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  1. I would say yes you do.... as the question appear as follows? Who is paying for the trip? Farrang Why is he paying? Have relationship Now prove your relationship to us? ... As your Farrang is paying prove your finances? Prove your job? Prove you have the property you say you have that she will be staying? and the questions go on and on and on... I guess its all to protect everyone. Protect her from trafficing/being sold and all that, protecting you from making a silly mistake and protecting the UK from having to fund this Thai coming to the UK in benefits, healthcare, etc.. Most importantly we wouldn't want immigrants enjoying 3/4 of rain in britain each month would we? haha
  2. I just had another thought as well...... You have had your relationship for 4 years with your lady. perhaps this raises questions why you havent done the visa sooner? Has your relationship been based on yearly holidays to Thailand or have you lived there for long periods? Have you lived together? I lived with my girlfriend for the last 10 months of me living in Thailand. The pictures/house contract proved and demonstrated how our relationship was serious. It also showed the dog we rescued. Just a thought anyway mate... I understand your fuming right now and I would be to if ours was refused. Perhaps take a step back and look how you can do this again. Im not sure how the appeals process works but I hope you figure it out!
  3. soi six sorry to hear about your bad news. I really dont know what could have gone wrong for you. Perhaps the owning her own shop was the bit they thought could be iffy? Perhaps she could of had previous attempts that failed? Perhaps the family questions were not answered correctly on the application? Maybe the kids bit goes down as a black mark? I dont know what checks the embassy do if any. I know the shop my GF works in was not phoned and my employer was not phoned either. They may have checked my exit and entries from britain and thailand? Also perhaps our salaries and disposable incomes are different? Remember I stated OVER 20k and not 20k exactly. so for example I may have 45k salary and a 80% disposable income which could be why we got ours and you might have a 28k salary with only a 20% disposable income. Its hard to say but perhaps this gives you something to think about and perhaps try again? Unless we get a job in that office then we will never properly know what goes on. Does your refusal not provide reasoning? Im sure i read you get a reason. 7-eleven - Thanks. She is very excited and she flys in a couple of weeks. I havent heard much about bribing immigration, i dont know how you would do that when you are dealing with VFS global who dont actually have any say on your application. Anyway that dude on pattaya TV that looks like a dodgy southern car dealer saying he doesnt want your money if he dont get your visa just isnt needed. I cant believe these people charge for actually doing nothing because you have to do all the work and only you can do it! Anyway one step at a time, we will see how this trip goes and perhaps in the future there may be a settlement visa going in. Its all down to how the relationship goes. :-)
  4. Me and my girlfriend applied for a UK tourist visa towards the end of August. The process has taken 15 working days from when she went to see VFS Global in bangkok to submit the documents. For those that dont know, VFS global are the ones that do the admin work for the embassy and act as a barrier between you and the embassy ensuring you dont actually get to speak to anyone at the embassy who actually knows what is happening with your application. The embassy website said that 43% of applications were processed/complete within 5 WORKING days, 94% in 10 days, 97% in 15 days and 100% by 40 days. I was getting worried that our application was falling into the 100% by 40 days group. Anyway it was on day 15 we got the brown envelope that arrived at her home complete with all our documents and her passport containing a UK visa for the next 6 months. So how did we do it? We included the following: - Completed application form online and then printed - Cover Letter written by me - Explaining who I was and my Job. - Provided written confirmation my girl friend may come and stay - Explaining my finances - Salary, Disposable income, Savings, proof enclosed. - Explained how I met my GF, that I lived in Thailand and the proof that I have enclosed. - Explained my GF cash in hand job and lack of funds to cover her trip. - Explained our living agreement when i was in thailand. - Gave a brief bullet pointed list of what my GF would go and see as a tourist as well as visit me. - Explained my comings and goings from Thailand - Dates, visa runs, etc.. - Wrote this letter to answer every possible question I thought they could ask. Financial Proof for me covering the cost of her trip - 6 Month Pay Slips (Salary above £20,000 per year) - Reference from work (Confirm employment from... , Confirm holidays allowed) - 6 Months Bank Statements My bank actually showed very little money due to recent investments (approx £700). It provided proof that the above pay slips were paid into the bank. I wouldn't say the bank statement matched my claim