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  1. Secrets Villa Detailed Photo Update

    I have stayed there with mates several years ago and it is great. The bedrooms are quite spacious...and the gardens etc are very well done. There is a few photos that I posted on a thread..."Secrets girls in their prime" or similar title. It may not be a huge rambling spread out place but it is very very good.
  2. Hello Stu....I am going to Pattaya on May 3 till Jue 10...cannot fucking wait!

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    2. gentleenforcer


      Great stuff Stu...looking forward to seeing you again!

    3. gentleenforcer


      Where will you be staying in Patts ? which hotel ? and are you having a wife over there or spreading your seed around?

    4. twotounge


      Staying in Hideaway bar, just off Soi bukahow, its the Soi running from the back of the Avenue,to Bukahow, opposite Nature View. Good size rooms, superb wifi, good location,1200 Bht per night.Stayed last year, really liked the place, How's the Baht with you, we've  [££]  had a kicking 42 now, i was getting 54 last Sept.

      Wife flying out with me, but going to see her folks in Burrirum, leaving me to spread some lurve in Patts :-))))

      Only 4 weeks mate, can't wait.

  3. France to introduce fines for people caught paying for sex

    I do not live in Europe and am unfamiliar with the scene so I speak with no authority at all on the subject. I do feel however that given the lack of pussy for sale may lead to some more serious sexual crime against women by frustrated males. The massive influx of male refugees arriving in Europe will not help the situation.
  4. Mate...I think you need to read Captain Courageous post is a THREE day drive from his place to where these plants are. Do you think anyone would drive for THREE days to get some plants for a person they do not know then drive THREE more hours to get home, and then get a few beers and a short time given to them as a thank you gesture?
  5. Beware Captain...Schapelle Corby springs to mind!!
  6. Does Sutus have inroom safes or do they have a safekeeping service at the reception area?
  7. Rama Kien Couples Only Nude Resort

    Can you just turn up there on the night for the party without staying at the resort?
  8. Virgin says not a hijacking but an unruly passenger

    How stupid is this cunt? He will probably face jail time in Bali for this...yet another stupid drunken Aussie giving us all a bad name in Indonesia.
  9. Australia turns asylum boat back to Indonesia: police

    Well this cunt got sentenced to 14 months jail for molesting 7 underage girls.After he serves his sentence he will be deported back to Iraq.Great news!!
  10. Australia turns asylum boat back to Indonesia: police

    I would be happy to accept a public service job where a register of people would be created who felt so strongly about the plight of these "refugees" that they would volunteer their own houses/assets/funds to pay for these people for 5 years period.I do not think I would be that busy but I would expect all the "perks" of a Government job...paid holidays/super/etc etc etc.I guarantee that 95%of the George Street protesters would not volunteer to be on that register or to volunteer their houses/assets/funds to help their newly arrived friends.
  11. Australia turns asylum boat back to Indonesia: police

    No taxing individual people at all...the"sponsors" pay for everything for these people out of their own pockets.If they need to build a granny flat at the back of their house to house these people...then they pay out of their own pocket.Exactly the same way that some guys get their TGFs out to Australia...they pay for everything.
  12. Australia turns asylum boat back to Indonesia: police

    These people have no basics where they came from and if they were with a "sponsor" for that 5 year period...well the "sponsor" pays for them.If the "sponsors" felt so heart-felt and strong about these peoples plight...they would truly "sponsor" them and not just limit themselves to periodically walking down George Street with a group of like-minded "bleeding hearts". I know that people prefer to work...I want to work myself but have been unemployed for over a year now,but have been knocked back for positions that have been taken by others ,so I am living off my own dole,nothing...however I do have a medicare card(woopie),but still have to pay for private health insurance as well.
  13. Australia turns asylum boat back to Indonesia: police

    I am happy if these people come to Australia,but on the condition that for every family of these "refugees"...they are housed,fed etc etc by some of these "bleeding hearts"(the people that demonstrate in the streets in support of the boats)for the first 5 years of their stay in Medicare/dole/pensions...and of ZERO burden to the Australian taxpayer.If they break any laws (serious stuff...not parking tickets)within that 5 years,they are instantly deported to where they came from.For example,that Iraqi cunt that flashed his cock and was man-handling and groping 13 and 14 year old girls(5 or 6 of them) at Sydney Olympic pool about 3 weeks ago,should be instantly deported.
  14. Bay Breeze Hotel

    And I am that mate...the Baybreeze is a great place to is certainly no palace or 5star and is aging but it is very well located,very comfortable,good pool,good friendly staff...I love it.