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  1. Pattaya Dangerous

    Hadn't watched this in a long time, I guess for an amateur film it was ok , video is clear and sound is fine. Acting is horrible and the story line is pretty dumb. White wanna be gansta staying in shit hole guest house gets ripped off. The street scenes are nice , especially when he starts to drive the wrong way on Beach Road. These days the douchebag vloggers on YouTube do a better job.
  2. .. THAI PRODUCE - Widespread Contamination

    IMO...If you are over have built such a tolerance to pesticides, carcinogens, pollutants, and other such poisons from ingesting that crap over the years. Live life , love often, stop whining about everything.
  3. The US Treasury is a huge bureaucracy, much like other branches of the government. If they ever decided to eliminate the $100 bill ( won't happen ) they would stop printing them and not replace worn bills that are flagged for destruction . If you had a few tucked away in your dirty underwear, they would never lose their face value. The US $2 bill is still in circulation but almost never seen. Lots of superstition regarding the $2 bill.... I saw more $2 bills in a few days in Cambodia than daily life in the US...go figure. I do agree the penny needs to go.
  4. Excellent price.... good for you. A few things for those who have not stayed here.... No towels at the pool , bring your own Across from hotel a small massage place... 99B for an hour foot massage, next to that a small bar/restaurant...grab a beer while getting a foot massage sitting outside. Walkway on the side of the building brings you through the side of D apartments, kind of a short cut to the 7-11
  5. Agoda price is without taxes , still a very good deal
  6. I stayed here for several weeks back in February. Can only say good things about it. It is off of Soi Buakhau on a quiet dead end side Soi. The lesser expensive rooms face the rear of the D Apartment ,so if you want a view which faces the front spring for the extra 200B a night. I found the staff excellent, the rooms are good, nice sized frig, bed was decent, walk in shower , small balcony . Location wise... a few steps to Buakhau, about 20 mtrs from Soi New Plaza ( Soi cheap charlie ) so quick access to Second rd and a short walk to Central Mall. Great salt water pool on the roof... nice sized , especially compared to their sister hotel across the way which is quite small.
  7. My little Amateur Youtube channel

    I really appreciate watching your videos without any narration.
  8. Let's not forget the "Bling" appeal of $100's.....
  9. Who the fuck use $100 bill to pay for $10 item? Someone who only has a Fiver and a bunch of Hundreds in his pocket. I do understand the concept that a lot of US currency is out in the world and being used for less than acceptable practices. I do not feel that getting rid of the $100 bill is the answer.
  12. Amazing assumption ....nice grammar too
  13. The THREAD is about "the end of the $100 note". ATMs, being the CHIEF distribution point of CASH in the USA, dispensing $20s, and NOT of $100s, Of course because most ATM's and personal accounts are capped at $xxx , and many people take under $100 at a time out... not rocket science YOU go to a teller often. Congrats. MOST people don't. With direct deposit a lot of people don't ever have to enter a bank , but lots do...workers who get paychecks, retirees who get dividend checks... where do you get your statistics from ??? I see people in banks and drive thru tellers, they will not disappear so soon. Once again, the thread is about needing $100s. We DON'T, Your opinion which you have a right to...but you are wrong.
  14. If you want to talk about a really uncommon bill that should be done away with it would be a $2 or $50 bill which are more uncommon than the $100. Very true....not to mention the $1 coin ...both versions.... would have been great if the American public weren't so pig headed.... same reason we still have the penny , one cent coin..what a waste.