of having X amount disposable income because I have been making payments to credit cards. Relationship Proof - 1 night hotel receipt from around the time I met her (date stated in cover letter) - 6 Month house rental agreement from Thailand in 2011 (As explained in cover letter) - Photocopies of my passport pages - Thai Visas / Thai entry and exit stamps (Explained in Cover Letter) - Approx 20 Photo's of us. Unfortunately we dont have many photo's together. Often pictures would be of just me and just her on days out we had as we didn't ask other people to take photos of us. The pictures didn't have a date stamps in the corner and neither did I waste my time putting date stamps on the photos because I had no reason to try and lie. Anyway im highlighting here that date stamps mean nothing! The pictures were close ups and showed us in our home we rented outside of Pattaya. - Last 6 months Phone bills from (Cheap VOIP service for calls to Thailand) I didn't include SKYPE logs and conversations as that is an invasion of my privacy which they have already invaded because i have had to hand over financial documents. But anyway i stated this in the letter that we use skype everyday because its free but as the expert I am I feel this is a crap form of proof because you could mess with the log so again I did not waste my time and money printing something that doesn't prove a thing. What my Girlfriend added to the pack - Her bank book from Kasikorn showing next to nothing, approx 10,000 baht. - Passport photos of herself as required for the application. - Her Passport - A letter from the shop she works in stating she may take a holiday for 1 month. - *** IMPORTANT - her only documented reason to return back to Thailand as well as having parents *** - I also think she included a copy of her Thai University Degree she is so proud of. - Dont think this really made a difference really. - A cheque from the bank for 3900 baht for the application. This got us VISA GRANTED - 6 MONTHS! Other Details - Applied for 1 Month Tourist Stay with an estimated cost of £1500-2000 - My Girls friends 1st passport/Has never left Thailand before. - Relationship for 17 months - I lived in Thailand before and have lived back in the UK for 6 months. - My Girlfriend has NO assets (House/Car/A decent career where salary is paid in bank) - My Girlfriend earns 10,000 baht per month and can support herself on this. I do NOT support her and gift money for birthday/Christmas ONLY. Whilst I was in Thailand I supported her only by paying the bills, She worked and used her own money for new clothes, etc.. I did this application myself from the information I gathered on the UK Border Agency website and from Advice given here. I did not have to lie in my application and as per advice on this website I wrote a good lengthy cover letter that explained everything. I wrote the letter as though I was working for the UK border agency, thinking about everything I would question if I picked up this application. I did not use a Visa company, In fact I dont know why you would need a visa company because only YOU can get your bank statements, etc. Writing a letter to explain your life is not all that hard! The 15 days was a long wait and I didn't think she would get it. When she took the application to VFS global to submit it, they checked the documents and asked questions like a little test about what was contained in the application. My girlfriend turned up 10 minutes late for her appointment and was lucky to be allowed in. She waited 1 further hour as her name had not been called out before she alerted staff to this. She was very lucky they actually processed her application that day because her name had actually been called out before she got there! VFS global provide an online check with reference number. I must say this is useless as it doesnt tell you anything more than you dont already know. The website will tell you your application was submitted on X Day. It will receive no further updates until your application comes back. You have no idea what day it will get processed. Dont bother ringing the embassy as they will be rude and tell you go away and wait. When the application comes back to VFS global they will refuse to tell you the result over the phone as its in a sealed envelope. you need to wait for a given collection day or wait for the envelope to arrive in the post if you paid the additional 300 baht as we did. The application was 3900 baht + 300 baht for documents return. We photocopied everything and submitted 1 original file and 1 copy file. the copy file was given back straight away. A complete waste of time and money on photocopying there? (More annoyingly the GF got scammed by a photocopy shop in Pattaya who put the price up on her to 10 baht per sheet. GRR!!! ) My girlfriend paid for her own passport and Visa. I think she deserves this trip and has earned it well. She flys out in a couple of weeks and I will look forward to showing her how crap the UK is! I hope this has been informative for you guys. I havent seen anyone else write the information out for what is needed exactly so I thought I would be the first. Good luck to all those that are trying for Visas and remember make sure your girl is really worth it before you consider this!
