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  1. Hotel room with jacuzzi

    Sorry, I thought in low season, you may get the suite cheaper! You may want to try LK Empress. It is a 4 star hotel. A room with jacuzzi is about 120 USD.
  2. Hotel room with jacuzzi

    Baraquda has suites with a 6 feet diameter jacuzzis. See below link. I am 5 feet 10. No problem for me. But it may be a little over your 120 USD budget. Go to the hotel website to have a look. I am Accor member. I only paid about 80 to 90 USD for a standard room and got upgraded to that suite!
  3. Hilton vs Baraquda

    Yes, motorbike taxi will use the entrance of the parking lot to reach Hilton.
  4. 3 star and under, a lot of GF hotels. 4 or 5 star, only a few.
  5. Hilton vs Baraquda

    Hilton has sea view. Baraquda dosen't have any view (or just pool view). Not sure your rate include breakfast or not but Hilton has better buffet breakfast than Baraquda. Location is only a few minutes different on bahtbus. I guess you must look them up from agoda. Actually the suite in Baraquda is called Baraquda Suite not Superior Suite. The suite has a 6 feet jacuzzi. I enjoy to play with a girl in it. Hitlon has similar jacuzzi but it is on the balcony and it cost 10000+ THB a night. So, I guess Baraquda is a better deal.
  6. Ok, I got it now! They have a chair and two bar stools in the suite.
  7. I have stayed there more than 10 times. They only have deluex rooms (king or two single beds), Baraquda suites and Grand Baraquda suites.
  8. I guess you are talking about Baraquda and deluxe room not superior room, right? If so, there is a desk behind the bed and another chair there.
  9. Higher end hotels

    3000 to 5000 THB is not enough for Hilton. I just pick any night this month. Base on my Hilton app, the cheapesr room is 5700 + tax. You may consider Baraquda or Mera Mare:
  10. I showed them my reservation but don't remember I showed them my Accor card or not. So, the high tea may come with the suite. Baraquda has a lounge (they call it Baraquda club) since about 2 years ago. It is not quite a 5 star standard lounge but better than nothing. see picture here (post # 74):
  11. I booked Mera Mare via Accor last time. Not so sure Mera Mare knew my status with Accor or not. The staffs treated me very nice. A free high tea set delivered to my suite after I checked in!
  12. I stayed in Baraquda about 10+ times but only once in Mera Mare. Here is my opinion: 1. Mera Mare is newer (1 year old) and Baraquda is about 8 years old (it was called Dusit D2 before). Rooms condition, Mera Mare is better even Baraquda did a renovation a few years ago. 2. Mera Mare's wall is paper thin. If you stay there, get a room/suite far away of the elevator if you are a light sleeper. Baraquda doesn't have this problem. The elevator is far away from any room. 3. Mera Mare has better view even you stay in the standard room. Baraquda has almost no view. Except you stay in the 2 most expensive 2 floor suites, you see a little seaview. 4. Not many people visit the roof top bar in Baraquda. Everytime I went there to claim my welcome drink. Most of the time, I was the only customer there. A few time, a few other customers. View is just OK there. Nothing like Hilton or Siam@Siam. Mera Mare has no roof top bar. 5. Take bahtbus to go around in Pattaya. Baraquda has a little shorter walk than Mera Mare. 6. Breakfast in both hotels are OK. Nothing like Marriott (now Avani), Hilton or Wave hotel. Hope that help you to make your decision. By the way, I and other BMs posted some reviews and pictures of the two hotels, you could find them in this section.
  13. I am not so sure I met any of them. The first time I stayed in Sofitel Sukhumvit was about 5 years ago when they just opened. So far, almost all of the staffs at their Millesime Lounge left! Only one the butlers and one of the girls in the lounge still work there. The picture was not taken in the lounge. Could be in the French restaurant on the top floor (I only been there once so I am not so sure).
  14. 3p, 4p, 5p or more is fine in Sofitel. They don't even ask for girls' ID!
  15. Very nice hotel! Any photo of your room? 300 THB for a ride back from Patong is not bad when most people (farang) pay 200 THB for a few minutes ride!