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  1. Is the 1 bedroom available 10th -17th July please. Looks really nice.
  2. Do you have a large room with balcony available from 17th Dec to 4th Jan Regards
  3. whats the room availability like for around xmas new year mate
  4. I'll pop in next month
  5. Yeh I think I'll give it amiss for now. I've booked somewhere else now anyway. Thanks for the updates
  6. thanks mate, replied and sent
  7. Dave Pm'd you about next month
  8. cheers mate I'll look elsewhere
  9. Anyone stayed here lately. Just wondering if the construction is still going on and what the noise levels were like thanks
  10. Anyone know how to book the nirun condos before getting there asthe op says they dont answer emails
  11. From what I've understood from reading various articals and speaking to the 'visa run' operators is visa exempt runs 3 in total will still be allowed until August after that ANYONE entering on Visa exempt will only be allowed to extend that once regardless of walkin/flyin. Multi entry visa's will not be effected. But you never know I'm going down to immagration on Monday for clarification.
  12. Just been down to the tour operator and asked them about it. They say the visa exemption rule is still not cert will be a couple of months. I will be ok. They run mini buses everyday and not had any probllems. My return in October I will be getting the multi entry visa as I always do.
  13. I've been doing the visa exempt runs for 4 months now. Im due for another run on 22nd then fly back uk 12th june(already booked). So im going to have a problem here then. I originaly came on a 3 entry visa but expired in December
  14. My 3 entry visa has just ran out but i did the boarder run in December so I've got stamp until 24th Feb. Whats my otions after that as a want to stay a few months longer Can I still do a boarder run every month to Cambodia as I don't mind doing them? How long can you keep doing them for?