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  1. No nice to write such comments in a "For Sale" topic ... That may seem small "for you" but many people live happy in such sized condos in Pattaya. Also it's a lot larger than many of the units you now find in the most recent condos (40,32, 24 sqm!)
  2. Condo current account and Condo sinking fund are two very different things. The latter is a kind of emergency account for big works/renovations, and it can't be used just to pay employees or buy equipment.
  3. I hope you can do it, but they are very careful when it's about the identity of a customer. I got once a problem with only 3 of my 4 first-names registered on one of my accounts. I hade to go to their office with my passport and my other passbooks to manage to have that fixed.
  4. Yes you can As said previously this new Visa is a kind of "O-A ++" visa. You will have the choice - if you want to get an O-A Visa in your country - for the classical 1-year O-A or for this new 10-years (5-years?) Visa. But you will still have the possibility to choose the Extensions way rather than the Visa way to stay long-time and in this case nothing will change for you. Maybe more precisions in this article updated today: http://www.richardbarrow.com/2016/12/long-stay-thai-visa-for-senior-tourists-to-be-extended-to-10-years/
  5. No "superiority" in any way ; not even "my" thread ; and a "merge" always better than a "delete"! Just that IMHO it's better for the forum to keep all posts on the same subject in the same (biggest) thread. It will not be the first (nor the last) time that it happens though PS: You're right on the title. It should be now renamed with "WaterFront" inside
  6. Hum... There is already this 17-pages thread about the WaterFront in which this News has been post yesterday...
  7. Hi, I took a plane at about 10am this morning at Bangkok. Not a big crowd at this hour, but immigration control was unusually slow. When arrived my turn, I saw the officer looking many times his computer and search/check probably all pages of my passport??? I am on a "Retirement extension" for 3+ years already, with a Re-entry Permit when I exit. It's usually fast and no problem at all. This time many questions. "Retired" was not enough as an answer. What you do of your days? Where do you get your money from?... It stopped when he asked if I could speak Thai and was convinced by my rather long Thai answer Now what's happening? I heard many times about questions to "tourists" when entering, but never to people on 1-year extension when exiting??? PS: Now stopover at Moscow waiting for my fly to France. The night is falling but I arrived soon enough for the nice view of Moscow covered with snow. Not something I often see in Pattaya ;)
  8. I would disagree. If you are 30 or 40 yo and can offer to live in Thailand without working, surely you can offer an Elite Visa, or buy a nice condo and get an Investment Visa. Myth. Rules for Retirement extensions didn't change for years, and it's very fast and easy to get extensions.
  9. Hi. I don't see it on their list, but a good thing would be to get a "non-immigrant O visa", 90-days, for reason of Retirement. You could then get a 1-year extension once in Thailand. They list the non-O only for "Thai family" but official rules allow them for 50+ yo. The Thai Visa rules didn't change for some time already, but each consulate is free to "choose & adapt" the rules he wants to apply...
  10. 45 people in 55 minutes is certainly not what I would call "glacially slow" ! I would gladly pay for many administration officers to go that fast
  11. You missed the word "encrypted", and you cannot get the PIN from its encrypted value. You don't need the PIN on the card for an offline transaction. What the terminal or ATM will do is to encrypt the PIN you typed and to verify the result is the same as the encrypted value stored on the card.
  12. I really hope that 100% of banks do NOT store the PIN on their card! For obvious reason... Are only stored data that allow ATMs to calculate a kind of checksum (from the card number, the PIN, the chip data) to verify that the PIN is correct.
  13. I wonder if it's in relation with the fact that Thai banks now provide chip cards only? All old magnetic-track-only cards will be replaced in next 3 years. BTW, I am unsure that you need to change a card just to get a 6-digits code?? And I also think that a 2 months period would be way too short for such change.
  14. Hum... When one speaks of Ireland as a country, he speaks of the Republic of Ireland, what you call Southern Ireland. So I agree with 'adammike': Ireland uses the Euro
  15. Why that? All you usually need is a Residence Attestation from Jomtien Immigration and your bank will be happy to open you an account You don't need a Thai bank account to get a retirement visa Looks like you have many things wrong about how visa & extensions work here