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  1. I've stayed in this one before. it's a 10-15 minute walk to walking street or easy with motorbike. 4800Baht per night at the time there was no buildings around it so the pool was completely private. I heard a rumour that the pool may no longer be 100% private but might still be worth checking out
  2. the bus tourists was really the only thing needed to be said in that review. It alone will ensure I'll never book it
  3. 800-2000 per night. Dude you may want to narrow that done as about 95% of Pattaya accommodation lies in that range Personally I like anything on one of the soi's between 2nd and 3rd road. and near Mike's Shopping Mall for LK Access. Soi 7/8 be ok too. I also find most times an in-room jaccuzzi is a bit of let down. the ones I stayed in took ages to fill up and water wasn't even luke warm. I think it's a 'luxury' you can do without. Having said that I stayed at the hotel one time in like the Babylon Spa Suite and that in room tub was hot as fuck and the sex in and around it was off the chart. never stayed there again though because didn't like the vibe of the hotel. The room was garishly decorated also. Over your price range though
  4. Loving that Shower in that Room.
  5. as for the condos themselves they can differ condo by condo. people own the condos and use Honey or dancewaters etc as the management company
  6. Areca also logs you out each session. Personally, I found I got a lot of spam links when using the Areca wifi when using my iphone there. I never had an issue with LK Metropole but it also logs you out. If it's the area you love, try looking for rooms at Irish Rovers or Armageddon that have near faultless wifi in my experience
  7. There's a lot more that goes into the forex market than that. 'terrors' are happening the world over, and the political instability in Thailand has been ongoing for a while now. On these two factors alone, I wouldn't be betting on a weakening
  8. there are a host of people living it up in thailand earning market through affiliate marketing. Some affiliate marketing can very lucrative where you can earn tens of thousands of dollars off some clients (think sports wagering) This very forum also uses affiliate marketing through Agoda etc. Think Skyscanner, TripAdvisor etc, these are also basically just elaborate affiliate marketing sites, albeit on a much larger scale So if you can find a niche, and do it professionally, not half arsed, then you can make good money to fund your life in Thailand. But still be prepared to work hard for it because any successful affiliate marketer will always seek to grow their business and ensure no new competition comes up and does better than them in the same field.
  9. The more times I went to Pattaya the more I valued the hotels on the soi's between beach road and second road, and preferably close to Mike's Shopping mall for easy access to Soi Diana and LK Metro. Just so much easier to get around to all the hot spots. If you intend only to gogo all night, then club it until 7am, go home fuck, sleep, fuck, have dinnner and do it all again go to Grand Hotel, Siam Bayshore, Honey Lodge or Secrets. if you intend on heading to LK Metro or Soi 6 multiple times look for something on the soi's
  10. Just because I looked myself about 10 minutes ago for a 3 month rental same time as you. I felt that was ok. In your price range, and meets all your requirements is ok too, but invariably involves a baht bus or a mototaxi
  11. They're called Bargirls, and a lot already go around the world
  12. your post just reminded me to check my account online as it has been only 9 months for me. and it's still open with a grand balance of 46Baht. Better put some more in soon as I think they take a fee out in April for account keeping. as for you. your money will surface. but it may take a while
  13. Right to assume this is Destiny Agogo? Good quality rooms there and the inside of the Gogo was a decent set up. With a bit of luck it could prove to be a good opportunity for someone for sure. I wish the new owner (and the old owners) every success
  14. yes I should have said 'the ones I've bought in Thailand' I've had no problem with. As Dave showed, made in Germany. When I was in Nepal I bought a packet of Mach 3's that were made in India and they ripped me apart Either way, the Mach 3's in Thailand are fine
  15. I haven't had problems with the Gillette blades made in Thailand, but the ones made in India was like shaving with sandpaper. But a blade lasts me a couple of weeks and as they are small to pack, I much prefer to bring from home (though not always practical if flying with no checked baggage, hence my tries with the thai ones)