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  1. I like the Pattaya version better where the people in a white car drive down a soi and all the street food vendors drive off and do a lap of the block, then come back to the exact same spot they had been at 3 minutes previously. Eveyone wins, People get cheap street food the vendors have a living, someone gets a job wearing a uniform and no-one loses face. Jokes aside this is just one of those things that happens as a country gets westernised. The things that gave it charm and a unique flavour are slowly eradicated. Next thing is open air markets will be set on by mega rich supermarket chains with claims of poor hygiene standards. Get your groceries from wealthy retailers instead of growers.
  2. It is impossible to give advice without knowing what is important to you. Does it have to have a pool? Do you need a place with room service? Do you require a place with 24hr security? Do you like it to have a restaurant with breakfast thrown in? I like to stay in guesthouses but not the cheap awful ones. Nice places with big rooms because i don't need a pool or room service and going out for breakfast in Thailand is something I love to do but your needs may differ. I stayed at Boomerang guesthouse the last two trips and it is a very nice guest house but there are lots of them around soi buakhao, Hideaway is really nice. If you like guesthouses those two are good. As others have said it depends on where you will be spending your time as well. Are you going to hire a scooter? Or are you going to baht bus everywhere?
  3. Up to you, I wouldn't want to change hotels if I were only going to be there for seven days. Do some research and find a place with a good reputation that has the location, facilities and price that fit what to you are looking for and book there.
  4. I think it is impressive that you are learning in another country. I want to retire in Thailand and thought learning the language there would be easier as you are immersed in the language all around you and also after being in work it would give me a mentally challenging interest. The idea of learning the alphabet and reading is a good idea though. I am in Adelaide and i see you up there in Brisbane but is the school you attend a national one? Edit this is better as a PM. Sorry to OP for derailing thread.
  5. Perhaps Ron and I will be there at the same time? Anyway I have stayed at Boomerang previously and it is a good option for those wanting a bigger room for far less than the same size room would cost in a hotel. I stayed in the better rooms and i think there is one on each level but I could be wrong. Anyway i liked it as I like taking photos and the extra space and the extra furniture gave me more options. The other benefit of the larger rooms compared to a hotel is when you have been there a week or so and you have brought a girl back once or twice it is like being at home. She might be on the couch watching some Thai soap and I might be on the bed browsing the net. The whole experience is more natural than being cooped up in a motel room. Good location, Nice big clean and modern rooms, Great price. What is not to like?
  6. It is on the corner of soi buakhow and soi 15. If you know the area it is very close to Boomerang guest house . It is a very nice bar and also a top notch guest house to (really big rooms). Have their own website. Can walk to LK from here maybe 5 minute walk. It is a good location.
  7. People always come on and state how the baht is over valued but it has remained a very very stable currency for a very long time by world standards. Lots of manufacturing in Thailand and a country with very stable food security means they are in a pretty good place really. I am assuming they export way more than they import? Anyone thinking the currency will dip significantly giving them a cheaper holiday may be getting there hopes up without a happy result.
  8. I stayed at boomerang last trip and found the room really good value. I was trying to take photos a bit more seriously for the first time and the lad they have working there came and put new downights in any that had expired even some over the bed so the pics had a bit better light. Good service and as I said the room was bigger and better quality than you would normally expect for the price. Here is a shot no flash. Just with the lights in the room.
  9. The french are clever. Being able to tie your own hands behind your back and hang yourself is impressive. Perhaps he was trying to get into cirque du soleil and was practising.
  10. Seriously are you expecting anyone to consider an article written from a real estate industry website to be balanced? You maybe an excellent agent and give good advice to people on value in the current market as it stands but nowhere anywhere in the world have people in the real estate industry ever had any idea about future collapses in the overall economy. Sure you may have an idea about what is over supplied and what is a good buy in the market you are in right now but as a discussion point on the National economy... Come on.
  11. Sounds fair and reasonable but i did believe a bar girl who told me she liked me sure. Unfortunately I am not a euro citizen. I have a british passport does that count?
  12. Lots of drivel in this thread. For the last ten years for the most part the dollar has traded between 25 and 30 baht. There are a few highs and lows but thats where it has sat on average. If you get over 30 you are doing well, under 25 then be careful on the ladydrinks. The Australian economy is now inextricably linked to Asia and more importantly China. As is the Thai economy so don't go thinking too much will change anytime soon.
  13. Australia had a long time of growth but a conservative government that was seen as a bit mean spirited. Whatever criticism you could level at the conservatives they were very successful economically. This government has spent a lot more money on issues it felt were worthy. Whatever your politics i seriously doubt this government will survive the next election unless the conservatives truly make a meal out of it. Whether the conservatives of this generation are quite as switched on as the Howard/Costello government was remains to be seen. I doubt it myself. The leader comes across as a bit of a dill. We are a long long way from the debt levels that has made Europe perform so poorly but the trend line is poor.
  14. All things in perspective. Ivanovic will miss no games, the trainer wasn't even called and his skin wasn't even broken. That said biting is akin to spitting and particularly reprehensible. It is not that what he did was dangerous to his opponent it is that it has no place in any field of sport. The FA were not able to use any prior form of the same incident in their judgement as it falls out of their jurisdiction so this ban is based on this one incident. The FA will of course receive much criticism from outside of England based on it's inconsistencies. John Terry gets less games for the same offence as Suarez as he is English. Chester player Shaun Hennessy gets 5 games for the same offence. It seems to those from outside that the FA are somewhat the model of hypocrisy on racism where being English means you can of course get away with more. If Cantona had been an English international does anyone seriously believe he would of ben given 9 months? People will point to the Rio 8 month ban but their hands were tied as it was a drugs offence and the FA had little or no choice on the ban. I think the ban is appropriate not because it is fair or consistent but it will actually do the guy some good. He clearly has problems in the head. There is no doubt he has a massive dose of white line fever and anyone who has witnessed him play will tell you he just never ever gives up. Some counselling and some time with a head doctor may well make him a better player but most certainly a better man.
  15. It is just one of those things. I used to stay at Expat in Patong and as great as the hotel was from a mongers point of view, the lack of wi fi was a major turnoff. The internet is here to stay and wi fi is like hot water. People expect it if your not a low grade hotel. If Tim Boutique are not a low grade hotel then they should provide Wi Fi. Charging extra? Do they charge extra for a key to your room or bedsheets on the bed? Fuck it is 2013. Get with the program either be a low grade hotel or provide wi fi.