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  1. For LT Airbnb rentals, i.e 28 nights or more, the Airbnb LT cancellation policy which differs from ST reservations <28 nights. The Airbnb LT cancellation policy favors the host over the renter. On an Airbnb LT rental, the renter is charged a first month down payment and the rest will be collected in monthly installments. If a guest cancels before the check-in date, the first scheduled payment is paid to the host in full, and the guest is refunded the remaining amount, i.e. cleaning fee. But if the host cancels, the cancellation fee will be waived for the first cancellation within a 6-month period. After that, Airbnb deducts $100 from the next payout for cancellations < 7 days before check-in and $50 from the next payout for cancellations > 7 days before check-in. The guest will usually get their money back from Airbnb, but it is very difficult to find similarly priced accommodations within 7 days. Plus, when the host cancels, Airbnb leaves an automated review comment, and the host can write a public response to clarify why the host needed to cancel. The renter has no opportunity to any public comment on Airbnb.
  2. Inside the condo does not get hot from the dryer. I am not sure where the heat is vented (recirculated?), but maybe that is why the dryer function does not work well.
  3. It is a 2 in 1 combination washer/dryer. I have used them in condos, but the dryer function does not work too well. The dry cycle runs a long time and the clothes still come out slightly damp, so you cannot fold the clothes and put them away.
  4. Any direct cash payments outside of Airbnb is a scam. Security deposits are handled after you check out and the Host has to submit a claim to Airbnb that you damaged something with supporting proof. You then have a chance to rebut the security deposit claim. How does Airbnb handle security deposits? Hosts can add a security deposit to their listing, as long as they add it before a reservation is booked. If a host wants to make a claim on the security deposit, they must do so within 14 days of the checkout date or before a new guest checks in, whichever is earlier. If a claim is made, Airbnb will mediate and collect payment from the guest, as necessary. Security deposits can't be handled off-site in cash, as off-site payments are a violation of our terms. Also, be careful if you cancel your booking because your booking is >28 days and the Airbnb LT cancellation policy is in effect which states: If the guest books a long term reservation and decides to cancel the reservation before the start date, the first month of the reservation is paid to the host in full and not refunded to the guest. I used Airbnb twice for 2-one month stays in 2016. One Host tried on 2 occasions to get me to pay outside of Airbnb. When Hosts/Guests do this, they violate Airbnb terms and Airbnb may not help either of you. After my experiences, I am reluctant to book with Airbnb and prefer to book direct with the juristic office.
  5. Cable TV and in-room wi-fi are usually included in most hotels, but not necessarily in condos and may depend on who you are renting the condo from, juristic office or Airbnb. With Airbnb, the owner Host must sign a 12-month contract and pay this bill when the condo is not rented so you must check if these services are included. Deposits, prepayment, and cancellation vary with Airbnb vs juristic office. When booking any Airbnb rental >28 days, the LT cancellation policy takes effect, and you prepay 100% at time of booking, and lose your prepayment if you cancel. When you book direct with the juristic office, you must wire them a deposit (may be non-refundable), pay the balance when you arrive, and put up an additional one month deposit. I tried Airbnb condo rentals for two 1-month rentals in 2016 and I was disappointed and based on my experiences, I would lean to book direct with the juristic offices. The juristic office manager was more responsive to my issues, while the Airbnb Hosts were amateurs and one tried to cheat me on 2 occasions by violating Airbnb rules. Gym facilities will vary, and I found most condos have better gyms than hotels, but VT 6 next to Central Festival does not have a gym so you must check. Most hotels include a safe, while condos may/may not have a safe. Some condo juristic offices require 3-month minimum rental.
  6. The Base provides free wi-fi in the common areas on the ground floor and by the two pools. In-room fiber wi-fi is also available from AIS with different upload/download speeds packages: PowerHome Package (15/5, 20/7, 50/10, or 100/10 Mbps) and Power PRO Package (30/10, 50/20, 100/40, or 1000/200 Mbps). The condo owner or the renter must sign a 12 month contract and my owner paid for the 15/5 package which was adequate for web surfing.
  7. There are still many daily/weekly rentals on Airbnb since many are just carrying on but in 2016, Phuket condo owners were warned by the Phuket Provincial Land Office about holiday rentals < 30 days. The next question is whether they will enforce their warning. The day of reckoning may be coming like Thailand’s building height restriction laws which were often overlooked. The day of reckoning arrived for The Wharf condo project in Pattaya, and now they must remove 8 floors to comply with the law to complete the project.
  8. Villa is not the best, but it is the closest supermarket to The Base and it stocks my Tiger Light beer, while 7/11, Family Mart and Tops do not. Tops supermarket in Central Festival is better and has a take-out hot food deli bar which I use just for the reusable plastic containers w/covers for the frig. Big C on Pattaya Klang is best, but it can be difficult to bring back all the stuff on a motorbike taxi. The fruit stands across 2nd Rd by Mike’s Mall have good variety but crossing the 2nd Rd traffic is challenging because of the motorbikes driving in the opposite the flow of traffic when crossing 2nd Rd.
  9. The Villa supermarket is in the Avenue shopping center (7 min walk) on the ground floor towards the back next to Fitness7 gym, but the Tops supermarket in Central Festival is a little farther away and better. The Base gym shown in your photo is open from 07:00-22:00 and is very small because it serves 1,112 units. The gyms at Areca and August Suites are physically larger. The quality and condition of the Matrix equipment is good, but there is no spray bottle/towel to wipe down the equipment after use and nobody brings a towel. There is a cleaning lady, but she only wipes fingerprints from the glass. There were 2 AC units in the gym, but in November 2016, the juristic office disabled one AC to save energy causing the gym to get warm when crowded. The gym is used by many recreational vacationers who bring their cell phones to chat and leave it on the equipment, and mothers who bring in their 2yr old to ride side saddle on the bikes. There are several users who bring a personal trainer and they tend to monopolize the bench and dumbbells for the hour they are there.
