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  1. Hi. IMHO there is no risk at all. And I would say even more: I am pretty sure that International Laws allow any citizen to return in his home country with just the proof of this citizenship. An expired Passport or an expired ID Card are valid proof. Can't remember where I saw that clearly explained with laws references though...
  2. If only one socket is not cut-off, it will be the one of the fridge.
  3. No. I am a condo owner and my last bill was at about 3.50 B/unit (kWh) You may think that owners pay electricity at "condo price", but in most case owners have direct contract with the Electricity Company. It's mainly when you rent that you may have inflated prices.
  4. Which Youtube channels do you watch

    ^ Hi. He posted a new video, but sadly he rather skipped the part Vietnam/Thailand/Malaysia and is now in Australia. A few image of South Thailand and the border though:
  5. Which Youtube channels do you watch

    This make me think - at a much smaller scale - to this young guy, Ed Pratt, who wants to drive the World on a unicycle ! He already drove through East of Europe, Kazakhstan and recently finished to cross China (5'000 miles!) to enter Vietnam and then Thailand Videos from his trip in Thailand should be in line soon... but already many good ones to watch IMHO
  6. Renters may have a different opinion...
  7. For comparison, I spend 154 kWh for the whole last month for my condo, about 5 per day, so 20 seem rather fair. Also I suppose it's the average on the stay (week? month?) so even if you overpass 20 one day, the average should easily be way bellow this limit.
  8. Not true. I often found Yenjit offering slightly better rate. So better to compare their rates online each time you need to make change. Edit: Looks like Yenjit has a problem with its website :
  9. With your non-OA, you get a 1-year authorisation of stay every time you enter during the first year (validity, until 19 June 2018), so no need of re-entry permit. To "optimize" you Visa, you should make a visarun just before its ends (18 June 2018?) to get a last authorisation of stay until (18 June 2019?). Then you will need a reentry permit if you decide to exit-return during this second year.
  10. LOL Except that Immigration is NOT authorised to deliver Visa ! Only the Minister of Foreign Affairs can deliver them, through Consulate and Embassies abroad. ( And before anyone make a remark about the non-O you can "get" in Jomtien when going to the yearly extension way, yes the Immigration can "change" a visa, like from a Tourist Visa or a Visa Exemption to a single non-O)
  11. You should be more precise/specific when talking about Visa: You cannot get a "Retirement Visa" (O-A) from inside Thailand There is no "15 months Visa" There is no Visa costing 20'000 baht etc. BTW a Visa non-O multiple entry costs about 5'500 baht "only" (usually rounded up in your local currency) and give you up to 16 months in Thailand. The multiple-entry is not available in all country and non-O more and more often require proof of revenues. And for the OP, asking a Non-O in your country and then an "Extension for reason of Retirement" in Jomtien is usually a lot easier and cheaper than getting a Non-OA in your country
  12. From their first presentation of this project, the main aim was to offer a "long term visa" as a reply to the complaints that it was not reassuring for retired people to invest or make projects in Thailand with the perpetual risk that they could not be able to stay there in 1 year; The proposition is a good idea, but the financial constraint is way too high IMHO. Anyone can find a better use of 1.5 or 3 millions baht during years ! This cost doesn't worth 2 yearly visits at the immigration.
  13. How could he get this document seeing that he said "I will have to do my first 90 day reporting next week" ? So he will have to fill the TM-47 form,and to give some kind of proof of address (electricity or internet bills are ok) and the usual copies of important pages of the passport, but - as he seem to be new for this Immigration Office - he should prepare to have to fill the (in)famous TM-30 too... (maybe...)
  14. Disagree. One million baht is about the price of the studios in Center Condo. The location is perfect, near everything you need , on several baht bus routes in the heart of South Pattaya, and you don't need a bike or car. Negative point: All the studios or on M floor (ground +1) and then have no view...
  15. I would also suggest to look at the market before buying. You now find in Thailand the "Kodi but not-loaded" H8 Plus for nearly half this price, and very good tutorials on the web to install the plugins you need for the Movies & TV-programs you want.