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  1. Sandy Spring gets a lot of repeat business, so they must be doing something right. Not easy to find the perfect hotel in Pattaya. Price, location and amenities . Often comes down to the hotel providing enough features you like that they out weigh the negatives you don't. A jacuzzi room is useless to me, but I like the large sea view balcony you can get at SS
  2. Yes, like the OP I stay in Thailand for more than 100 days. When they replaced the double entry 80$ with the METV 200$, I started coming up with plans like the OP to save the 200$ fee. In the end to much hassle to get around the fee using a single entry and extensions, etc and just went with the METV. On my upcoming trip this year I'll go ahead and get the METV and take two or three short trips outside Thailand instead of one long trip.
  3. Why didn't you just get the METV? it was by far the best choice for your trip. Now you're going to have to go thru visa office hell, just to save a couple hundred bucks. Don't be surprised if the visa officer asks you the same question
  4. Sandy Spring has been my go to hotel for years now. I always request a sea view room on the 7th or 8th floor which has a much better view. A very accurate review in my opinion of the pros and cons of SS. I like it for the location, service, staff and the large balcony which is enough to overlook the negatives, small bathroom with bath shower combo. old room, linen, towels, bedding and fixtures. I've heard that the SS group owns the old haven site now and plans a new hotel there
  5. I think a lot of guys stay there once
  6. When I was working, I took one 3 week holiday to Thailand every year. Usually tacked on a few days at another asian city on the trip. Now that I'm retired, I can spend 3 months (closer to 4 months now) in Thailand. But now instead of a few days in an asian city, I spend a few weeks in another asian country traveling around.
  7. At the Soi 12 building site behind the empress they've finished with the pile driving. Wasn't much going on with the site in Nov when I stayed nearby. But that could change soon
  8. The SeaMeSpring group and Sandy Spring never had a breakfast included or any kind of buffet as far as I know But they do have a menu you can order room service from, which I prefer anyway
  9. I've been using the Aloft Hotel for the last few years and I've been happy with it. Especially if you can get it in the $80US range on one of the booking sites I used to use the Grand President years ago. A lot cheaper than Aloft, but I remember the rooms being a bit dated and small. But like I said it has been awhile since I stayed there
  10. One thing Pattaya does well is Hotels. You're really spoilt for choice. If you post your budget, what amenities you want and location in the hotel section, you should get some good suggestions. Sounds like the big question for you now is whether to get a hotel near your gym and rely on walking and taxis to get back and forth to the bar/club scene. Or do the opposite and get a hotel near the nightlife and use transport to the gym. I'd take the second option, but in the end it's up to you
  11. I got my METV at the LA Thai Embassy last week.. First thing to mention is that they got same day service for the visa now. Apply in the morning and pick up your visa after 3PM As for the other new info they wanted now, Bank statement, Airline tickets, employment verification & hotel reservations. The only thing they asked for was the bank statement showing $US7000 and a copy of my airline tickets ( i had copies of RT LAX-BKK and a RT ticket in and out of BKK) They didn't ask for the employer verification or hotel info
  12. Anybody apply for their METV at the Los Angeles Thai Embassy yet???? Was curious to how much of the extra info they want now Bank statement, Airline tickets, hotel reservation and a letter from employer to verify employment. Did you bring in paper copies? I'm retired now so I don't have a job, but I guess I could bring in a SS or pension check paystubb.
  13. I just booked a VT6 room with Honey's for the month of Sept. I figure even if they start construction tomorrow. the view from the 25th floor should still be unobstructed come Sept. I had a WS side room last year in Sept when they were doing the piling work and I didn't think the noise was that bad.In fact I kind of enjoyed sitting on my balcony and watching the construction work. I've used Honey's the last couple of years and have no real complaints. Just remember that the rooms have a a lot of use and can be a little rough around the edges. Some little broken fixtures in the room. The rooms don't look as great in person as they do in the pictures. I've only used Honey's, so I can't really comment on the other rental agencies at VT6.
  14. The SeaMe's on Soi 10 probably tick all your boxes.. I like room service too. Especially for breakfast. Plenty of hotels with room service, but I don't know how many have 24hr RS
  15. A better question is 'when are they not building something on Soi 10' Every year I've come to Pattaya there has been some sort of construction going on