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  1. Which is exactly what it looks like today as well.
  2. .. JULIAN ASSANGE - Swedes Drop Charges

    This fucking aussie wanker... His worst nightmare is that people will forget about him. He is quite demonstrably a fame slut.
  3. Alternatives to Areca.

    You need to consider View Talay 6. My recommendation is to go with: If a good Internet connectivity is important to you, it's hard to be beat having your own 30/10 DSL connection a few meters away. (Honey's just upgraded to that: The first two years or so (in 2010/2011) when I was visiting Pattaya I stayed in hotels. It was miserable, because of the crappy wifi. In Areca the wifi barely worked. The next two hotels (Page 10 and Sea Me) had sort-of functioning Wi-Fi, but limited at like 1 Mbit/s. I kind of doubt that they have improved since.
  4. VT6 vs The Base

    Great news! Honey's has upgraded the DSL in their VT6 apartments. (I think she said in all of them.) The new service is 30/10 Mbit/s (from TOT):
  5. VT6 vs The Base

    I stayed at a month at The Base during October last year. Floor 12, facing Soi Honey. There was a lot of noisy building construction work going on into that direction. I was also unhappy with the tiny rooms and the abysmal service of "Rental for the holidays". When I was there there were like 20 people working for the Sansiri company (Rental for the holidays is a part of Sansiri) in the downstairs leftmost building at daytime, but just 1 (one!) is able to deal with checking in/checking out procedures. The vast majority of them are just there to sell condos to well-to-do thai people looking to invest money. When I was checking out I had to keep a car waiting for 75 minutes before I managed to find this extremely overworked woman and was able to get my deposit back. And this was after actually scheduling a checkout time with her... None of all of those other people would/could/wanted to help me. So after this my next stay was back with Honey's in VT6. She was quite interested in my experiences from The Base - she appeared to be considering expanding there. I hope she does!
  6. view talay 6 condo

    The going rate is about 30% of what you paid.
  7. New Years Eve "Walking Street"

    The only thing I can think of when I see these videos: it's only a matter of time until there's a free open-for-all facial search engine indexing public videos. :/ Seems like every time you walk through WS you get caught on 20-30 videos from tourists, half of them probably posting their stuff publicly.
  8. "Honey" owns her business and can hence take executive decisions - and she is quite good at being dynamic, having a good sense of business and seeing a value in happy repeat customers. Dancewatchers appears to be owned by some guy in the UK. The staff is not empowered to take executive decisions, almost no matter how small. This alone leads to a win for Honeys.
  9. ocean view

    An ocean view does raise the quality of your experience quite a bit. Nowadays I'm not visiting pattaya without one...
  10. Areca Lodge

    I found this hotel rather crappy (except for its location). The interiors were quite tired and dated. Stayed in the Evergreen wing. And yes, they are firm on the "no female guests under the age of 20" thing.
  11. 777 crashed at SFO, Asiana Airlines

    Not trying to make anyone scared - but do remember that everyone thought BA38 was a pilot error too when it crashed just short of the Heathrow landing strip. It is way too early to blame the pilot. (Again, that was caused by cold weather, so it is not the same issue as today.)
  12. 777 crashed at SFO, Asiana Airlines

    Not very likely. BA38 crashed in cold weather in the month of January because of ice crystals in the fuel. It is quite warm in SF today...
  13. There is noise. Quite irregular and tends not to last very long. Ultimately it is bearable/ok for a 6 day stay - to me. Any longer than that I would perhaps bother do the research to find out alternatives. Regarding alternatives: Page 10 tends to be fully booked when on a short notice. The Stay has outdated sorry-looking rooms. Is there a good other option for nicely located, modern nice rooms at around 2000 THB/night?
  14. I have now stayed 1.5 days in Sea Me Spring (in a room away from the building site). The noise situation seems bearable at the moment: Yesterday afternoon/early evening there were a few minutes of metal-on-metal banging sound. Today it has been quiet.