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  1. Tried the breakfast buffet on 2nd day open a while back. Loved the place, but despite a small crowd, they did a horrible job of keeping the buffet stocked with food. I was quite shocked. Hopefully they've worked out the kinks. Great price for that ambiance.
  2. Dropping price to 5000 on each. I've been lazy about getting around to selling them.
  3. Thanks all. I was mistakenly thinking it would be connected with the 1 year renewal. I left thailand and returned on august 25. So november 25 is my 90 day.
  4. I just did my 1 year renewal on my retirement visa. I renewed on Nov 1. My expiration is for Nov 25 each year. Wouldnt they typically give me a stamped date for my next 90 day reporting? I dont see it anywhere.
  5. Still available, as ive been out of town for awhile.
  6. Goolabert....Thanks so much for that. Yes, my dates match as you described on your passport. So it appears that Nov 25 is correct renewal date for me. I was originally scheduled to do my 90 reporting on Oct 12. But with my trip to america in july/august, im assuming that date changes to the nov 25 date.
  7. Turns out I was wrong on my renewal date. Which Im still not sure I understand. The stamp on my retirement visa was October 25 2015. I assumed my renewal was 1 year from that date. But there is also a date stamped November 25 2016, which I thought they put in when I had gone to America this summer and came back a month ago. Did my trip outside thailand change my retirement visa renewal date?
  8. Thanks all. Looks like i will go in first thing monday morn. Should be ok, even if they keep passport overnight. When i originally applied for my retirement visa, they didnt accept the letter i got from bank. They wanted print out showing exact date of 800000 deposited. That info was on the copy of my pages from bank book,but that didnt satisfy. Hopefully i dont have issues with that again. The new bank letter i got just verifies the amount currently in my account. It states nothing about dates deposited.
  9. Not leaving country. Just not near to renew after the 5th. I will try oct 1. Yes i think they open saturdays. I have tgf,but she busy working
  10. I will soon be doing my first 1 year renewal of retirement visa. I have cut it a bit close, due to a trip i planned away from Pattaya. I am using the 800,000 in bank as income required. I deposited money on July 2. So 3 months would be October 2, which is a sunday. Would they likely deny me if I go in on Oct 1st? I can go on Oct 3 or 4th, but I leave on the 5th. I didnt want to wait til last minute in case had problem. When applying for retirement visa, they kept my passport overnight. Do they do the same for renewal? My visa doesnt need renewed until Oct 26, but I wont be in patts or near an immigration office between oct 5 and 26.
  11. Update New Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 8", 16 gb tablet still for sale. Box never opened. Also comes with new cover. Comes with Sears receipt. Price.5400 baht. New Amazon HD Fire, 10", 16 gb tablet also available. Box never opened. Includes new cover as well. Comes with Sears receipt. Price. 5100.
  12. I live in Patts, but am currently back home visiting. I am going to be returning in a couple weeks and will have a few brand new items for sale. They have never been opened from original boxes. I havent worked out prices in Thai baht, but I can give you a rough estimate of what I will be asking in dollars. Acer 11.6" Chromebook CB3-111-C8UB ...$180 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" Tablet w/ 16GB Memory and Android 5.0 - Smoky Titanium....$160 , Comes with receipt. Amazon Fire HD 10 16GB Tablet - Black...$150, Comes with receipt. Google Chromecast 2015 Digital HD Media Streamer 2....$35 If anyone interested, I will be back in Pattaya 8/27.
  13. I have 200 of these for sale. Can buy 100 for 700 baht, or all 200 for 1200 baht. These are Icon brand, large, thin, lubricated condoms, expiring June 2018. They say LARGE, but I am average size and they fit fine. I bought them in america and brought them here last july, in hopes of using them up rapidly. Instead, I have kept LT girlfriends with no need for condoms.