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  1. Pattaya. TGF and I have ordered quite a few items from Lazada - tablet, phone, USB, fruit mixer, a guitar, ... TGF prepays at a 7/11 as she orders. Items are then brought to her or left at the apartment reception after she gets a mobile call when the item is being delivered. Absolutely satisfied with all our orders with Lazada.
  2. My TGF worked for two years as a young assistant nurse in a Ubon hospital for much less than 9000. Then she worked as VIP bus hostess on a line between Ubon and Rayong. Salary about 12 to 14000 but tiring work schedule and she soon quit for Pattaya at 22 with 150 baht in her purse and started as FL off the Tipp Plaza beerbar complex on 2-Road. That's where I first met her. A year later she started work as a dental assistant in two Soi Buakhaew dental practices. Salary about 9k plus OT and bonus if things had gone well during the month. After one year at that she went for a couple months at the Foreign Affairs Ministry at Chaeng Wattana to study how to make Thai passports. She was then assigned to the new Pattaya Thai passport office at the Avenue where she worked one year at 9000 plus OT. Her BFF is still working at a Soi Buakhaew dentist for 9000 and a free shared room on top of the building (it's near R-Con). A very pretty 25yo who has a Thai BF and is not on the scene. From what I know 9000 is pretty much a standard salary. Some girls look to get a farang sponsor/boyfriend. Others just get by.
  3. In my pre steady TGF days I barfined a few girls from the Soi 3 beerbar complex halfway the Soi up from the A-One hotel.
  4. I do the 800k. I heard some time ago that if you go the income way Thai Immigration may ask you for financial/pension documents supporting your Embassy letter. Better check on that ...
  5. right. I'd indeed expect that all Belgians in the beer industry would want to trick the unsuspecting into drinking their Belgian-brewed beer !! confusing then for Klein Vlanderen to have two different website URL for the same business. the one in Flemish is the one mentioned by BM jerry.
  6. +1 Yes, i checked their website too. Obviously Klein Vlaanderen is true to its name and welcoming only Flemish speaking vlaanderen guests. LOL
  7. It's not bad at all for mongering right now in Pattaya. November is the beginning of the high season. Some empty shelves at Tesco and BigC but nothing to worry about. Drinking water bottles seem to be in short supply. Though I rarely drink and eat at home I've made a safety stock of beer, rice, noodles and tuna cans. Just in case. Bars running out of Singh but Leo, Chang, etc still available. No problem. No doubt the beer situation will get back to normal in a month or so. I don't think January will be different from previous high season months. The flooding will have receded by then. Though the after effects will linger on for a long time ... That is if the farangland economic situation doesn't deteriorate and mongers stay home. Just make sure you book your hotel room well in advance. I'm going out every night. The beer bars are definitely getting more customers than last month but no crowd yet. Those with many girls doing the best. Met a few young very cute new girls. One lovely (grand'dad an Indian) just-arrived (3 days) no-baby Udon 18yr old could speak some school English but didn't understand the concept of "sponsoring"! This to say how "fresh from the farm" she is!. The go-go bars in LK Metro and Walking Street doing well but not packed. Seating easily available. Plenty girls! I find the foot traffic at night in WS rather light. Soi BuaKao very animated like always. Soi Chayaphum and New Pattaya Plaza in particular. Coconut bar well stocked as usual.