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  1. Visiting for over 90 days question

    wait, what? first Ive heard of this, that's my visa run next week and was looking to only stay 30th to the 2nd
  2. Visiting for over 90 days question

    US citizens get a free 30 day visa on arrival at immigration at the airport. As noted above you can get a 30 day extension at Jomtien Soi ... 5? for 1900B. But even that isn't guaranteed. Take a TM-8 and some documentation of the place you are staying showing that you've got known lodging setup should they need to find you, they're bound to ask you for something unpredictable so just roll with it. You can apply at a US Thai embassy ahead of time, but if you are arriving in Jan you are cutting it close unless you live in LA or DC - not sure of the other Thai embassy locations. If you show up to the embassy in person they *usually* give you same day service, but you pay the fee regardless of approval or now. I'm here for 61 days now, and my current visa expires on the 30th. I need 31 days added, and I'm not certain that this is possible to do, only 30. I'm currently accepting that I'll have to make a visa run for a few days to reset the clock correctly vs being granted the non-std time 31 day visa but try this:
  3. Hotel advice please

    I used to book the first 4 nights at one place, and then use those 4 days to determine if I want to stay or move to a new place and then use the time to search around. I never saw prices change if I showed up in person, prices were the same in person/last minute as they were online prior. While it is high season it is better to pay a few B more for a place you like vs saving $5USD for the comfort/security of a room you might end up hating.
  4. looked but found nothing - is there a link to a page showing 30 days @ 1,900B anywhere on that someone is aware of? sounds like it would be good to have in hand when entering the office to avert these sort of "confusions"
  5. If you are in town next month I can bring a bottle, I have a mexican connection who brings it back from south Texas at $80 a bottle
  6. tried making a res for VT5 last night after reading this thread. booked solid nice choice in tequila @chucky250f, I'm a 1942 man myself
  7. going to need to do this during my upcoming stay. can someone post the location of the Jomtien office?
  8. Baby Dolls Agogo

    Spent my first night ever in Pattaya at Babydolls in the company of #24 (Aom iirc). Great girl, wish I would have been more up to the job but was near dead from the long flight and it was a quick quicky back in the room. Hoping to have another go with her next month when I'm back in town.
  9. Wally, Missed your call sorry...Was soaking wet on a Baht bus after a session in soi 6 ...I think my phone needs a baht injection so I'll call you tomorrow.

  10. I will probably get a Sim from a 711 store and I take a spare phone so I don't risk my good handset in all the mayhem...I'm sure it will be fun

  11. I'm a n00b to Pattaya, used to monger in the PI as a younger man so I have some sense of what I'm walking into, but can't wait. Where are you getting the sim from? Looking forward to hearing that aussie accent real soon now.

  12. Wally...I would enjoy a couple of Beers...I have been to Pattaya 5 times now but I keep learning new things...So I am sure you can teach me things too...I usually do the Lone wolf thing and grab a bar girl when I am in need of company...that is every night...but t might be good to talk to someone who actually understands english Ha ha...if you call my Aussie speech english

  13. hey Andy, I'm in town starting the 13th, you'll be a seasoned veteran by that point, lets get together for a man soda before you leave. I'll keep my eyes on the PA site for your ongoing trip reports

  14. 19 days 17 hours till lift off

  15. Mind and body are on plane to BKK, but wallet hasn't purchased ticket yet.