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  1. Thanks for sharing the info and pictures. The room seems similar with the old Marriott (Now Avani) in Pattaya.
  2. I really can't think of any 4/5 star hotels "offically" let you bring 2 girls. VT6 condo may suit you need. It is right next Hilton/Central Festival Mall. No one care how many girls you bring in. Some rooms/suites are very nice and may be better than some 4 star hotels. Some of them post ad in PA. Google it or look for more info in this section.
  3. I guess the answer is no. Most of the rooms in 4/5 star hotels are for 2 people. If 3 people want to stay in one room, extra charge will be applied. For eample, I just used my Hilton app to check Hilton Pattaya for one night in october. 2 people is 5500 THB. Same night for 3 people, 6700 THB. Some hotels will let families with small kids stay for free but not the 3nd "girl friend". I guess if you really want to bring 2 girls to your room, do it early. Like around 9pm no later than 10pm. Stay in larger hotels like Hilton (don't stay in Wave, it only has about 20 rooms). At that time, the lobby is full of guests going in and out. It is easy to sneak in a couple girls.
  4. So, not counting the other threads. Just this thread, we already have a BM stayed in Avani said NOT GF, a couple said GF. and one more said his pal staying there and GF. Should we put Avani as questionable GF hotel? Base on OP's post count, he could be a newbie . I think we just made it more complicated than he is expected!
  5. There is another thread about Avani started by Mr. hanging. I think BMs knew about Avani new policy by now. Most BMs came to Pattaya for girls. I really don't think we will see any reviews from BMs here.
  6. So, it is more like a personal opinion. Not want to start an agrument. Yesterday, another BM just started a thread in this section to ask question about LK Empress and he called that is a "treat" for a few night. I just tried to give him my objective opinion. I called LK Empress as a 4 star just because i couldn't find any info say it is a 3!
  7. I have stayed in Marriott numbers of time. Never e-mail to asked for their GF policy because it was a well known GF hotel at that time. I guess you didn't read the whole thread. At the end, a BM actually talked to the manager. The manager understand Pattay, "he understood but hands were tied". It is their new policy now.
  8. So, could you point me to the correct website or the LK group website stated that is a 3 star hotels so I would not make the same mistake again? Don't get me wrong, I really hate that hotel. Stayed in their beachfront room once. Just some cheap furniture painted in gold color. the noice from beach road woke me up everyday at 8! No plan to go back!
  9. You may be right. Numbers of standards to rate hotels: But OP put Thailand/Pattaya as his country/location. BM Greyvlegz is from India. So, I am still correct!
  10. I stayed there before but not recently (a few years ago). If you are a light-sleeper, don't stay in the beachfront room. After party till 3 to 4am, the traffic noice from beach road woke me up at around 8 everyday.
  11. OP was asking for 4/5 star GF hotels in Pattaya. LK Empress is a 4 star hotel accoding to numbers of different hotel booking website. Agree with you the hotel just use some cheap furniture from China and painted them in gold
  12. Not so sure which month you have stayed there. Here is one of the threads regarding Avani changing their policy ( a few more in this forum). Officially, no more GF:
  13. The 4/5 star GF hotels I have stayed in Pattaya: Holiday Inn Mercure Ocean Resort [email protected] Mera Mare Hard Rock Hilton Wave Hotel LK Empress Baraquda