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  1. I have just spoken to Tim and the rental is fully inclusive of all bills. So there is NO cost for electricity.
  2. You need to contact him direct for that. There is an email on the Pimp Pad website
  3. Hope you have a good time bro.
  4. FYI One is also the busiest bar with the most girls etc. The rooms have a separate access with 24 hour access.
  5. Just double checked and the larger rooms are 750 not 700. Still worth it if one available. I always stay in the small ones but all I want is a bed as usually only staying coz pissed.
  6. All the ones i mentioned are 100% girl friendly Here is One bars Facebook Page - best way to check availabilty. You do need to book in advance in all those options, especially at weekends although Sunnee will generally have walkins available. https://www.facebook.com/onebarbanchang/ Accommodation page on their website http://www.onebarbanchang.com/accomodation.html They have the best beds by a country mile. Rooms are 600 or 700. IF a 700 is available they are slightly larger and well worth the extra 100 baht. They are however often fully booked. If you contact them on website or Facebook you should be "talking" to Jason (manager and joint owner). Tell him you came from Andy Fletcher.
  7. There are several good quality hotels but they tend to be Beach side i.e. about 10km from the bars strip.
  8. If by close to the action you mean ON the strip here are your options. One bar - best rooms and beds but quite small The Camel Pub Nova hotel - cheap but rock hard beds Sunee place - as above If you are going for 2/3 nights i would recommend One bar. Nicest rooms by far although as i say a little on the small side.
  9. Quick bump here guys Once again I know not everyone wants to use Agoda, this is aimed at those who DO If you DO book using Agoda it would be awesome if you could do so via one of our links Even more importantly you can't clcik, search around, go back tomorrow. You would need to click the link immediately prior to making the booking as they have removed the cookie.
  10. To walk in or not walk in has long been a mute question on many forums. Yes, you can pretty much always get room 'walking in" but a few points always worth considering. Note I say "considering" as i am not going to say either way is 100% right or wrong. 1. As a previous poster has said - having accommodation booked on arrival is an Immigration requirement. I have never heard of them checking this but as previous poster points out obviously they do some times. 2. The most popular hotels always fill first! Even in low season they are generally full as people gravitate to their first choices. You will almost always find a hotel room but whether it would be your 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice is debatable. 3. Be wary of the myth that Pattaya is quiet and rooms galore are available. Yes, our visitors from India, China and Russia in general do not stay in the accommodation most of us do, not in the same locations really. However, with "availability" there is always a knock on effect up the ladder. Walking Street and the bars may seem quiet but overall visitor numbers are up so this exacerbates this knock on effect. Personally I would always book in full in advance although as I stated initially walk-ins are always possible.
  11. Thanks Harry - just to be clear to people reading this thread, as no doubt the idiot will return, the AlanHass and okdirl accounts have been banned due to the fact they are a returning banned member, both being the same individual. Not, as he will no doubt claim, for his posts in this thread. I have no doubt he will pop up again soon. Moving on Please can we keep this thread "on topic" - it is in the Items for Sale section which has stricter rules than most sections If people DO have questions regarding the new laws - please start a new thread on that subject in the correct section of the forum.
  12. As an adendum to my last post - guys if people have questions regarding the new laws please start a new thread - pertaining to the general issue, in the correct section of the forum.
  13. Probably huge but its inclusive price I think
  14. Just a quick heads up re Tim Ward's condo for rent. It is one of the best condos available, for short term rentals, in Pattaya. You can book anything from one night upwards. Yes, its not the cheapest but if you are looking for something really awesome do check it out. The Pimp Pad Pattaya NOTE - yes, we know Sharky is a rather contentious subject for some. However, please keep this thread on topic i.e. about the condo for rent only. There are plenty of other "Sharky" threads where you can vent your spleens if you wish to do so.
  15. W14 is nice for what it is. I often recommend it to people who want a step up from the Secrets Guesthouse or the Walking Street Guesthouse. WSG is a GREAT place, but if you want a "hotel" then W14 is a decent alternative. I feel comfortable recommending it to people who insist on a hotel very close to WS. They are usually looking at Green View, P72 etc and it is certainly better than those. That said, I would not actually recommend W14 per se - just as an alternative at the lower end of the price ranges in Walking Street. To the OP - if you are a WS man then Intimate is a fair way away and Sea Me Spring Too is easier to access WS. Out of the three I would go for Sea Me Spring Too.