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  1. Ignore my last. THIS is the key. A license is no proof you are here legally.
  2. It is possible but I would say risky. If you are traveling you could get stranded. At very least you can get a CC sized copy of passport certified at Soi 5 for a few hundred Baht.
  3. LK Royal Wing GF After 11pm???

    Why do you think that bro? 99% of people use the View New Content function and the public area and members area gets 10x more views than Advanced? By using the View New Content function its irrelevant what section its in. Not having a pop just interested to know why you would think the Advanced area get more views - it gets a fraction of the views the hotels section gets as it gets 10x more visitors.
  4. LK Royal Wing GF After 11pm???

    @Dazza118 Can I move this to the Hotels Section in the members area? Its the sort of info that is useful to all members, especially forum newbies? I have also PMd you on a matter
  5. Bayview hotel Pattaya

    I agree although I would say its a genuine 4 star unlike many that show as 4 stars. The price on Agoda right now at 1650+ tax is as good as this place is likely to get. Same room on their own site is 3k+
  6. Bayview hotel Pattaya

    It has been a while since i stayed at Bayview. It's a good location in the sense that it is equidistant from Walking Street and Soi 6 but close to neither. It is one of the few really genuine 4 star hotels - as opposed the many listed as 4* but are really 3+ Was girl friendly when I stayed. There is a Flash Deal currently on Agoda for certain dates (around 60% of their direct price) but the Flash Deals have limited dates and rarely last more than a few hours.
  7. whitehouse condotel

    The Whitehouse Condotel used to be one of the most popular places with members. Indeed after Areca was probably the 2nd most booked. i have no idea why it has rather faded in the mentions, probably due to hugely increased choice in the 3* market. Would be good to see some up to date experiences especially to see if they have maintained/upgraded as its at that age where many hotels here have gone downhill a bit.
  8. You can take as many as you like to condo rentals generally. Its not a hotel so basically its yours to do as you wish, within reason.
  9. Agree with Matrix you wont find too many 4 stars who (officially) allow a 3rd joiner and i am pretty sure none of the 5 stars. Just look on their own websites, or check Agoda to see standard fees for a 3rd person. in the higher end hotels its likely to come down to whether receptionist on the night follows rules or not. That said there seem to be many 3, a few 4 and just about every guesthouse will turn a blind eye to extra guests. I am sure you will get a long list here eventually. however, if you want a 5 star (remember there are only a few) I think you would be best to "assume" a fee for a 3rd person, unless you got lucky on a night by night basis.
  10. Its fine just remember 80% of members are probably sleeping. out of interest why would you expect a 5 star hotel to allow 3 guests in a room at no extra charge? Two is fine, thats what you pay for.
  11. Neta Resort

    Direct Agoda here Neta Resort
  12. Neta Resort

    Just checked it on Agoda and its on one of the Flash Deal but that will be a few dates only and the offer will almost certainly be gone in an hour or so. Maybe not but they usually do when the capacity is gone.
  13. I have certainly read the whole thread. My point is not that its untrue but simply that we have to wait and see. It will not be long until someone adds a real review. Also my points about "official company emails" were made as a general observation, not specific to Avani.
  14. I very much doubt a website telling the truth actually exists. As with the "official guest policy vs reality" issue this is where forums really come into their own as you can either read existing experiences or start a new thread asking. Even then 100% accuracy doesnt really exist as you will get different "experiences" from different people. They WILL however be generally more accurate than the shite you get on the likes of Tripadvisor etc who are so constantly being exposed for "engineered" reviews it becomes impossible to separate fact from fiction. if i were to give a rule of thumb guideline, and i stress its a guideline NOT fact if it says 4 star (in Pattaya) its probably a 3.xx.