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  1. Need a Condo, Jomtiem, mid Dec, for 1 month, got a mate and his missus coming over. Do View Taley have offices that do rentals?
  2. Exactly. Best of luck Mr Thep getting your places sold.
  3. Feel for OP, he is trying to sell Condo and he gets lots of comments about pros/cons of renting v buying, current state of the market etc.
  4. Cant remember which thread it was
  5. I got my first retirement visa through an agent on BKK last year. I now want to extend/renew it soon, myself, can I do it in Pattaya or do I have to go to BKK? Also, what do I need to prepare paperwork wise? I will need multi entry.
  6. So whats the difference between the boxes, do you get more channels or is it a quality thing?
  7. Got about 150K USD that I can lock for a few years. Money is outside Thailand, any advise on good interest rates?
  8. One thing that will help is a letter from your embassy, saying that the marriage is recognized by your embassy. Max you can get is 6 months,
  9. Yea, same happened me, got refused-it was a generic reason as to why it was refused, which was total bullshit. Anyway, supplied them with some more info-things like e-mail correspondent's from years ago, etc. Got it pretty quickly. Did not use an agent-rip off bastards. Pretty easy doing it myself. 2 questions How much did the agent charge you? Thinking if applying again, how much is fee now?
  10. OK, so a few years ago, I signed up for an off plans Condo, paid deposit and all payments-except for final payment. They have over shot the runway by nearly a year so far. Reading the contract I signed, it says that I am entitled to get a refund-plus 7% interest on all money paid so far. How easy would be to rock up and get all money back? Anyone had any experience?
  11. Looking at buying a new Honda Click Where best place, with after sales service in mind?