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  1. passports

    The hotels take a photo copy your passport. They don't keep your passport. You can also ask them to make a photo copy for you to carry. You need to show either a passport or photocopy for both money exchange booths & sims card for your phone. I always carry a copy of my passport & arrival card with me. And keep my passport locked in the safe.
  2. I've noticed in the past availability and pricing thru Agoda fluctuate. And have never used Agoda for my reservation more than 3 months in advance. I've also used Agoda vs. or other hotel booking websites) for comparisons. Booking for 2 shouldn't affect the price of the room, anywhere you decide to stay. I've stayed at Areca in the past. Good choice if you stay there.
  3. 2017 accomodation pattaya

    Jmo, your trip is only for 7 days. As the others have stated. I wouldn't move. Your holiday will over before you'll want it to be.
  4. Book in advance for one place for the week. Since you're arriving at 3am, I would also pre-book a taxi from BKK to Pattaya. Save yourself the hassles. As David mentioned if your arriving at 3am on 2/5 you might want to book for the 2/4. Otherwise you might not be able to get into your room to noon or later.
  5. Areca Lodge has tub/shower combo. I prefer shower only, myself. It's in a great central location. Especially for a 1st timer.
  6. Best way to pay at hotel

    Agoda lets you pay in advance. Booking I've payed upon arrival. Agoda gives you the rates before taxes. Booking gives you the rates with taxes included I normally like to pay in advance. But where I've staying this trip,that's not a option. Up to you what your preferences are. Use a ATM machine, if you don't want to carry that much cash in your pockets for the flight.
  7. Diana Oasis Soi Buakaou

    I stayed in D-block in February, and don't remember the rooster. I also booked my reservations for this February while I was still there. If there was any noise, I was either passed out or preoccupied. Lol. Meow & team are great.
  8. Best breakfast buffet

    The girls all know their way around the breakfast buffet line. I've had some girls state they've never been to this hotel, where your staying at. But the next morning they know exactly where the buffet/restaurant is. 555
  9. Early morning swimming pools

    Diana Estates/Diana Oasis has 2 swimming pools. I've stayed at both Areca & Diana Oasis and seen folks swimming laps at both hotel's pools 8-9am. Not sure about 6:30-7.
  10. According to the Agoda website it's 17 sq.m. for the room that appears in the video. Ok for maybe one night, but I wouldn't want stay for an extended time in something that small.
  11. The room looks like the size of a closet.
  12. Check in on 11-26. Check out 12-8 either Pattaya or Bangkok. If you haven't made the air reservations yet. Check Eva or China Air. Both have better return flight times.
  13. Do laptops fit in hotel safes?

    Never had a problem in the past with a 14" laptop fitting in a room safe. however I believe a 15"+ might be to large. Now I only travel with a tablet(Ipad). And fwiw, I also leave mine out(both laptop & ipad) the majority of the time. Depending on where I'm staying. You could also get a laptop cable lock. They cost less than $20 on Amazon.
  14. nature view

    I was able to exchange emails with them last evening. Nature view has always responded in very timely fashion to my emails. Maybe the site was down for maintenance/upgrade issues.
  15. diana estate

    Thanks for the pictures. I'll be staying at Diana Oasis for the 1st time in February. In a premium D studio