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  1. It's the act base, yes, but interesting rules are in the amendments : See point #4
  2. You are fully wrong (I think). There are many condos that have sold 100%, Farang and Thai; probably most of the condos in fact. Thai quota may be a bit slower to sell, but they finish to be sold. Many Thai people buy in Thai name, for themselves or to rent; Many companies buy in Thai name to rent; Many Farang buy through Thai companies to rent.... So, except if lost in the middle of nowhere, they will finish to be sold 100%. And about the said "problem of unsold units fees", the rules are very clear since the 2008 Condominium Act: "the developer is responsible for paying taxes, common services expenses, and common maintenance expenses for units to which ownership has not yet been transferred" and the justice seems to make apply strongly and quickly this rule in the (very few) cases I heard about.
  3. For Thailand the declaration limit for foreign cash is US$20'000, so you don't have to declare anything For Europe it's €10'000, about £8'800 over your £8'000, so nothing to declare either Just be sure you don't have the equivalent of £800 in your wallet & portfolio ;) Also better to have the bank receipt about these £8'000 in case of any question
  4. Edit: Oops. My answer below was about 90-Days while posts above were about TM30. Sorry for the confusion. You may not have had to submit one... Depends of the Visa you had, and how often you were leaving Thailand. Standard fine for not/late reporting is 2'000 baht, but up to 5'000.
  5. Non Immigrant O Visa

    Hi Billy, If you respect all criteria to get your extension, then you can get this non-O visa at Jomtien. They cannot do the transfer themselves but will transmit your file to Bangkok. You don't need to go Bangkok yourself.
  6. Passport Title

    I think that in Thailand, like in most western countries, the married lady can put what she want on her ID / Passport : "Mrs" or "Miss" This law result from "women-men equality" laws. Men IDs don't show if they are married, so why should women IDs show so ?
  7. Why do you guys associated "soft" to "comfortable" ? A bed must be hard to be comfortable ! And your back and bones will thank you Agree
  8. The 60-days is a requirement to get your first extension and then is needed to "get a non-O in view to get an Extension". As only Bangkok can make this transfer to a non-O, I doubt about offices not enforcing that...
  9. I disagree. The big majority of operations you can do at immigration (mainly 90-days reports, extensions and re-entry permit) are easy operations and are heavily documented on tens of internet sites. There is no reason IMHO to use a paid service for these simple things. Also don't forget that many "agencies" will use illegal ways to obtain what you want, but they are not the ones who will be persecuted if the problem/anomaly is detected...
  10. Yes, read that also. I think there is a requirement like "still 20 days left" on your current authorisation of stay
  11. From the previous post, we now know he has a "OA", not a "O", so it's a multiple with 1-year periods, not 90-days, and yes he can stay nearly 2 years if he makes a visarun just before the visa expires.
  12. When you entered Thailand, you got a stamp at airport. Something like that one: First that is your entrance date (June 26) Second one "Admitted Until" is the one I ask you... If about September 23, you have a "O" and must make a visarun very soon If like "2018 June 25", you have a "OA" and can stay until that date.
  13. I say: let's stop speculation ! Look at stamps dates in your passport!
  14. Yes but you are very unclear if you get a multi "O" (90 days periods) or a "O-A" visa (1 year periods) ...