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  1. From their first presentation of this project, the main aim was to offer a "long term visa" as a reply to the complaints that it was not reassuring for retired people to invest or make projects in Thailand with the perpetual risk that they could not be able to stay there in 1 year; The proposition is a good idea, but the financial constraint is way too high IMHO. Anyone can find a better use of 1.5 or 3 millions baht during years ! This cost doesn't worth 2 yearly visits at the immigration.
  2. How could he get this document seeing that he said "I will have to do my first 90 day reporting next week" ? So he will have to fill the TM-47 form,and to give some kind of proof of address (electricity or internet bills are ok) and the usual copies of important pages of the passport, but - as he seem to be new for this Immigration Office - he should prepare to have to fill the (in)famous TM-30 too... (maybe...)
  3. Disagree. One million baht is about the price of the studios in Center Condo. The location is perfect, near everything you need , on several baht bus routes in the heart of South Pattaya, and you don't need a bike or car. Negative point: All the studios or on M floor (ground +1) and then have no view...
  4. I would also suggest to look at the market before buying. You now find in Thailand the "Kodi but not-loaded" H8 Plus for nearly half this price, and very good tutorials on the web to install the plugins you need for the Movies & TV-programs you want.
  5. I can't see it. The court said absolutely nothing about Kodi, only about streaming copyrighted work without authorisation, The ruling states, "The Court also finds that temporary acts of reproduction, on that multimedia player, of a copyright protected work obtained by streaming on a website belonging to a third party offering that work without the consent of the copyright holder, cannot be exempted from the right of reproduction."
  6. Found: https://www.hipflat.co.th/en/for-sale-3-beds-townhouse-in-bang-lamung-chonburi-thailand/ls/th-isahvoxy but: 240 m2? 5 floors??
  7. Looks like Sea-Hill Mansion... Could be interesting to indicate its sqm size (living area) and maybe costs, like the communal fee ?
  8. This afternoon Safety first 1... 2... 3... Done
  9. Uh? You can't be serious? Even if I live in South Pattaya, it takes me far less time to report online than to go to Jomtien Immigration ! Also Immigration offices are not so well distributed in the country. Online reporting save hours of driving to some people.
  10. The 90-Days Report System is back Online https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do Or from the main page of http://immigration.go.th/ PS: It's not the ThaiVisa April Fool.
  11. Source: https://www.krungsri.com/bank/en/All-Promotion/Personal-Promotions/175.html The question is: What happen after the 5th bill??
  12. No nice to write such comments in a "For Sale" topic ... That may seem small "for you" but many people live happy in such sized condos in Pattaya. Also it's a lot larger than many of the units you now find in the most recent condos (40,32, 24 sqm!)
  13. Condo current account and Condo sinking fund are two very different things. The latter is a kind of emergency account for big works/renovations, and it can't be used just to pay employees or buy equipment.
  14. I hope you can do it, but they are very careful when it's about the identity of a customer. I got once a problem with only 3 of my 4 first-names registered on one of my accounts. I hade to go to their office with my passport and my other passbooks to manage to have that fixed.