative. I feel comfortable recommending it to people who insist on a hotel very close to WS. They are usually looking at Green View, P72 etc and it is certainly better than those. That said, I would not actually recommend W14 per se - just as an alternative at the lower end of the price ranges in Walking Street. To the OP - if you are a WS man then Intimate is a fair way away and Sea Me Spring Too is easier to access WS. Out of the three I would go for Sea Me Spring Too.
  2. Chill out fellas - everyone has different preferences so kidnly respect that. Areca is quite easily the most popular hotel with forum members and no doubt with good reason. Having stayed at both my PERSONAL preference would be for August Suites but even that would not be in my top 3 - again a matter of personal choice. One thing to remember with Areca is they have the "old bit" and the "new bit" - it may well be important which one you are comparing to what. Back to the OP - there is no such thing as "the best hotel in Pattaya" for the reasons outlined above - different people value different things and have different budgets. If you are torn then I would say you will not go wrong with either.
  3. Couple of things to bear in mind, well 3 actually 1. 99% of hotel reception staff have seen it all before - nothing surprises them; they really don't care. 2. Checking a girls id is for your own safety - not just to check she is legit' but so they have a record should she do a runner with your cash and $1000 camera in the morning. 3. Last, but by no means least, hotels here have a legal obligation to record the details of everyone who stays. That rule is often ignored but most hotels will abide by it these days as the last thing they want is the BiB giving them shit for failing to do so.
  4. We have now had a chance to talk to the OP and it seems he followed correct procedure and reported the incident to the duty manager and the owner is also aware. A couple of points to please bear in mind. 1. The PREVIOUS incident - the original complainant accepted he was mistaken and that was the end of that matter. 2. The owners of Galaxy are aware of the incident and are (apparently) assisting the police enquiry - which really all they can do. Lets all hope this matter gets some completion.
  5. The thread has been locked, possibly temporarily - pending confirmation from the OP that he had gone through the correct channels first i.e. notified the management etc. We are NOT suggesting the OP is making things up - we just have to be sure as we do get a lot of false reports, especially when a member signs up for the sole purpose of complaining about a business. To the Member suggesting we give preference to "PA Businesses" - we have no relationship with Galaxy Suites in any way. As for the previous thread - that was hidden/locked as the OP of that thread accepted he made a mistake and requested its removal. In that case the CCTV was working just fine and was shown to the OP who apologised.
  6. OP - I am not meaning to be negative but it would be easier to comment if we can understand a few things. 1. Why did you pay in full up-front? Was there a large discount to do so? 2. Why did you buy in a company name and not your own? The two answers could well go hand in hand, just trying to understand it. One good thing from your post is that Siam Legal and Magna Carta have been honest with you.
  7. Sometimes you have no option if you want a specific development. That said the OP has not said why he bought in a company name in the first place. There are so many developments around that it is not difficult to find one that does not require a company.
  8. After 11 years of doing absolutely bugger all with it i am selling the domain name pattaya-news.com. There are many ways the domain could be used but the name probably speaks for itself so i will not go into it. Just one note - the current simple magazine site on the domain was added recently simply so it is not empty. All old articles etc now have 404 redirects to the home page. It DOES need someone with the time to spend, or even a development team or gorup of authors as it could develop into a very large site very quickly. If you are sat at home with nothing to do it can be a very good earner if you put the legwork in. No need to respond here - there is an offer form on the site itself at the link below. All offers considered although it is probably the best domain name available for a news site, publisher or magazine style website so no silly ones please. http://pattaya-news.com/pattaya-news-com-sale/
  9. Bro there have been many changes to the marriage Visa over the last few years. I cant remember the exact time-scales but a few years back they removed the option to use the wifes income - now it has to be shown as your own. We used to pop down the Tax Office - pay a few hundred baht and got a tax payment slip which proved the 40k a month by work the %% up from the tax paid. Recent main changes are that they require photos with the children I went to do mine on Friday, complete with all forms and photos of me with wife and son. This was all that was required up to last year. They said we have to have a photo with said son taken in the presence of an officer i.e. in the Imm' Office. They did NOT want daughter there, I am not her blood father. We explained that my son in in school in Rayong and it would take a long round trip to go and get him. To be fair they were very relaxed about it, they processed the application and told us to come back Monday with son, which we then did and all was fine. I have absolutely no idea why they needed this as it is a "marriage" extension and not everyone has kids in the first place - but they did.
  10. Moved to Visa section
  11. Posting on behalf of a friend. Please direct all inquiries to the renter; either via his Facebook Page or by the contact details provided. Don't address them to me as it is not my vehicle so i probably cannot answer the questions anyway. This cars spec' Chevrolet Aveo Saloon to rent. The car is located at Valley View cars in Samnakthon next to Green Valley Golf course. Close to Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand. It is available for rent locally including Pattaya. This car is fully insured and serviced with new tyres in August 2016 Number of doors – four Engine Size – 1,400 cc Gear box – Automatic Leather seats Remote central locking; electric windows DC Player, Radio Rent – 12,000 Baht per month. Weekly rates available on request. No daily hire available sorry. Deposit – 5000 Baht For all enquiries please contact Valley View Cars as below. Phone : +66 (0)812869510 or by message on Facebook Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/valleyviewcarhire/ If you need to you can email us here but phone or Facebook are preferred. http://cars-pattaya.com/contact-us/ Website - http://cars-pattaya.com/chevrolet-aveo-saloon/ If you do make an enquiry please mention that you found the car here on Pattaya Addicts!
  12. Bay Breeze did seem to have developed a reputation for being a little tired. Looking on Agoda it would seem there have been some serious renovations - perhaps a recent stayer can confirm.
  13. At Mind was featuring frequently in the "most booked hotels" list until around the last 2 months. Very nice hotel and yes guest-friendly.