  5. I have a couple of questions I dont seem to get an answer from reading other posts so was wondering if anyone can answer these for me please. I am getting my TGF a tourist Visa to come to England for 2-4 weeks. I will be funding the trip, I will be doing the application without an agency. 1. In the application we specify that we want a holiday visa for 1 month between 1st Aug and 1 September (example). If granted this visa do they issue the visa for 1 month only OR do they give her a 6 month tourist visa. Does the visa actually specify the exact dates she is aloud in or will she be given a 1 month visa to use within X amount of time? 2. The website says tourist visas are granted fairly quickly within 10 days. What is your experience of this? 3. Can a UK visa allow travel within the EU? Perhaps a weekend in france or across to dublin? Thanks
  6. Chockdee (Good Luck) is her name. She is a cross breed of many dogs but im sure there is a bit of poodle in there. She was rescued from the Thai's who gave her a bad start in life. I paid all the vets bills and fed her up. Im now going home so need to find a new home for her this week. She is well behaved and pee's outside and knows to shit behind the house and not in front. Unfortunately I have been quoted over 75,000 baht to send her to the UK. Those that want a dog will love her. I will be sad to see her go. PM me your number if you want her and ill contact you.
  7. I didnt want to put a budget, the reason being is that people will price to the budget I give in their favour. I will say that my budget is enough to cover the requirement on properties mainly in east (darkside) pattaya. As I say if you have a property then PM with some details, a number and we can discuss further. I have spent the last 3 days out on the bike looking for properties. I have a kind of short list in place now but I still feel there is something more special out there for the money - i just need to find it! Thanks
  8. LOOKIN TO RENT - Long Term as I am working here. Im looking to move to a furnished House. I want a 2/3 Bedroom property preferably with a private pool. It needs to be within 15 minutes (motorbike) distance of Pattaya City Walking street area. If its on the east side then no further than the reservoir. I want it to be Modern/Western Style House - Kitchen, bathrooms all pretty much new. To give you an Idea - properties similar to SP Lake Side. I have been using Alan Bolton's Website but unfortunately he is advertising a never ending list of properties that are not actually available. If you have a property or know someone with a property that matches my requirements then please let me know. Thank you.
  9. interesting post - Any history of this business/person with anyone on here? A fairly new member to the forum? Thai or Farrang Business? Insurance? Tell us more...?
  10. why is K bank the best? whats the difference between all the banks here?
  11. booking with air asia... online you have no one to ask as they are a nightmare on the phone. the travel agents just lie to you in the thailand all the time so i guess my alternative is fly kuala lumphur. i wonder if a brit gets a visa on entry to malasia?
  12. another question on this.... I am due a border run so i am going to vietnam for a month. I want to go from vietnam to singapore but i think the flights go via bangkok.. will this use up an entry? OR does my passport not even get checked as I am just passing through and back out again on another flight?
  13. ahh so that answers one question. As long as someone has a visa what ever type that may be they dont need a return flight. To get the visa from what i understand doesnt need the return flight either. The same guy i spoke to said i could pay X amount without a visit to laos. Not sure thats a good idea though!
  14. I currently have a triple entry visa issued by liverpool consulate. This is valid for 6 months. I left the UK on 31st Jan with a return flight booked for 30th march which i intend to change. I have to return on this air ticket within 1 year making free changes or I can cancel it. I got speaking to someone who said you can go to Laos and get up to 5 multi entry visas issued which would keep you out here for a few years without having to go back to the UK. Is this true? Do I always need to be in posession of a return flight home to the UK or can I just cancel it altogether to get a refund? And would i be ok staying on Tourist visa status or do I need to change to another type?
  15. Im not coming over for another 4 months. I hope they will still be happening then.... I dont mind a bit of networking... I could bring my cat5e cables and router to show you all :-)