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  1. Just a bit of a heads up... When you get the letter from the bank, it can be no older than 3 days when you give it to immigration. Both my buddy and I got nailed on this one... We never bother updating our bank books because they are a pain in the ass to carry around, & we use ATMs all the time. When Kasikorn, (at least) updates your bankbook for your letter, they only stick in a few lines. Both my buddy & I got sent out to get a full statement to cover at least the last 3 months. (for another 100B) from the bank.
  2. From: http://www.thaipillows.com/organic-kapok-pillows I remember Kapok from when I was a kid. The lifepreserver/cushions that we used on the boat were stuffed with it.
  3. http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/60817-kessaya-motorbike-rentals/ http://kessayamotorbikerentals.com/
  4. You got me thinking... 2000 a night will get you one helluva fine hotel room that you will, In all likelihood, be spending hardly any time in. Find a reasonably priced guest house, and go buy the perfect mattress that suits you. Have it delivered & set up in the room. I'm pretty sure the guest house won't mind having a new mattress, & you'll save a few thousand baht. I've seen mattresses for sale new for about 3500B, & surely they will last a couple weeks.
  5. I hear that these guys have a decent reputation. You may want to inquire further with them. http://www.tlslanguageschool.com/ed-visa
  6. If I remember correctly, the desk is just after security & off to the left. The sign says "24 hours" & if nobody is there, someone will show up. Took me about half an hour, so make sure you leave that time open. Cost about 1K.
  7. A Jack Russel? My neighbor in Canada has gone through 2 of them in the last few years. They were both dumber than a bag of hammers, & would never shut up. I lived about 30 yards away on the other side of a hedge. For 5 years+, I couldn't come home, or even walk out onto my porch without getting barked at for 5 minutes. The 2nd one would whine & cry all day if no one was home at the neighbors. Thank Christ they both eventually ran out onto the highway & got squished. Now, a nice Staffordshire Terrier makes an intelligent, gentle, & loyal companion if treated properly.
  8. I found that http://en.kioskea.net/download/download-17631-cute-html was a great, simple to use little program that works well, and can help with the basics of html.
  9. Here's a recent article on the dog trade. http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/investigation/317809/rescued-from-dog-meat-trade-delivered-into-agony
  10. A couple years ago I opened an account and put about $10K in it. I then faxed my bank in Canada and told them to wire over $50k They asked why, and I told them I'm buying a house. No problem. Kasikorn was even nice enough to phone me and let me know when the money arrived. One thing I found interesting is that when doing a bank to bank transfer, which you can do in Thailand, but not in Falangistan) the Thais put a limit of 500,000B/day on it.
  11. Yow! You see why I'm confused? I came in on what I assume is a 60 day tourist visa with the option of extending another 30 days. I understand that that is not an 'O'. The Visa guy told me that I needed to get an 'O' before I got a retirement. I said "Fine, whatever, just do it". When I came back to the darkside after my little trip, he informed me that it couldn't be done. That's why I wound up with only the 30 day extension. (According to him) I came back to Falangistan, and now my 2nd 60 Visa has expired, so that was a waste of $$$,