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  1. Personal experience leaving a folder with 2000 AUD in it along with passport in the back of a taxi from Suvarnabhumi to the Indra Regent hotel. Had the driver running into the foyer to give it back to me before I had realised I had lost it. Gave him 100 dollar tip and felt cheap doing that as I wouldn't have had any hope of getting it back but for his honesty. On the other hand I've had more than I can remember try and rip me off you can get lucky though.
  2. Meh. The Hiltons got to be dull.
  3. Look up The Wave hotel on beach road. I haven't stayed there but am thinking I would like to if I had money.
  4. Anyone stayed at the LK President yet? Just walked passed there. New looks impressive handy to most things and the LK group have a pretty good reputation. Maybe worth a look.
  5. 30 minutes walk to Walking St. Not something you would do but maybe 80 baht by motorcycle taxi? Just a minor hassle on the baht bus having to hop off one and on to another and motorcycle taxis are good fun I think but not to everyone's taste. Would be interested to know details of your booking as well was it thought Air B&B? The building itself is very new it may be hard to get any feedback on it as yet but for what it's worth I think the outside looks ok[emoji4]
  6. Would be easier just to add the tax to the Airlines maybe. No one will lose sleep over 1.5% on the price of a ticket likewise bus and train entry. People don't see it directly they don't complain.
  7. Same size as the Ibis rooms? Looks similar layout.
  8. It gets reasonable to pay a joiner fee if you are going to be bringing more than one girl back.... It can get messy and the place needs to be cleaned up. The Stay is a nice hotel and you will enjoy your time there prehaps you should maybe think twice before cancelling if it's only three nights Staying somewhere dodgy for the sake of a couple of 500 joiner fees seems like a rushed call.... Overall a condo is a better call if in Pattaya for a longer period but even then you may need a cleaner anyway. Sheets don't wash themselves [emoji6]
  9. Friend of mine just got the Kilkenny for the month for 20,000 in late December to January A fair bit of running around to find it and confirm the booking but it isn't easy Good Luck.
  10. Maybe The Stay in Soi 10 is a marginal upgrade on Page 10 but Page 10 does cover you bases fairly well and I was always happy with the location and service there. Security is good and check IDs.
  11. Room for rent 10k month

    Just had a quick chat to girl in an office downstairs that does rental property here she did tell me they have a number of rooms available short term at between 5000 and 6500 per month but didn't get into specifics about bonds etc. Explore your options of course but here is one. Their contact details to have a chat.
  12. Room for rent 10k month

    How long is maybe the important question here? You can currently rent in the Nurin Condo complex for as little as 4000 baht per month plus electric and water. This is of course one of the small Condos but at 10,000 baht per month you would be looking at one of the more exceptional Condos I imagine. I like the area and rent a small Condo there. I personally have never had any problems with anyone or anything to do with the complex. There is no shortage of food stalls for fruit and vegetables near by, you are a few 100 metres from a big C shopping mall for anything else you may need. A few nice little bars just outside the complex, maybe 10 minutes to Walking street via motor bike. Maybe not to everyone's taste but I've enjoyed a couple of years here and is worth a look.
  13. Tickets not enough for free Naresuan movie goers

    Thankfully GF slept in. I could see that happening.
  14. Not sure I've ever seen Real on any of the exchange boards at the exchange booths but I would have no doubt kbank will exchange them for you.
  15. I'm thinking The Wave on Beach Rd on the corner of Soi 10 is ridiculously over priced but I think it looks pretty cool, maybe there.