  10. Is this what you are looking for? Dumbbells and an incline bench at August Suites gym.
  11. I rented a condo for one month from Airbnb. When I arrived, the kitchen hot plates did not work because the electrical plug was not plugged in and the breaker switch was off. After correcting these two problems, the hot plate worked, but I also had to ask for a pot, pan, and spatula to cook. A prior guest did heavy cooking and left a mess, so this was a way to minimize clean up expenses and electricity cost for the host.
  12. Good luck on your Airbnb rental. After my two Airbnb rental experiences, I would book with the juristic office directly rather than using Airbnb. I am not sure, but you may have been able to book a monthly rental with The Base juristic office, then forfeit one week for your 3 week stay. I have seen signs in 3 Bangkok condos saying short term rentals are illegal, (3-daily, 2-weekly) but the 3-signs did not address monthly rentals. The 3 Bangkok Airbnb ads offered daily and weekly rentals at the condos so the prospective guest would be unaware of such condo restriction until he arrives. The following is part of the Airbnb agreement and when you book with Airbnb, you do so at your risk. PLEASE NOTE THAT, AS STATED ABOVE, THE SITE, APPLICATION AND SERVICES ARE INTENDED TO BE USED TO FACILITATE HOSTS AND GUESTS CONNECTING AND BOOKING ACCOMMODATIONS DIRECTLY WITH EACH OTHER. AIRBNB CANNOT AND DOES NOT CONTROL THE CONTENT CONTAINED IN ANY LISTINGS AND THE CONDITION, LEGALITY OR SUITABILITY OF ANY ACCOMMODATIONS. AIRBNB IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR AND DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY RELATED TO ANY AND ALL LISTINGS AND ACCOMMODATIONS. ACCORDINGLY, ANY BOOKINGS WILL BE MADE OR ACCEPTED AT THE MEMBER’S OWN RISK.
  13. Rentals for the Holidays (RFTH) has representatives on site in the juristic office. As you enter The Base, there are many advertising For Rent signs with their name on it. I stopped by the juristic office and a representative from the juristic office gave me her RFTH business card and I viewed some rental units with her. I normally pre-book, but based upon the number of rentals on website, you could probably walkin, but RFTH only rents for a minimum of 30 days. For my 2016 trip, I booked with Airbnb for my 1 month rental at The Base and found out about RFTH when I arrived with all their advertising signs. I paid substantially more using Airbnb and I was disappointed with my Airbnb Host and I may use RFTH next year. My Airbnb Host advertised on both Airbnb and the RFTH, and the monthly rental price was substantially less on RFTH and for many problems I encountered, I was referred to the juristic office by the Airbnb Host. For my 2017 trip, I was going to book early with the on-site RFTH representative I met, but I wanted to view the unit before leaving my deposit. The unit was occupied until Jan, so I could not view the unit, so I may book online. RFTH requires a 50% non-refundable deposit when you book whereas Airbnb requires the entire non-refundable payment when you book a LT 30-day rental. The Base with its 1,112 units, added a substantial number of rentals on the market for that area of Pattaya. I found that 1 bdrm, one month condo rental prices decreased in 2016 versus 2015. For example, City Garden and The Urban condos quoted me >30k baht for 1 bdrm in 2015, but <30k baht in 2016. In addition, Centara Avenue Residence (next to Areca) will add more condos to that area if it is ever completed. Construction on Centara was further along in 2015 than The Base, and Centara was supposed to have been completed in Dec 2015. I contacted one Centara owner and I wanted to view the gym, but as of Nov 2016, the gym is still not complete. I may wait to see what effect completion of Centara (???) has on the rental market before booking 2017.
  14. I stayed at The Base a month in Oct-Nov 2016. It is nice and new since it opened in mid-2016, with 1,112 units in 2 bldgs. This is a condo, so no front desk like a hotel. There is an area on the ground floors with nice large chairs where people hang out for the free wi-fi mostly in the day. In the early evening, there are few people in this area, and hardly anyone after 10pm, so there is no walk of shame. There are several entrance doors to each bldg, with 3 elevators in each bldg. towards the back of the buildings, so if you feel uncomfortable enter from the back doors near the elevators to avoid walking in front people sitting in the ground floor chairs. Once, inside the bldg., you need your key card to access the elevators but the door is often left open, then inside the elevator you need key card to access your floor. There are 3 elevators for 31 or 25 floors in the bldgs. and usually, you can get an elevator to yourself. The Base juristic office has monthly rates, but no weekly or daily rates and they use Rental for the Holidays to rent units.
  15. I recently booked two 30-day Airbnb rentals in Pattaya and Bangkok. I was possibly interested in booking two condos in Bangkok for a future trip so I visited the two condos (The Reserve and The Seed Memories Siam). I inquired at the juristic offices for a one month rental but they stated they only rented for a minimum of 3 months and I saw large posted signs saying daily or weekly rentals were not permitted, but the sign did not say anything about 1 month rentals. Many of the Airbnb rentals at these two condos rented for less than a week and none of the ads addressed the <30 day restriction, so I would not book < 30-days on Airbnb and risk getting caught in the middle. I saw that Phuket issued a warning against holiday rentals < 30 days.